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  1. Would have to say my first Party Lusi '08 was the most memorable cigar. Smoking on the deck at the beach didn't hurt either. Just kept giving more and more flavor!
  2. Agree with the thoughts above here in southern Alabama. I am a banker and feel that it will take more time to recover, maybe 2 years. We are not even looking for commercial RE loans, not even an option unless you have 40% down, but who does? Regulators are riding us hard. Those that need the help, going out interest only until the property sells, we aren't being allowed to do this. Regulators are making us get updated appraisals, which are 30%-40% less, and write off the difference. Or, we have to amortize the loan out which puts the borrower in a pickle as well. We continue to take mor
  3. 08 RASS - wow can't keep my hands off of them! 07 Boli CE - starting to lose that edge and become more balanced. Nice day with Monday night Football even though I took the damn jets!
  4. Welcome Glenn!! I have not had one myself this year but many have said that the Party 898V are great from 06. You may want to give those a thought. Welcome!
  5. » I've only seen one thing better... » » A friend, who trains hunting dogs, taught his Lab to "fetch beer". On » command, the dog went to the kitchen, pulled on a sling to open the » refrigerator door, stuck his head into an open box, grabbed a beer, closed » the fridge door by pushing it with his paws, and carried the beer out to » his master; tail wagging all the way. » » Man's best friend, indeed! I could only laugh and applaud. I had a friend in college that had taught his Lab the same thing, it was great!! He would tie a towel around the fridge handle so the dog could open it
  6. They sound great!!! And will only get better. Wish I could just walk into a shop and by a few!!:-|
  7. » Welcome dstogie. » » I travel to Birmingham 3-4 times a year for professor type business, what » part of the state are you in? Thanks Professor. I am in Dothan, about 3hrs or so from B'Ham. Although my wife and I have a few good friends that we visit there sometime. Let me know when your going to be there and we can hook up for a smoke!
  8. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am a loan officer from Alabama and have been enjoying cigars for 3 years and have recently come over to the dark side. I am married with a 16 month old son who keeps me on my toes!! With that being the case I have recently been trying smaller ring gauge cigars and loving them. I think very highly of the Boli PC's, Reyes, and Monty 5's. I try to keep a few Beli's, Torps, and robustos on hand as well! ;-) My hobbies include college football (especially Auburn Tigers), golf, and saltwater fishing. I look forward to learning from everyones knowleage and

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