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  1. Would be very interesting if the Cubans embraced a similar experiment. I would love to taste the old Bolivar/Partagas/Monte flavors again.
  2. Worth reading about the history of the debt ceiling for some perspective: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_United_States_debt_ceiling
  3. I got excited thinking this was a thread about Partagas PC's. I can still taste my last cab, which was finished in 2003. Yum!
  4. I am coming down on the side of very skeptical. At that time, they switched from the old bands to the new ones (Band C to Band D in Cuban Cigar Site's nomenclature). There was lots of conversation about how the new bands had 3 dots instead of the old two. I seriously don't remember anyone talking about 4 dots, and people scrutinized bands HEAVILY back then. Again, I have not seen as much as Rob, but of the 3 boxes of Reserva's I have seen, none had irregularities.
  5. Rob, have you ever seen any Cohibas with this band and the wrong number of dots? You certainly see more boxes than any of us. I've never gotten a legit box of Cohibas that deviated from the standard band of the time.
  6. Sadly I only have two soldiers left. But they, along with the rest of the box had 3 dots above the logo.
  7. That earthy, kind of musty flavor in old Bolivars is really unmistakable. Makes me think of a dark brown color, if that makes any sense. I sure wish they tasted like that now!! I still like Bolivars today, they are just different.
  8. Lovely, haven't had one in 20 years. Curious to see how they are doing.
  9. I had one, it must have been more than 13 years ago since it was before my kids. Given to me by a friend of mine as a "nice extra" to go along with from P155's I got from him. It was from '89 and it was really good. I can't really remember the exact tasting notes, besides nice earthy old school cuban tobacco.
  10. I don't know what I was expecting when I opened this thread....but this isn't it! BTW - Cool piece. My wife collects antiques and she loves stuff like this
  11. I would go with the Corona Especiales from the 2002 Cohiba Reserva box. Maybe my all time favorite cigar.
  12. Oh man...that '89 Partagas Lonsdale looks great! Thanks for posting!
  13. Look at that beautiful machine from 1992 and compare it to the cars from today. I don't think formula one is a lost cause, but it has certainly gone in a strange direction in the last 20 years. I hope the FIA and Liberty recognize that gimmicks are not going to bring people to F1, it is the cars and the drivers. I like Lewis Hamilton, but it is way boring to watch him get pole and a win every weekend without challenge. It is already a lock that he wins this year and next. As for Ferarri, they brought this on themselves. Investing too much effort in cheating rather than developing a compet
  14. Boy did I love Boli Lonsdales!! I have a picture somewhere of me sorting through boxes with MC at Gerards years ago. It was my go-to cigar for 10 years.
  15. IMO there is a good chance we smoke a lot more foreign matter than we would like. Having pulled strings out of cigars, I am 100% sure there is some amount of other stuff in our cigars that we would not like. With that said, I've disassembled a lot of cigars over the years and aside from disappointing construction, I've only found tobacco in factory cigars. Customs are another story, and I chalk that up to supply chain. YMMV
  16. You know, I was just sitting in my backyard the other day....I had an Upmann #2 in my my hand and I thought to myself..."You know what would make this better? A bunch of rules and limitations" I really can't talk, I participate in all kinds of silly competitions. I bet it would be amusing
  17. I would be willing to bet that nicotine content is FAR less than 1% of the weight of a cigar.
  18. Nope...barfed one in the first grade and can’t stand the smell ever since. Even when my kids have them it turns my stomach.
  19. Big deadline approaching...and I need to pound out some work. This does it every time, The one concert in high school I wish I could have made. My buddy invited me too late and I didn't have the money.
  20. "I don't have to find a hideout place like YOU!!" I'm totally picturing "Hans and Franz" from classic Saturday Night Live!!
  21. Nowhere close to an expert. But about 15 years ago I used to have one of the large indirect heat smokers with the firebox on the side. The whole trick is controlling the temperature in the cooking chamber. Once you can do that....by whatever method you like best. Then you can figure out how to finish...wrap/not-wrap, resting time, etc. You will also find an affinity for certain woods and meat together. I had to leave that smoker behind when we moved 8 years ago, but it was fun.

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