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  1. The beak would have been the problem, as I also mentioned, if the creature was in fact a blue ringed octopus. But I got that wrong, the creature the guy was supposedly going to lick was a blue bottle, so the stinging tentacles would be the issue.
  2. Its OK, I got the creature wrong anyway. Still, as long as he avoided the tentacles.
  3. Removed my comment, the creature in question was a blue bottle not a blue ringed octopus
  4. My two smoking buddies. Burmese. They are like the dog of the cat world. Intelligent and vocal. Known to remain playful and kitten-like right through adulthood, and can be rather naughty at times. They like to play fetch, chase, and typically follow me everywhere in the house. They have a fascination with following me into the bathroom. There is no such thing as privacy when you have Burmese cats.
  5. I think the word most used to accurately describe this sort of English gentleman is "dandy". Those stocking socks sure do take the cake.
  6. SLR are definitely unique when it comes to box aromas. Not available anymore, but the SLR Serie A I felt always had a unique box aroma not shared by any other Cuban cigar. Good boxes from beyond the early 00's have a distinct aroma of fresh kid leather and green apple. That aroma does translate through to the taste of the first third of the cigar too. I love the cedar, honey and lemongrass aromas from a good box of Cohiba Linea Clasica. Particularly lanceros, but also robustos and esplendidos.
  7. There is so much colour variation in this box. It seems that the counterfeiters still have not learned the concept of cigar colour grading!
  8. I have always wondered what Henry Clay cigars were like, due to the Rudyard Kipling poem The Betrothed. "There's peace in a Larranaga, there's calm in a Henry Clay; But the best cigar in an hour is finished and thrown away --"
  9. The chimps true identity ... I'm sure Bubbles is used to a little exploitation 😁
  10. It seems like Europe is getting all the nice sized releases this time. A 38 Laguito No.2 LGC, a 42 Eminentes RA, and a 44 Half Corona QDO 50 cab. What's more, a 50 cab QDO and a 40 cab RA in 109! It's not fair!
  11. I guess that's what you call shutting the stable door BEFORE the horses have bolted.
  12. Seems a bit gimmicky. When you get to the 90 degree bend in this, isn't the burn going to be really uneven? Would it not continue burning down the inside while still catching up on the outside?
  13. If he shoots the wrong one he will end up a father. But that is enough of this crude palaver, Lets get back on track and smoke a Por Larranaga.
  14. Saying that because we generally only use the numbers say 80-100 in a 100 point scale means that it is equivalent to a 20 point scale is a bit misleading. Looking at it from a purely mathematical standpoint, it is not. 18/20 is equivalent to 90/100. 19/20 is equivalent to 95/100. There is an additional resolution of 4 points in-between to differentiate quality that are lacking in a 0-20 point scale unless you use decimals. However, I have to ponder on what a lot of people here are really saying. Do we really need that extra resolution for scoring a cigar, at the cost of having a mostly re

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