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  1. Don’t have a picture handy but my favorite is: Alcohol Tobacco Firearms ...should be a convenience store, not a government agency.
  2. Dungeness crab IS superior to lobster... and this is coming from a life long New Englander.
  3. Limp Bizkit "Faith" over George Michaels any day! And Phil Collins "Can't Hurry Love" over Diana Ross. And I don't particularly like Phil Collins, so I guess that's saying something for his version.
  4. Easy enough to duplicate, kind of. Try smoking alone in the dark, totally quiet. It sort of like a cigar sensory deprivation tank. All your focus will be on the cigar with no distractions. Pair with water only. ...if anything at all.
  5. Another vote for a cab or split one for the PLPC. and also a vote for HUPC while they're still around. Can't go wrong with the BPC either IMHO.
  6. Are you confusing ligero with medio tiempo? Not all plants produce medio tiempo leaves but all plants have ligero.
  7. Seems like a strange pairing to me, ....but whatever floats your boat.
  8. Not a cutter, but a sharpenable punch. I use spent brass from handgun ammo. A quick turn of a deburring tool restores the edge to razor sharp condition. 30 carbine, 38 spl, and 44mag gives me a good variety of sizes. -Dan
  9. Those are pixie eggs. If collected and allowed to hatch, they will grow into the pixies that are responsible for plume. -Dan
  10. Good for you for picking a very talented artist. Nice work! -Dan
  11. Hahaha. I had to google what a pocket square is. I guess that's telling of how often I get dressed up. -Dan
  12. I know I'm an exception but I'm not particularly fond of the MC, but I love the Panatela. IMHO the PLP taste is more true to the Por Larranaga profile. The MC doesn't taste like a typical PL to me. The PLP does.
  13. They are also useful to show your significant other. "See the sticker Hon. They were on sale. I had to buy them."
  14. My sentiments exactly. I've picked up a couple of boxes of the RyJ PC looking for the same flavors as the Ex 4 but they are missing that same berry intensity. They are a fine smoke, I'm glad I got them, but they're not the same. IMHO: If you want the berry notes of the EX 4, you have to smoke the EX 4. I think the Cazzadores has the same berry-esque-ness but it's masked with rough edges, nicotine kick and a lack of refinement.
  15. I think it’s great to smoke two cigars at the same time. I do it often, although not really on purpose. I’ve never smoked two by myself and I don’t plan to. My girlfriend smokes with me pretty regularly and we usually swap cigars for a bit when we smoke. Smoking two at once removes all the subtle variables that affect the perceived flavors of a cigar. You can never replicate a smoking experience, so it’s tough to tell if there are real differences or if it’s just poor memory or outside influences that’s changing the way a cigar tastes on any particular day. It also eliminates those “Is it me or is it the cigar” questions. It’s interesting to taste the differences in cigars. Especially the couple of times that we’ve been smoking the same cigar. Two seemingly identical cigars, out of the same box. To be able to see the sometimes huge differences. It’s also good sanity check too for the times some oddball flavor shows up. It’s nice to be able to pass over a cigar to her and ask “Am I crazy or do you taste dill (or whatever) in this?” -Dan

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