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  1. If you don't have the option of using a plastic travel humi in the 15 stick size with a boveda, then your glass mason jar would probably be the next best alternative. It also depends on how long you plan to keep them in truck. At the minimum i'd keep them in the trunk (if yours is not open) as it's cooler than the inside of the car and out of sunlight . I personally would try not to leave them in there for more than a week and would keep much less like maybe 5 sticks, and no premiums either.
  2. Demi Tasse. My gf is a non smoker and she enjoyed these while the lasted. She said they were sweet and mild, and not too long a smoking time. Also she said it had an elegant quality about it, given the size but strong aroma.
  3. Por Larranaga Perfecto (Distinguido 52x162) It would sell because it still stays with the larger RG trend, is tapered at the head to appeal to those finding larger RG's too uncomfortable to smoke, its unique for a PL Regional, and its size would be worth the coin. Plus with the way PL has been getting praise about the aging potential of its recent releases, this would likely fly off the shelves. And with Cuaba taking so much heat, this would give people an opportunity to enjoy a Distinguido that isn't made by a Marca which faces a lot of negative feedback relative to other marcas.
  4. Coffee with a bit a of cream and if it is espresso i take it as is. Only usually take it black if its good coffee like when buying from a farmer's market or mom and pops bakery.
  5. Depends...if my palate is clean as in i have not eaten anything for hours i will light up with no prep because that is when i feel i taste the most. However if i have eaten or there is remnants of flavour or whatever on my palate before smoking, i may drink water, or sparkling water, or something tart like apple juice. Coffee I usually only drink during smoke time. FWIW for me, my palate is the cleanest a couple hours after brushing my teeth in the morning....especially if i am feeling a bit hungry.
  6. Other than thin wrappers or that combined with being overfilled, I have a hard time imagining the problem being something other than something related to high humidity, or drastic changes in temp/rH from storage area to smoking area. I mean you did mention the tar build up on your Fuente's right? anytime i have had tar issues from my observations it comes usually from a one or more of these reasons., especially smoking a cigar that comes from high rH in a very cold environment, or smoking a cigar that is both overfilled and over-humidified.
  7. Welcome bro! Good to see you on here.
  8. I try not to overthink, or trip out about it. I throw lighters and cutters in my check-in, never in my carry on. and like Pres said, to avoid dissapointment i don't bring any expensive tools....not that i really have any just xikar cutter and mini iroda lighter and cheapo single jets. That being said, if i'm feeling paranoid that day for some reason, i budget out 10 CUC for those lighter pieces of crap they sell at the souvenir shops on the resort and leave everything at home. For those worried about losing their cheapos, it's just lighters, not narcotics LOL...TBH im more worried about havin
  9. IMO Depends where in Varadero i would recommend staying at Sol Palmeras - family friendly and food is decent, just don't expect them to do justice to meats, carbs, and starches we are used to. I say go straight for the grill bc the food is at least made to order. If you like fish, then you will be fine. Another place is Hotel Playa Cayo Santa Maria, in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. Great hotel. Food is ok...just like most of the all inclusive resort food. Gets pretty tiring fast if you are not into fish. Although i will say when it is Cuban Dish day, the food is always much better! Keep
  10. I do these for my gf all the time and she absolutely loves it. a) "Honey Mustard and Thyme Oven-Roasted Salmon" and Brie and Apple bites RECIPE A Need: 1 Large Salmon fillet skin on 1 Honey mustard 1 Thyme Thinly sliced lemon circles Half a lemon Fresh Cracked Sea Salt Fresh Cracked Pepper Olive Oil 1 Oven Pan 1 xLarge Ziplock bag Recipe 1) Preheat oven 380Deg C with pan inside that has a layer of aluminum foil on it. BE sure to coat the foil in a thin layer of olive oil 2) Rub Salmon fillet with salt, pepper, honey mustard and thyme - the thicker the cut, the more seasoning
  11. Thank you all for your replies it is much appreciated! I guess it seems that most, if not all these places do not offer a full dining and smoking experience, without breaking the bank for dinner as was mentioned for Rib and Beef place (which the lounge is still separate from the dining room anyways...) I read up on that place actually and many said that although everything is great, the quality in food is lacking. I think that turns me away more than anything especially if the menu is priced at the higher end. I 'd rather spend that type of dinner coin at one of the many wonderful restaurants
  12. Hello All, I'm headed down to both Montreal and Old Quebec over Valentine's day weekend and was hoping if anyone knew any establishments where you could both eat and indulge in a cigar...without having to isolate myself in a cigar lounge that is within the restaurant...I am from Ontario so i know squat about smoking laws in QC, but i do know and have experienced smoking and hanging out at the Montreal LCDH, so i am hopeful that such a place exists. Main reason i ask is that i will be with the gf and though i know it would be next to impossible to have her hangout with me in a smokey cigar lo

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