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  1. I've just seen the notification because you quoted my post...just as I'm rolling a cigarette! :-( Sadly I didn't do very well. I keep trying and last for months at a time and then fall back. Trying to lose weight with the missus at the moment and I'm afraid if I do both i'll fail at both. Just trying to concentrate on one at a time For now.
  2. 2 new species in the bag today!!! Woop! First Perch and first (and lots more) Gudgeon! They're tiny...snd I don't care! Still counts!!
  3. Beautiful day fishing with Kim on our 11 year anniversary. We caught over 64lbs of fish between us with 13 fish! Kim never caught a carp before and she caught 7 today! 3 mirrors over 6lb, the best being 6lb 8oz. I caught 6 carp, the best being a 7lb 11oz Common Carp and a 9lb Mirror Carp! Beating my personal best for both types of carp and the 9lb being my heaviest fish yet! Getting close to double figures!
  4. Some sea fishing action from Saturday. First location we went to was a total bust so we moved on to a nearby marina. I only had to cast about 15 feet in front of me (from the shore) and my rig was dropping at least 80-90 feet straight in to a wrasse pit. I personally caught 3 Ballan Wrasse (new species for me so PB's all round!!) within an hour at 1lb 6oz, 1lb 11 oz and 2lb 7oz and due to some previous snags and lost rigs there were 3 of us taking in turns with my one remaining rod! Before today, my friends PB Ballan Wrasse was 1lb 3oz and he caught a 2lb 10oz. Will definitely be going back th
  5. Lovely days fishing at today - tried out a new lake and beat my personal best 3 times on the trot. Biggest Mirror Carp I'd caught before today was 1lbs 7 oz. First fish out was a 4lb 1 oz Mirror!! Biggest fish I've ever caught?? 4lbs 6 oz tench. My second fish out was another mirror at 7lbs and 1 oz and followed not too far later by a 7lb 7oz Mirror!!! Lovely quiet place to fish and weather held up! Only thing I forgot to take were my damn cigars!!!!!
  6. I've not been on the forum much lately but great to see this thread still going and some cracking pictures coming in! Some great fiahing out there!!! We're still learning here...haven't done much fishing over the winter but have learned (the hard way) that when coarse fishing in the cold...unless you have maggots you're not likely to catch much! We have since been using maggots but haven't caught much more than a plethora of small silvers. Sea fishing I've been sorting through my gear and again trying to get the right bait. A friend recommended lugworm but haven't had much luck with it at
  7. My Christmas present to myself courtesy of the Xmas clearance. Cheers Rob and the team!!!
  8. Not sure if it really fits here but thought I'd post it anyway as it amused me...things heard on the streets of London.... More can be found at...
  9. Another great days fishing! Kim wasn't quite so lucky today as she's been during the last week but still caught amongst others...a nice Bream and what I believe is a Roach Bream hybrid I managed to land some great ones today. Unfortunately didn't weigh it but a near lb Roach, another nice Tench around the 3 lb mark (didn't weight it but it wasn't big enough to beat the previous one) and my first all the way through to my 5th Carp including a 2 lb, 13 oz Ghost Mirror and an on the dot 4 lb Common P.s. sorry if the photos are sideways. Uploaded with my phone via Tapatalk

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