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  1. Re-awakening this thread for the benefit of newer members. Huge hat-tip to Rob for creating it so long ago. Damn honest bloke that @El Presidente. I must say I've experienced the over-aging quite a bit during the lockdowns after reaching far back into my humi for some legendary white elephant cigar I was saving like a 40 year old virgin. I always think of this thread and smile, then raise a mental glass to Rob and this thread while my brain disappointingly says... "Whoomp There It Is!" Smoke'em in their prime good Gents! Carpe Diem!
  2. Ethernut-I reached out by Whatsapp to Jose yesterday and have not heard back. I am in Columbus OH and have a trip planned for October. Admittedly I have only been on this Board for about a month but if you can help in any way I would be most grateful. In the meantime, I guess I can reach out to some of the other recommended drivers. 

    1. Ethernut


      Just seeing this, man so sorry! Give him 24hrs ish cellular in Cuba has been a night mare. At that time he was also having trouble with his phone. (impossible to get iPhone parts in Cuba right now). If you didn't get him please let me know and I will ensure he gets back to you -


  3. Last evening 12/10 President Diaz-Canel announced in a special television broadcast that the long awaited currency unification will take place on January 1, 2021. The move was presented as neccessary to remove friction from the Cuban monetary system which will make it easier to attract foreign investment. The CUC will continue to be circulated for 180 days from January 1, 2021 but there were no details on how or if CUCs in circulation can be redeemed after the 180 day window.
  4. Update Nov 15th 2020 - Havana airport resumes operations Today. US flights starting on Thursday. From LA and Houston I heard. American Airlines and Delta from what I understand. Visitors are going to be tested at the airport with rapid Covid test (nothing in Cuba is rapid, expect a sh** show of long lines). They should travel with a certification they had a previous test for Covid in their own countries. If you are going to stay in a private house, you must stay confined in the house for 7 days, meaning minimum contact with outside world. They will pay you a visit later and then you
  5. Latest info on CUC I’m getting is it’ll be gone in 4-5 months. They’ll accept CUC (or USD) for exchange and hand you CUP (Pesos) as is my understanding. I’m also told when exchanging CUC the rate won’t be as favorable as it once was. They’ll also be a grace period for a while where CUC can be exchanged. It’s Cuba, so all info is of course fluid.
  6. If you’d be so kind. Provide more detail. Where are you coming from and where are you going in Cuba? Have you looked closely at the Covid rules? (You’ll likely be quarantined for 7 days when you arrive) Do you need power to camp beyond charging your cellphone? If cellphone only, a small power brick with some solar should do nicely,
  7. Thank you for the report Johnny. Super kind of you let’s see how it shakes out. Need to get back down to see my friends as soon as I can.
  8. Hope to make it there sooner but hopes aren’t high at this point.
  9. Spoke to a close friend in the Havana area over the weekend an apparently Havana is in a new 2 week lockdown this week due to resurgence in covid cases. He mentioned something like 60-70 cases per day resurgence. Not looking good to see Cuba reopen its borders in 2020 at this point. Certainly a difficult time for them.
  10. Short answer, is yes. It depends on how much. Once I've gotten to know certain people in Cuba I have no issues with handing them a stack of hundreds and I've never had an issue. Ultimately before Cuba stated changing the currency (See JohnnyO's post) it's common to do business that way. I've had my casa owners change money right in front of me once I told them how much I'd need. If it's a few hundred I'd say your chance of in person exchange is good, if a few thousand you'd prob need them to take the currency. Now, if CUC are .97 like Johnny said, it's all pointless and just exchange at
  11. Thanks @JohnnyO great info. Your statement, "The idea is that they don't want the employees handling cash" is particularly salient as they are attempting remove their currency from the populous. It's certainly a microscope into the techniques to limit wealth. Cheers!
  12. I met Jose Fernandez through a mutual friend here on FOH (Hat tip, and a thank you, you know who you are, much respect). Pre-Covid I would visit Havana a couple times a year with my Dad and friends. Jose and I became great friends also. He owns one of 20ish private taxi's in Cuba licensed for whole island travel and airport service. He's an incredibly professional person and driver. He speaks perfect English. Typically, when I'm traveling to Cuba now, I simply contact him on WhatsApp and tell him my itinerary (well in advance), what kind of accommodations I'm looking for, what neighborhood, an
  13. @StressedDad25, @bassistheplace, @asudevil08 and @AugustWestNH, Much appreciate the kind words. Glad this is still of some help. I enjoyed writing and re-writing it. It probably needs another nip or tuck. Thanks again.
  14. So many great memories..
  15. Mike looks like Armando will be running the cigar lounge! Pretty awesome.

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