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  1. avaldes


    Wow...just wow.
  2. “The ability to pretend that I give a sh**t about your stupid ass interview questions.” In my book that is just plain unprofessional and a waste of both people’s time.
  3. avaldes

    Tactics for meetings

    It is the job of the meeting host to keep it on track. In my industry there is usually a presentation to guide a meeting. It's fine to discuss some level of detail, as it is a technical industry, but the most productive are the fast paced status meetings. In depth technical meetings need to be just that, and have a small number of invitees. We don't design by committee on my projects. Luckily we hand picked all of our team at this company and we are all on the same page. In my past at larger companies, we wasted a HUGE amount of time in worthless meetings, and meetings about meetings....and meetings about meetings about meetings!!
  4. avaldes


    Hard tires...I can’t believe they put Leclerc on hard tires. Almost like they were slowing him down to keep him in touch with Seb. Last year I said it felt like Ferrari forgot how to win. Seems even more so this year. If Mercedes went as far into the race as they did with soft tires, what could possibly make them think hards would be a winning strategy??
  5. avaldes


    Lance Stroll is such a wanker. I can't stand his smug attitude, knowing that he has not accomplished anything in F1 without the help of his dad. No talent punk.
  6. I REALLY liked the Cohiba Reserva release in late 2002. The Corona Medias and Corona Especiales were just magic. I smoked a CE on my wedding day. I still have two Esplendidos left out of the two boxes I purchased back then. In 2003 they were right around 400 bucks. The price of reservas since has not made me chase them. If I want a high end cigar, I am happier with other regular production smokes with age. Just my opinion.
  7. I have a lot of respect for Ralph Nader in the consumer rights arena. I can see why he is going after the mfg and supply chain, that is standard practice in aviation accidents. I always fly commercial for business trips so my family has someone to sue if I go down. With all of that said, the bit about the 737Max having inherent flaws is a bit off base. All aircraft have an operating envelope, and most have areas near the boundary that cause bad things to happen when you fly there. It has been standard practice in aviation for many decades to include systems that help the pilot stay away from the "coffin corners." Whether it's a stick shaker, stall warning or an autopilot that intervenes. I don't see anything unusual about including those features in a new aircraft. That is not covering up a flaw, that is keeping the pilot out of trouble. However, the part that I do have a problem with, is the fact that they had a single string system that could cause a safety critical failure. THAT is a design flaw in the implementation of the MCAS. As I said in a previous post, it is unthinkable that the system didn't automatically switch over to the redundant sensors on that aircraft in the event of a failure. This is very basic fault detection and isolation. That really points to something screwy in the SW implementation of the MCAS. The second part that is problematic is the multiple steps required to override the system during a failure. Again this is basic user interface stuff, a safety critical failure should require a single action to override. That is part of MIL-STD design practice on military aircraft (my background). I am confident that Boeing will resolve these issues going forward. But I am disappointed that their airworthiness process didn't catch some of this basic stuff. I've been caught in the middle of management that is forcing one path and the airworthiness authority trying to force another. At the end of the day management always wins, until something happens. Then the gov't swoops in with a vengeance.
  8. avaldes


    The turbo has a generator attached that produces electricity. That is used to either charge the battery or add torque directly to the rear wheels. If that fails then there is no electrical augmentation to the power of the internal combustion engine. So they would be missing a couple hundred Hp. Likewise dropping a cylinder would cause at least the loss of 1/6 the power, plus whatever additional friction losses you get from the dead cyl. In the race I though the "It's not harvesting" comment came from LeClerc himself. But could easily have been someone speculating on the radio. In reality the whole thing is likely mis-information to keep the other teams guessing. I wouldn't reveal the failure if I were an F1 team boss.
  9. avaldes


    So a few months ago people were saying "I wonder how Seb will respond if LeClerc challenges him." I thought there was no fricken way a 4 time WC would give a sniff about a rookie. Well guess what! Obviously 2 races don't determine the whole season. But I have that same feeling I got when Jacques Villeneuve joined Williams and nearly won his first race.Things are going to be very interesting at Ferrari this hear.
  10. I used to travel to the area frequently for work over a 15 year span. Small town of Bisbee is fairly near Tombstone and is pretty cool. It’s a mining town on the side of the mountain next to the worlds largest, now abandoned copper mine. You go into the bar and the bathroom is chiseled out of the granite face of the mountain, the plumbing is attached to the rock with straps. Pretty unique.
  11. Yep, first box of "HoyoDC" from some online vendor back in 96 or 97. Amazingly they refunded my money. Made me REALLY careful from then on. But once I established good vendors with references from friends, it has been smooth sailing.
  12. avaldes


    Also wasn’t unusual to have a second tax stamp applied over the cut stamp during the inspection process.
  13. avaldes


    There is no way I buy the argument that the little corner of the floor on Hamilton's car is the reason Bottas pulled away. I am surprised to hear people trying to sell this theory. If that corner is good for .5 sec per lap, then why have the rest of the aero? Just put those corners everywhere! Complete nonsense.
  14. avaldes


    I'm excited to see what he can do. Vettel is prone to mistakes under pressure. It was good to see Leclerc off to a good start to the season.
  15. avaldes


    We would be having a different conversation if Leclerc was 5mm further forward in turn 1 and took out himself and Vettel. Then it would be how foolish Ferrari was for letting them race.

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