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  1. Rye if you don't mind me asking what do you think the current market value is for those?
  2. First thing I think of immediately is the bolivar petit corona and the corona junior. Love them fresh! Next would probably be a RASCC followed by the party shorts and HDM Epi 2. Just my 2 cents
  3. ArtemusGordon


    I had an entire plate of it last year when I was in Japan in both sashimi and in a soup. Was very tasteless to me and would not get it again. Agree that it just tasted like whatever it was marinated or was served with
  4. Guys what do you all think is the next cigar to get the axe and be discontinued?
  5. Gotcha. Yes its very interesting to see the video dangolf18 posted (link below) about davidoff in london keeping their cigar temps that low. I really want to start doing that with my boxes that are currently 65/65 and putting them into my offsite wine locker but I am concerned about the mold issue
  6. So how would something like a 65 boveda perform in a Tupperware sealed bin with a few boxes going from 65F to 55F?
  7. I am very curious about this as well. Looking to do the same thing
  8. I think I broke my finger trying to click on this post so fast

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