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  1. Ethernut

    Monsdale update?

    I’ll be there tomorrow.. will report back
  2. Ethernut

    Monsdale update?

    I bought some in November. Don’t know the new rollers name (don’t remember) but they are spot on. They are smoking brilliantly and they are doing right by the name...
  3. Niiice! Open and inspect. There is no risk. Chances are very good, they’re growing hair. Beetles are dead by now, freeze any thing still serviceable and in to the humi for a few months of rehydration (caps off).
  4. I’m not 100% buying the Florida voter thing as the key motivator. I can see how there might be a motivator in there however. This series of posts by someone that understands the inter-workings of the Latin world better than I do seems like there’s some real legit reasons regardless of whether I like it or not. I know either way who it's going to hurt is the Cuban people. ———— from online post ”This is completely motivated by the Venezuela issue. The administration has been putting enormous pressure under the Venezuelan government only to find out that the Cuban government is one of the roots of the problem, by providing huge intelligence infrastructure for Maduro to keep the armed forces from fracturing and the opposition in a short leash. You loosen Cuba enough, and it might lose the grip on Venezuela. It’s a very tough strategy, but by all means necessary.” “I think the issue of Venezuela is far more of a geopolitical problem that literally endangers USA national security, as Venezuela is currently driven by Cuba, but also strong representation of Russia, Iran including proven camps of terrorist groups like FARC and Hezbollah. Dealing with those terrorist groups from the Middle East in your hemisphere, in your backyard is a completely different story that surely must be addressed. Also, the Narco-Regime status of the Venezuelan government is a macro social problem for the US and the region. Despite this, I do believe this efforts of solving the situation as soon as possible won’t hurt to win the latino vote: 2 millions Cubans + CubansAmericans + 500K Venezuelans. That’s quite something.” Very interesting perspective..
  5. @ElJavi76 NINO is touchy about that.. I made the same mistake multiple times! F YOU Nino! 😎
  6. Easy now good Gents.. @Corylax18 knows the history well and is probably very nearly one of the most traveled in Cuba of all of us here. His work choice of "elected" was simply pejorative. Situation is frustrating though. It does create fear here for Americans that don't understand how things work. We had a family Support for the Cuban People trip planned for October that the timid in my group just bailed from yesterday even after I told them we should wait and see what happens. Instant desired effect.
  7. My guess is there will still be loopholes and they won't police them like they don't police them now. Cuba really has no choice but to support the socialist regime in Venezuela. That's where they get their Oil, Diesel, and internet. But I get it. We'll see.
  8. Yay here we go again... more chest beating or real deal? Hard to tell.. U.S. restricts travel, remittances to Cuba as part of a new policy Read more here:
  9. Ethernut

    The Ultimate Visiting Cuba Thread.

    Happy to, I think @Corylax18 and a few of us are looking to hit a bunch of stores. I don't typically buy LE's but will look 'specially for you.
  10. Ethernut

    The Ultimate Visiting Cuba Thread.

    You have no worries. Enjoy your jaunt! I’ll be there on the 25th and again in October. Looking forward to it.
  11. Ethernut

    So far so good

    I believe one could drag the earth from its orbit with enough Zip Ties. I say, “well done!”
  12. Ethernut

    The Ultimate Visiting Cuba Thread.

    I hear ya, and I’m simply speaking from what has happened to me. Not what may happen. Our Customs folks give zero care when coming back in my experience.
  13. Ethernut

    The Ultimate Visiting Cuba Thread.

    Super likely no one is gonna check or care. FWIW - As someone who has personally brought back a few grand worth in many trips since 2016 and even had a bout with Cuban Customs on the way out with hundreds of sticks, I’ve never had an issue. Better have receipts tho. That’s super important.
  14. Ethernut

    the only possible question is ... why?

    Uh, nope...
  15. Ethernut

    My Vegas Mishap

    Point well made. I agree 100%. I left a cigar on my counter at home for 2 weeks. The wrapper was on the dry side after that but not too dry. I smoked it early this week and enjoyed it immensely. I’m in the crowd that we probably collectively over humidify cigars with our storage hand wringing. I keep mine at 60ish year around and just don’t worry about it. I remember a post by @El Presidente years and years ago where he shared he’d unintentionally left a cigar dry boxing in the heat in back of a truck during one of his legendary outdoor adventures. He said it beat around for days and he tried to smoke it. Said it was brilliant.
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