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  1. Buck, hit me on PM, we can do a call and I can fill you in!
  2. It'd be a bundle of customs hands down... Heck, I'd grab the whole cooler full. Might light one from the burning door threshold on the way out.
  3. Last few times I've checked it seems to be being updated.
  4. Keeping things in perspective, cruise ships will still visit Cuba. It’s simply cruises with point of origin from the USA that will not. Not exactly the last ship. The last American origin ship (for a while) perhaps.
  5. Update 5/20/19 - Micro edits to several sections to flesh out a thought or remove some verbosity.. (but still left a crap-ton of verbosity) ...and a shameless bump for a new crop of fellow noobs!
  6. @wmcstudios thanks for the reach out! This thread will probably serve as about as good as it gets to get you underway. It's replete with sage advice. Hope this helps!
  7. Only places are across the river as @BolivarSmoker said. Nice place, terrible ventilation. There are some patios at local bars but that’s about it.
  8. @ayepatz the forum compression algo’s soften the photos quite a bit, but in the originals the hardness of the clouds is simply striking..
  9. I shoot a Fuji XT-2 mirrorless camera. For these photos, I was using an 18-135 f3.5-22 with a 67mm Hoya 720nm infrared filter. These were handheld I think at 1/30th of a second due to the extreme light reduction of the filter and I was shooting in a Fuji Film simulation mode called Acros with software Red Filter.
  10. These are my favorites from Havana a couple weeks ago.. thought I’d share. Shooting Infrared Photography. The first photo is undoubtedly my favorite shot of the weekend. A storm above Havana. The second was just me standing in the street with a Cuban teenager interested in photography. He took one and I took one (just to demonstrate a different framing and to get more of the clouds). A fun photography lesson in broken Spanglish. Cheers!
  11. 5 year home roaster here. - Roasting on a Behmor 1600+ (Typically 9oz/255 grams) - Drip brew on a Behmor Brazen (1100 feet at 201 degrees) - Cuban Coffee style using a Bailetti Mocha Pot Current roasting the crap out of Ethiopias. Doing a house blend of Ethiopias blended 50/50 roasted at City+ and Full City+/Vienna. Great blend of dark chocolate and the bright Ethiopian fruits.
  12. The only thing that really that affects aging is oxygen. Followed by time, temp, airflow, storage conditions, and humidity. Box size in respect to aging is one of those attributes that should be the very least of any worry. Get the humidor in check first and you’re good to go.
  13. Haven’t heard stories about that specifically but isn’t it all fake (made in Spain)? 😏 I have heard that bartenders extend Rum with water and it’s very common. I actually believe this happened to me once at club Habana (of all places). I saw the bartender pour it too but proof seemed way too low. ( being able to detect proof is one of the many talents of which my wife is not too proud)

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