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  1. I'm also fascinated by this subject. The problem to date appears to be neutrons, or more correctly a lack of them. Nature it seems has conspired so that if you try to build heavy element nuclei from lighter ones, you won't have enough neutrons to make the new heavier element nuclei stable. According to quantum theory we have already passed another island, and there is another one not too far off from where we are at with element 118. Long before we run out of heavier target materials (which are already neutron poor and unstable) to bombard to make even heavier ones, we are way short of neutron
  2. If you cover a turd with gold leaf and diamonds it just becomes an expensive gold and diamond covered turd. 😜
  3. That sounds very Spanish to me El Pres! I've heard you mention before during some Sydney get-together or another, about how your kids back in the day had to get used to you wandering around the house naked 😉😂
  4. Apart from how deliciously non-PC these old ads are, what amazes me about ads from this era is how much they all emphasize how MILD their cigars are. I'm guessing that how strong young Cuban tobacco was back then was a contributing factor?
  5. Going on current trends I am guessing about 5 years, so 2025+. I am hoping it is never though. Once one of these jaw busters comes out, that will open the floodgates and we will end up with a whole slew of regular production donkey appendages. "Partagas El Burro" anyone?
  6. I like the old ceramic jars too. This one from Partagas 1930 is one of my favourites. As for more modern ones, I like the black P1 jar too, and that LGC jar is gorgeous!
  7. I guess for me the short answer to that is no, I have not found another cigar with a similar profile. They certainly do have elements of both Montecristo with cream and coffee notes, plus Partagas notes, hints of sweet bell pepper and loads of sweet cinnamon/nutmeg/clove spices. These primary notes are over a deeper, more pronounced toasted tobacco spine. There is something else in good Dip 4 that I have been chasing and not found in other cigars. I describe it as a tree sap, resin type flavour, but that isn't an adequate description. I have variously described it before as almost like burning
  8. Much missed indeed. Dip 4 were my favourite PC until HSA deleted it. I would be all in for its comeback. Where do I sign up??!!
  9. Nice work putting these lists together @Bijan! It is rather sad seeing how many great skinny cigars have gone the way of the dodo. I suspect that the list of medium gauge deletions will be no less depressing!
  10. "No other pleasure so great costs so little". I think somebody forgot to say this to our illustrious politicians!
  11. PLMC are a staple in my humidor. MDO4 would be too if they were more readily available. Monte Esp2 are good too, but I really miss the 1's.

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