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  1. In scientific computing, multi-threading has enabled us to run simulations with a level of discretization that was unthinkable 20 years ago. I remember taking classes then and having to balance mesh density against computing power. Today it is possible to spin up a couple thousand cores and run simulations that give us far better insight into our studies. Computational fluid dynamics, finite element modeling, large scale interacting time based simulations, heck even animation is now running with mesh densities that are so fine the renderings look incredible. I am quite excited to see how things progress in the next 20 years as computer science evolves.
  2. I used to always stock P898v, SW, Lusi, Hoyo DC religiously. Pretty hard to keep them in stock now. (I won't go into discontinued or Cohiba)
  3. I will take a stab at something not mentioned on that list....Maybe because it started about 15 years ago. The proliferation of parallel processing. We have seen a huge leap forward in computing power due to multi-core processors. This has enabled new technologies to come forward and make things like smart phones REALLY fast.
  4. Agreed, some very special smells and tastes come from a new box that just arrived.
  5. Whatever I feel like. Sometimes right away, sometimes years....just depends on how I feel about a particular box of cigars. I don't particularly obey any real rules, if a cigar from a box is good, I may go back. If that cigar has young traits that I don't like, I will generally leave that box for a few months. Unfortunately this can lead to killing an entire box of young cigars, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Luckily where I live the climate is generally very close to 60% humidity so it is easy to get cigars to the right humidity with a little time. I am a big believer in aging for the first couple years is due to evening out the humidity in a cigar.
  6. I feel the same way. I loved his shows and since he died, they make me sad. He was a very unique person.
  7. Of the things on that list...the toe is not the worst.
  8. Using your powers of observation is not cheating. I think that is one of the most overlooked aspects of most competitive sports. The great players are taking in information that blow past the average player.
  9. I'm loving all of this. 90% of what is posted happened as a kid in the 80's. I think sketchy-ass bike jumps is pretty high on the list of things I don't see in my town today. Also shooting spit wads....the thought of that in modern post-COVID times is likely to cause most people to melt.
  10. It is pretty depressing to see how many items on this "wish list" already existed and have been discontinued.
  11. That is terrible news. Sorry to hear about it, he was a wealth of information and entertainment on this site. Condolences to his family.
  12. Boy, this would be a perfect time for the US to open up to Cuba and normalize relations. Not that it will happen, but when Putin pissed off the rest of the world, it is a good time to make friends.
  13. I haven't really chased regionals, but the Bolivar Especiales #2 were great. I have one cigar left and kick myself for not buying more. I went through a lot of RA CF's but don't think they rose to "great" by the time I ran out.
  14. For me it is largely dependent on my pattern of cigar consumption. If I am having several cigars per week, my tolerance is pretty high. However if I take a sabbatical and haven't had a cigar in a couple weeks or longer, I can be quite a lightweight. I have been "gakked" on numerous cuban cigars in the latter scenario.
  15. I used to smoke a LOT of lonsdales and dalias. Add in Coronas and CCE, that was at least half of my stock, maybe 2/3. Today I have a lot more piramides/belicosos and robustos, plus PC’s. Mostly due to cost and availability.

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