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  1. Because he doesn’t have enough experience in F1 to know the rules and the limitations of driving. It’s what makes him exciting to watch, and also incredibly frustrating to watch! Im glad Vettel is pulling it together recently. That start was a colossal screw up, but at least he got it stopped and didn’t have to serve a penalty.
  2. I had a "friend" once give me a coral and plopped it in my tank. Whacked all of my SPS with a parasite....Trojan Horse reminded me of that.
  3. https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.f1-hybrid-engines-will-play-major-part-in-reducing-vehicle-emissions-says.2bJbQ072G8dIfMsK8CANtk.htmlen een Since when is Formula One part of a political agenda? I don't mind everyone being more conscious about environmental impacts. But to try to sell motorsports as a leader in environmental improvement is a complete sack of BS. Racing is about racing, it is an entertainment industry at the end of the day. The only reason it exists is to make money for the investors. This seems like they are trying to make F1 "relevant" to more than auto racing. IMO this is a mis-step.
  4. I think Leclerc is the real deal. I also think Seb has been holding on too tight and is trying to do things with that car that he can't do. It's pretty obvious when you look at the past 3 years that whenever he tries to keep up with Hamilton or anyone faster, he makes a mistake. For his driving style he just isn't in the right car, or in the right frame of mind. As for the pass that wasn't. I think Hamilton has had things his way for a LONG time and hadn't really had a rival who could keep him at bay. These fast tracks are more suited to the Ferrari, so that played into Leclerc's hand. The stewards let Verstappen and Leclerc race for two races where they banged wheels, I don't see why they wouldn't let Leclerc and Hamilton do the same. I still can't believe it is only his second season in F1! I also see Hamilton being gracious to Leclerc for now. But next year with a championship on the line, things will be different.
  5. Whatcha fishing for Kaptain? If I recall you are in NorCal...Steelhead? Stripers? I just checked NorCal fish report and it seems like a lot of Salmon getting caught!
  6. LeClerc and Albon were fantastic this weekend. I was also impressed with Verstappen’s post race interview. He didn’t blame Kimi, and explained the chain of events. Two years ago he would have had a serious tantrum. McLaren is really getting the shaft from engine suppliers these past few years!
  7. Ok I'll be "that guy" and ask about: Sir Winstons Partagas 898V Hoyo DC in dress boxes QdO coronas
  8. Sig, you are on fire this week! Years ago I drove through Rancho Santa Fe (in San Diego) every night in my way home from work. There is a fabulous little restaurant in the middle of town. Paul McCartney was there one night and played a set on the piano for someone’s birthday. What a cool dude!
  9. Despite being a provincial factory, VC sure made some great cigars. So did SS.
  10. That’s funny. There is a lake in the Eastern Sierra that I like to fish. It’s at about 9800ft. A few years ago I brought a Monte 2 with me. I was a bit out of shape and the combination of altitude, nicotine and adrenaline led me to to toss my cookies on the bank. But I caught a ton of fish! So it was totally worth it. I laugh every time I pass that spot. And I bring PC’s with me now:)
  11. How was the Cos d’Estournel? I have that same year and have been thinking about them recently.
  12. Oh and despite Toto’s comments about Bottas, I don’t think he will land softly. If he can’t beat Hamilton in a Mercedes, it sure isn’t gonna happen in anything else! Just look at Kimi. He is finishing mid field in a slower car.
  13. Refueling is too expensive....pfffftt!!! Glad to see Jean Todt put a damper on that statement. I bet they could cut $2.5m out of their yearly champagne budget alone. I hope Albon has the goods for the big Red Bull. Max’s comments about himself come off pretty douchey.

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