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  1. Thanks for all the help! I was already back from my trip before I saw any of these. I was able to get blantons, E.H. Taylor small batch, and Willet 4 year rye (along with some other widely available bottles). I did find a bottle of Weller 107 antique but it was $100 so I didn’t buy it. I’ve had it before and loved it, but there are other bourbons 1/3 the cost that I enjoy. I had read that distillery prices weren’t very competitive with liquor stores, but I found the opposite (at least with blantons and E.H. Taylor)
  2. Anyone in KY or who has been on the trail recently: what is the likelihood of finding Weller in stores? I plan on stopping at Buffalo Trace but I’ve heard they don’t have any Pappy or Antique collection for sale. They didn’t mention Weller though. Any stores that regularly have it in stock? Thanks for any help!
  3. How do you like the blichmann? I’ve been looking at their eHERMs setups and comparing it to a few other brands
  4. Does anyone have an electric, horizontal homebrewing system? If so, how does it compare to a more traditional setup? I'm looking into the Spike Brewing system but Blichmann has one too. They look very user friendly and I imagine they would be much more efficient than using a propane burner and stagnant coolers.
  5. I agree with the above statements. I don’t consider these to be very similar cigars at all besides in size. And even in size, they are not quite the same. They are both excellent cigars though and you could probably pick up singles or a fiver if each to try them out
  6. Do you know where he got these? I don’t think the robusto come in 10 count boxes, besides the supremo
  7. I usually just type up my labels on Word, print, cut, and tape them onto sticks. It's cheap, quick, and easier to read than my handwriting. Especially if you have multiple sticks with the same information, you can just copy and paste the same line over and over.
  8. I always cut the cigars before traveling and get a lighter or matches when I land
  9. I've had the same experience with the lanceros. I have 2 bundles. One is perfect and one bundle is so tight I can't smoke them. The flavor on both is great though. Overall, I like the WF far more than the LC
  10. Has anyone tried the EL unbanded he has had the past few months? How do they compare to the real thing? he also has so some ashtrays I know a lot of people were looking for a few years a for a few years ago
  11. Thanks! I found the same code a few weeks ago and forgot to put it in here... it was still valid at the end of April
  12. I just lift the bundle up by the ribbon, take a quick look, and set it right back in
  13. Do you recall what the box code on the especiales no. 2 was? I was able to get a 6 pack but forgot to write down the code. Thanks!
  14. Are the 10 count boxes generally the same quality and consistency as the 25 for the DE?

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