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  1. As a general rule: - CUC is your currency - 10% for meals/drinks etc... 20% is prob too much unless you just want to. - Taxi - If it's private taxi you will pay more by default (Classic Car or Taxi with the letter "P" on the left hand side of the license plate), the fee they ask for should not require a tip. Their tip is built in. If they are amazing and you pass another 10 or 20 spot. Do it. If it's a government taxi, they have to charge govt metered rates and would appreciate a tip but not absolutely necessary. 10% rule applies for me there based on level of service. - Your Tour Guide for a day, tip is built in. They'll charge $75-$150/day and that's more than enough for them to have had a great day. - Housekeeping is your discretion, but $2-$3 a day would be appreciated at as base level, more if you want to reward more.
  2. Congratulations on the trip! Ask any questions you may have. Happy to help -
  3. Was there Friday and the new roller was rolling away at the Mons and saw several purchases while there. They looked good. Didn't buy any this time around.
  4. I've heard of this but never seen it for myself. I was in the Hotel Riviera LCDH by the Melia Cohiba as I was looking for a full box of Monte #2's. For some reason, Monte #2's were elusive all over Havana last week. They did show me this 15 box which seemed dirty (not new) had a break in the original seal and a new seal. Worn out price tag on the bottom. You can see both holograms as well but they look a little different. Something to look out for when buying a box. Price also seemed high for a 15 box at $241.25 CUP. Thought I'd share.
  5. Was there last week and over the weekend. There was no gas in stations east of Havana during the week. Stations that had a little gas would fill up motorcycles but not cars. My driver was nearly on E and said he'd be sparing with it and wait until the weekend. Sure enough, Saturday he had no issues. Some stations had an overnight line as people were waiting for delivery. He said the government vehicles come first and most of the them aren't running on the weekend. By the cars running about, you wouldn't know there was a fuel crisis. Plenty of cabs at the airport.
  6. It’s a huge pastime with the Cuban Govt to blame the US Govt, for everything they can. I find this comical but the normal go-to response from Cuba. Heaven help them if relations improved, then who could they blame shift to?
  7. HSA has no power over me in this regard. Not the least bit tempted. I (hate to say it) but I don't seek out EL/RE's. I've been burned more than I've been impressed by them (dollar for dollar). 70 Ring in ones mouth looks like the first day at Prison. LOL... Americans...
  8. Stickability is NIL if the staff lacks the discipline to use the platform. True dat -
  9. Band stays on till I have to take it off like @madandana said. However, if I don't have to take the band off before the cigar is complete, I'm a little pissed.
  10. This is a social gathering forum for US Cigar lovers. Join today by pm'ing me (El Presidente) your name, address, mobile number and I will send your password entry but ensure you have met the entry requirements. Minimum entry requirements are 30 posts and 60 days membership of FOH.
  11. Thanks for the report! Will have to saunter by at some point. If you’re looking for to-do’s in Kentucky feel free to reach out.
  12. I’ve observed that success allows us to explore our eccentricities. He’s definitely that. Yes big wine fan and wine maker as I understand. Hope you’re doing well Ken!

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