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  1. Thanks for the great review. I miss these and the No.4 a lot. They used to be go-to smokes for me.
  2. Boli PC age really well in my opinion. Forget all of the ELs and REs, for me, these become something special at 5 years. More chocolate comes to the fore, and the earthiness is pushed back slightly. I would say that at 5 years, they are great to go.
  3. I thought you were possibly lying about your age until I looked at the post 😉
  4. Definately smooth - spread over hot buttered slightly overdone toast, yum! For some reason if goes even better with slightly overdone toast.
  5. IanMcLean68

    Could you have a Rat as a pet?

    Yes rats did spread the plague, but it was a different species, the black rat, to what is commonly kept as pets, the norwegian brown.
  6. IanMcLean68

    Could you have a Rat as a pet?

    I used to have two pets rats about 7 or 8 years ago. Great pets, intelligent and affectionate - and not dirty if you keep their environment clean. The problem for me is they only live for about 3 years - its rather heart breaking to lose pets after only such a short period of time.
  7. From @Luca's profile picture (thanks @Luca!).... I think LS was comparing the Partagas Serie D cigars in this review from memory. I've seen Suckling do it in reviews too. I've never tried smoking more than one cigar at a time myself.
  8. When FOH colonises Mars .... Clusters of cigar-shaped craft discovered on Martian surface If I had the photoshop skills, I'd photoshop a cigar band, a Cuban flag, and the insignia "NC-898" onto the side of the ship for added effect!
  9. IanMcLean68

    In the future ....

    That's a terrifying analogy - but I think its even worse. The masses won't just sit there and take this legislation obliviously. As Elon eludes, "people will want". They'll ask for it, beg for it, like the obedient little minions our media and governments has brainwashed them into being.
  10. Its another one of those series on my "never watched" list because I honestly thought it must be completely and utterly over-hyped nonsense for the sheepish masses. Other examples include the Harry Potter movies (never watched), all of those pathetic reality TV shows (Big Brother for example - never watched), or corny TV sit-coms, like Friends, Seinfield or Big Bang Theory (never watched a single episode of any of them). I kinda lumped it in with them, but based on what a lot of people say, that may not be fair.
  11. On a break right now for the last two weeks because of a nasty flu. Being full of snot is definitely not conducive to enjoying a cigar because it affects the taste too much and not in a good way. On the mend so hopefully I'll get to enjoy one soon.
  12. Rather than dispensing treats, it would need to dispense cigars and/or alcoholic beverages instead.
  13. Under-filling has really let this cigar down IMO. Fantastic cigar that is now coming into its own in regards to flavour, as long as it is well constructed - and it appears from my box that is about a 50/50 proposition. I remember ranking this as one of my favourite of the RE releases at 5 years age but I realise now that is quite hit-and-miss..
  14. Its a bit the opposite for me. There are a few marca that I generally steer clear of, but anything else is fair game - at least to try. I do have my favourites from each marca, and my favourite marcas, and these do dominate my collection because I smoke them more regularly. But, without experiencing new things, you might just miss out on something new that is right for you. Really, the only Cuban brand I wont touch, even with a ten foot barge pole, are Guantanamera.

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