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  1. So many great memories..
  2. Mike looks like Armando will be running the cigar lounge! Pretty awesome.
  3. Unsure yet but when you have a patio in Louisville Kentucky I think there’s a possibility you can smoke. The city isn’t a terribly smoker friendly place for restaurants. But I think patios again are OK. Will find out from him. I’ve seen him do a little rolling here and there as well here in Kentucky so I would say there will be something show up this year or next from him.
  4. A little slice of Havana in Louisville Ky. My friend Armando who I met in 2016 with Rob's crew, moved his family to the US shortly after. Many of you from the 2016 Havana group remember him and his green Russian Lada. In the photo below, I have no idea if you'd recognize the Gent in motion on the left. Armando is on the right. Armando and I have become good friends since his arrival in Kentucky and I'm super proud of the life he's building for himself. He's sharp as a whip and one of the kindest and most genuine people I know. Armando will be part of the management team at La Bodeguita as I understand it and assists in management of several other latin centered establishments in the Louisville areas. When he started sending photos of La Bodequita I was super excited to see all they were doing there. I think they knocked it out of the park. I cant wait to visit. I'm going to have to get to Louisville soon. These photos are the it was still partially under construction but wanted to share them. La Bodeguita is open and serving!
  5. Wife and I are in lockdown in Kentucky. Choosing to shelter in place. Weather looks to be conducive for cigars late this week. ...and I'm looking forward to it. Hope all is well with the lot of you!
  6. Headed down next month, any updates to sensitivities from customs? Thanks!
  7. My vote is none of them. You’ll need time to pay attention to each of these and that level of availability isn’t possible at a wedding. ...unless of course it’s a reception with the boys and you can focus, then, any of them! Carpe Diem!
  8. @The Squiggler and @Derboesekoenig carpe diem good folks!
  9. Um yeah... I have a TW 5 mins away.. field trip in order tomorrow! Baileys truly is crap. Coffee creamer with isopropyl alcohol. Round these parts we drink Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream whenever one might want a Bailey’s. Much better,

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