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  1. Least Favs: LAX - to small to security, bottleneck is unreal ATL - just to spread out, hate connecting flights there MCO - parking situation is confusing with new part and that damn tram. Note: I’m sure if I lived there it wouldn’t be tricky. Favs: ORD - I live here so while busy and picking up can be challenging it’s easy to navigate. RSW - so easy and small and it’s vacation time SAN - easy and small and it’s vacation time PSP - easy and small and it’s vacation time
  2. I just want to start buying a few boxes so I don’t run out!
  3. ‘11 BRC - gotta luv what Boli’s turn into ‘06 PLPC - just delicious AVO 30th LE05 ReDux - not the same but really enjoyed.
  4. If possible find an English Red Fox Leicester. Wonderful aged citrusy cheese with these fantastic crunchy crystals from the aging process. Extremely rich and just and bring a smile to any cheese lovers face!
  5. My SIL & husband w/4 of my sweet nephews & niece are moving to Canberra and the move is a going. But my SIL is trying to figure out cellular phone service w/international plans that work best. Suggestions and help is what they need. Currently they use ATT but maybe there is good networks in Australia? Any experienced international business men & women here willing to offer some experienced advice please.
  6. Sharing and Boli PC with my boys before hitting SoCal for the day!
  7. Mason & I enjoying some AF Anejos at the Cigar Grotto in Oceanside, CA. Tomorrow my oldest will be home from deployment and I’ll have the pleasure of smoking with both of them for the first time! Life is great, enjoy it!
  8. A 73' Partagas lonsdale. Was a wonderful gift from a friend. Would love a cab of those, exquisite flavors.
  9. We are about 16" below our annual average here in Chicago. We made it to near 20".
  10. $2-$3 per stick to me is a huge difference in price. They're both lovely cigars imho. Depending on your preference in size/vitola should determine what you really want. RA DNA runs in both but the size should determine what hits your rotation more. RASS can be $7ea and RAS $9.50ea.
  11. Where vendor was used that your trader purchased the 56 from?

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