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  1. IanMcLean68

    the world's healthiest country

    I've always found Spanish people to be some of the most open, warm and friendly people around, with very little exception. I am sure that this attitude to life also plays a big part in longevity. Any nation that de-stresses itself with an afternoon siesta gets the thumbs up from me!
  2. IanMcLean68

    Montecristo Joyitas 2012 (MRW)

    Thanks for the great review @CaptainQuintero! I used to smoke these every now and again in my early days. Loved them for that quick shot of Montecristo goodness. My B&M at the time stopped stocking them because of notoriously inconsistent construction, so they kind of fell out of favour. Will have to seriously consider trying these out again.
  3. IanMcLean68

    Partagas question

    I would agree there has been a blend change. I have always been a huge fan of the standard line. Whilst I am also a big fan of the D4, primarily because it was the first good cuban cigar I ever smoked, I am still chasing ones as good as those I had from the very early 2000's. They had a rosado wrapper unlike any I have seen in more recent years - a real pink hue to the wrappers.
  4. IanMcLean68

    Fontecristo No. 2

  5. IanMcLean68

    Proliferating Peanut Profiles

    Yes, exactly that! Thanks @bundwallah! So I'm not the only one after all.
  6. IanMcLean68

    Proliferating Peanut Profiles

    I get that from time to time
  7. In my defence, the only stock images I could find of liquid coffee in an IV drip had Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks logos on them! I may be a hardline coffee addict, but I have standards!
  8. If I had my way ....
  9. IanMcLean68

    Proliferating Peanut Profiles

    Sometimes I get a hint of peanut notes in Punch Punch. Occasionally, I get some subtle hints of peanut in the nuts/biscuit profile of good H Upmann as well. Something else, and I am wondering if this is just me. If I leave the nub of a CC in my cigar ashtray overnight, just about any CC, and the predominant smell I get from the nub and ashtray the next day is peanuts.
  10. IanMcLean68

    1st Box Purchase

    Now that is dedication. Wanting to move into your humidor with your cigars is a sign of a true cigar lover!
  11. IanMcLean68

    Simon Chase...

    Sad loss. May he rest in peace.
  12. IanMcLean68

    Things you never knew....

    Still imminently useful. With the way the laws are changing across the world, maybe they can be repurposed as roach trays.
  13. My guess would be that the difference in weight between a few percent rH difference would be less than the natural variation in weight by virtue of being a hand made product. Certainly easy enough to calculate mathematically, but difficult to verify experimentally.
  14. IanMcLean68

    Cohiba Talisman....."take 2"

    Edicion limitado a menos que se venda bien

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