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  1. How was the Cos d’Estournel? I have that same year and have been thinking about them recently.
  2. Oh and despite Toto’s comments about Bottas, I don’t think he will land softly. If he can’t beat Hamilton in a Mercedes, it sure isn’t gonna happen in anything else! Just look at Kimi. He is finishing mid field in a slower car.
  3. Refueling is too expensive....pfffftt!!! Glad to see Jean Todt put a damper on that statement. I bet they could cut $2.5m out of their yearly champagne budget alone. I hope Albon has the goods for the big Red Bull. Max’s comments about himself come off pretty douchey.
  4. Fun race to watch! I was rooting for Max to win wire to wire. But I have to admit it was exciting to see Hamilton storm back at the end.
  5. Agreed! I was really hoping he wouldn't be on the podium! As for Magnusson/Grosjean, what the hell were they doing racing each other in the first place? I agree that Grossjean turned in on Mag, but I think he was shocked to see his teammate there in the first place. What a disaster they have with those two drivers!
  6. I’ve always wondered how someone cuts all three cigars like that? Common sense would say you are doing something wrong if it doesn’t fit in your cutter. Been about 18 years since I last smoked a culebra.
  7. Not to mention refueling was used for what, 14 years after without a repeat?
  8. As for 2021, my Christmas wish list would be: - Naturally aspirated V-10 or V-8, but I would settle for V-10/8 hybrid - Refueling - Lighter cars - No holds barred on active suspension, ABS, traction control, etc. Now I realize that two of those are probably pipe dreams, but hey it's my wish list! It sure seems like the number one complaint among teams is that F1 is getting too expensive. We have seen that the naturally aspirated engine era was significantly less expensive than the hybrid era, even when engines were only good for a single session. Bring them back!! Easy fix.
  9. Yeah I kind of feel the same way about Nico. I give him a lot of respect for being the only driver to "slay the giant" Hamilton in this era. But with that said, his commentary can get pretty annoying when he goes on about how hard he had to work to win, that nobody is working hard enough to beat Hamilton today....blah blah... When last I checked, Kimi has exactly the same number of WDC's as Nico.
  10. Having watched the Netflix show, I’m very surprised Haas kept Grosjean. I would think Ocon is a sure bet for next year. Steiner seemed to like Magnussen. As for refueling...a thousand times YES! I don’t see the safety argument when cars have 500+ volt energy storage systems. They are already dangerous for the pit crew. And you can’t extinguish a Lithium fire.
  11. A well prepared chocolate soufflé is hard to beat. But so is creme broulee or Italian cheesecake.
  12. Last time I saw the Stones was in 1994. Amazing longevity and it was a good show. Best semi-recent show for me was Metallica a little over a year ago. They put on the best high energy shows and play lots of old songs along with the new stuff.
  13. FINALLY a non-Mercedes win!! Leclerc defended brilliantly in the laps leading up to the pass, but it was only a matter of time. Glad the stewards didn’t intervene. I predict Leclerc and Mick Schumacher will be at Ferrari in two years and we will see a resurgence in the team.
  14. “The ability to pretend that I give a sh**t about your stupid ass interview questions.” In my book that is just plain unprofessional and a waste of both people’s time.

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