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  1. '18 PSP Trinidad Vigia. Just a couple of years has done wonders for this cigar. Found them a little to strong for my liking fresh, but the second from the box I had only a week ago and it was fantastic.
  2. Just imagine when self-driving cars become the norm. It won't be long before some country singer comes out with a song about how his pick up truck left him! 😏
  3. Geez these things are so badly infested they are no longer cigars, they are protein bars! 🤢😂
  4. "Scientific certainty" is almost an oxymoron. The whole point of the scientific method is that it is a self-correcting system. It does a disservice to true science when, at least as history has shown, it is fringe science and pseudo science that usually spouts certainties in their beliefs. Most true scientists are very unwilling even within their own circles to be absolutely certain of anything outside of fundamental laws, and even then some.
  5. I've not yet tried a San Juan so I am very interested in peoples response to this. It is going to be very disappointing if it turns out that the changes in the Le Hoyo line are not just a shift from traditional gauges to the current fat gauges. Cigars from HDM's Le Hoyo line have traditionally aged extremely well. Think Des Dieux, Du Prince, Du Gourmet. It just seems out of place for the Le Hoyo line to have a cigar that smokes well young but dies as it ages and doesn't have aging potential.
  6. Greek Jesus, I am hoping you can use your divine powers to finally answer the age old dilemma. What came first, the chicken or the coleslaw?🤪
  7. I thought Volado was the least powerful alongside Seco and Ligero and was mostly for burn? If so, then how can Viso be between Seco and Ligero, and be Volado?
  8. Call me old-fashioned, but my favourite has always been
  9. I love anchovies. Versatile and tasty little ocean gems. Boguerones en vinagre Boquerones fritos Accompanied by black olives, capers, onion, peppers, mozzarella and fresh basil on thin and crisp pizza Fermented in a sauce with tamarind to marinade, baste or accompany meat, cheese, and Italian pasta dishes Made into a paste and spread onto one cut side of crisp Vietnamese bread rolls, similar to the traditional shrimp paste/pate for Banh mi and we can't forget Caesar salad dressing
  10. By far the worst car for me was a white 1995 Holden VS Commodore. I don't have a picture of the one I had but here is the same model I inherited this car from my grandfather when he died. I was immensely grateful at the time as I had not long returned from overseas and did not have a car. My grandfather loved his cars, but by this stage he was getting a little too old to drive and this car was pristinely kept like new in his garage and barely driven. As is often the case with cars like this that mostly sit idle no matter how lovingly they are cosmetically kept and how religiously they a
  11. From all I have heard about Rob and sharp objects including knives, from Rob himself mind you, if I were him I would trust myself more with a jigsaw than a Stanley knife too 😉😂 Stanley knives can be evil things. Had a few nasty lacerations to fingers myself in the past.

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