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  1. Band stays on till I have to take it off like @madandana said. However, if I don't have to take the band off before the cigar is complete, I'm a little pissed.
  2. This is a social gathering forum for US Cigar lovers. Join today by pm'ing me (El Presidente) your name, address, mobile number and I will send your password entry but ensure you have met the entry requirements. Minimum entry requirements are 30 posts and 60 days membership of FOH.
  3. Thanks for the report! Will have to saunter by at some point. If you’re looking for to-do’s in Kentucky feel free to reach out.
  4. I’ve observed that success allows us to explore our eccentricities. He’s definitely that. Yes big wine fan and wine maker as I understand. Hope you’re doing well Ken!
  5. I'm kinda going off the rails here (a little). CC's are notably creamier than NC's as a whole, check! I mentioned in The Noob Thread I Never Read that cream is the profile that tends to be the most consistent in building with age. There's probably very little creamier than a CoRo when it's on point. Problem is many of them aren't on point all the time. Personally, I'd have a roller in Havana roll you a few with varying amounts of Seco to find your profile. (see thread below) In the mean time. Funny, but I find the PLMC to be super creamy caramely and they arent inexpensive. Just about every CC I smoke these days has that overt creamy espresso thing going on amongst its personality. I love it. Hard to go wrong. Heck I've gotten super cream notes in machine rolled CC's and Vagueros. Not terribly complex but plenty of cream. Dang I miss Party Connie 3's...
  7. @PrairieSmoke I thought I recognized that ashtray... Oh yeah, I had like 40 pounds of them in my checked luggage as I was searched in terminal 3 in Jose Martí. Legendary... Check US forum for next Legenary WebEx Smoke my man!
  8. ...and of course you and Dana look like total criminals.. HAHA
  9. Could be a little bit of a stretch to think Cuba is going green considering the power plants run on diesel. 😉 Super cool bike!
  10. haha seems you're close by.. saw that Lux Row release. Enjoy.
  11. I guarantee it. Smoking rhythm/technique and correct RH are probably the single largest things in our control and the things often overlooked for some wives-tale emotion one way or the other. I'm so glad this little thread still lives and brings something of value. Reach out anytime...
  12. Dang gents.. This is a freaking masterpiece. Been on repeat since release. I must admit I don't have the same anger or aversion for certain things that Maynard does, but the music is incredible. If you liked Tool in the 90's and have been hiding under a rock (since Taylor Swift fans are pissed she's getting bounced out of the charts by an old 90's metal band), go check it out on your fave streaming service....
  13. Ethernut

    Pulp Fiction...

    I remember the first time I saw it in the theater, when Marvin was shot I laughed out loud till my gut hurt. I was the only one. Made me wonder if there was something wrong with me. Second time I saw it like a week later, same theater, again, I knew it was coming, and still laughed. Game changer movie, a masterpiece and GOAT class movie for certain.
  14. Funny, the third was a very long movie and I enjoyed it immensely versus the first two. Love a good a$$ whipper flick. 😉
  15. Whats required? Check the box and don't worry about it. (seriously) Pretty much it. Of course, @Corylax18's response is more eloquent.

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