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  1. It's comforting to know that all those times people said "You have seriously been hit by the fugly stick", they were actually talking about my leper cigar Honestly Pres., I don't have any ugly sticks any more. I buy nearly everything from you these days!
  2. 80's “In those days spirits were brave, the stakes were high, men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.” Back in a time I still had my youth, I was still bright eyed and bushy tailed and full of dreams for the future. Back when women still knew how to be sexy, no BS political correctness or social justice warriors ... and the music and weed were great too 😉
  3. Is there any reason you would need to make the decision one way or the other up front? Why not start collecting some new boxes, seeing as you are intent on doing that anyway, but keep this old stock for awhile, and try re-hydration with more Bovedas? There is nothing to lose by holding on to them for awhile. Try a couple as you go along. Are they OK? Trust your senses. When I say that, it's not the same thing as a flat earth nut telling you to trust your senses. The fallibility of human senses has no place in describing how the Universe works, but when it comes to cigars, and you smoking them, well then your own subjectivity, your senses and perceptions mean absolutely everything! You will always get good advice from this forum, but honestly, trust your senses on this issue. In closing, cigars are much more resilient than many think. The fact you were not completely out of moisture means they are likely fine, as people have already said.
  4. Much, much tougher this one! Very hard to choose. Two iconic albums by two great bands at their respective peaks. But Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon gets my vote here. No good reasons, only subjective ones. How many times I have listened to each (many times for both but probably more for DSOTM), how cutting edge the material was when it was released, and the simple fact that I could listen to David Gilmour on guitar all day.
  5. All you have to do is Google "Tom Cruise as a woman", and you get this ...
  6. Star Wars, Ghostbusters, MIB, and now it looks like James Bond is going to be the next franchise left on the rubbish heap by the SJW morons. I wish these rebels without a real cause would understand what "fiction" means, leave it alone, and go and find a new ill advised cause to abominate.
  7. Just my opinion, and opinions vary on ageing greatly. My advice is be patient and give them time. Stick them in the back of your humidor and forget about them. My Mag46 are just turning the corner now at just over 6 years of age. I didn't think much of them before now. The last I had from this box just a few days ago, and it was one of the best cigars I have had this year. Complex, rich, classic aged Upmann flavours with hints of liquorice. Divine. I firmly believe most Upmann start to shine at 5 years. One of the best long term ageing cigars.
  8. The overall character of the cigar is still there, the spiciness is there as an extra layer. Maybe a little less sweetness.
  9. Partagas Shorts San Cristobal El Principe RG Perlas These are my personal favourites, but in fact all minutos/perlas from Cuba are good in my opinion. Strong, representative of their marcas, and consistent. Cuba are definitely the best at these short format cigars. They have been very consistent over recent years, but they have had a rough patch or two. Back in '09, 10 era, I would have always picked Partagas Shorts over El Principe because of consistency. Having said this I have never had a bad box of either. The El Principe do seem to come in two different guises though. They are either all sweetness, molasses, pancake, and coffee profile, or they can have some additional spiciness to them. I am wary of using wrapper colour as a differentiator, but it seems the darker wrapped ones in my experience so far seem to have more spice to them. I love El Principe, but I admit having a preference for this added spiciness.
  10. Say? My butler knows that it is rude to speak with their mouth full.
  11. Thinking about it more, El Pres has posed a real dilemma here. Of the collections I have, the cigars are the easiest and least expensive things to replace. I very much doubt they would be the first thing I reach for. Insurance means very little for something that is irreplaceable. If I could make a sweep past the humidor though and my arms weren't already full ...
  12. I am not your normal dog vs. cat person @Fuzz and @cigcars! There is no divide for me. I love them all, cats, dogs, all animals!

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