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  1. You can buy 'em pre rolled in OR and WA and quite a few other states in the US.......
  2. Leave the door open an inch or two, for a couple hours, then see where things are at. I do that with my Staebell occasionally when the ambient RH creeps up in the summer. Another forum I frequent has a great thread about humidor "Seasonal Mood Disorder" and it's effect on our cabinets. For any of us with a cabinet humidor, I can't recommend the little wireless hygrometers from Sensor Push highly enough. Salt test them when you get them, and then you have an independent and accurate way to check on things without opening the door. I have two in my cabinet (top and bottom). Another handy accessory is a cheap desktop humidor where you can "dry box" cigars for a couple days before you smoke them. Good luck..!!
  3. Agree with the's always mold. Always. Those little spots should wipe off easily with a little distilled water.
  4. BBS

    Aristocrat or Avallo?

    I have a Staebell but the guys I know with Avallo cabinets have nothing bad to say. Solid control unit, well made. I will say I've been using the SensorPush temperature and humidity sensors and really like them. Super accurate (easy to salt test / calibrate) and the data is nice to have. Reasonably priced, easy to recommend: I have one in the top, and one in the bottom of my cabinet. Really pleased with the info.
  5. I have several boxes of Liberatadors, every one at risk of fire damage.....😎
  6. I've smoked some wonderful 40+ year old cigars thanks to CigSid, and can attest to his storage methods. They were, in a word...perfect. At least to my fried taste buds. Recently, I've noticed my cigars seemed just a bit 'off' and I discovered that the controller in my cabinet was off, by about 5 points (low). Frustrating, as this is the controller that went through a full calibration and rebuild by the manufacturer about four years ago. I'm currently installing a new controller and slightly larger circulation fans that will run on a timer rather than when the humidifiers kick on. I'm also going to be using a couple SensorPush monitors that have just been salt tested and calibrated to keep a watchful eye on things. Back on topic, my setpoint has been 65% / 68F for some time, and I have great results in the storage of my cigars. I dry box at 60-62% for a few days before smoking. Some have spent 15+ years in my cabinet. I won't pretend that I know all things but what I do know is how my cigars taste and I'm very happy with my results. Wouldn't store less than 65% long term, on a dare. As they say, one man's opinion.....
  7. From another forum I frequent; I've had my cabinet for over a decade, and it's been perfect. The "Climate Monitor" went back to them for a rebuild, but I've heard from buddies that have retrofit newer controllers from Bob in their cabinets. Hard to find a more honest or nicer guy than Bob...he was a pleasure to do business with. My cooled cabinet was custom built to fit into a space between a safe and the wall....two houses ago. Wish I'd have gotten a bigger cabinet....😎
  8. Only had that happen with any regularity when I was smoking Fuente Anejo's. Solved that problem quite easily....😄 Yes to all of the above; too small an opening, drawing too quickly, and sometimes just an oily batch of tobacco. I've had Anejo's that were a decade aged, proper humidity, and they'd tar right up. I was usually successful in using a clean, sharp cutter and removing a tiny slice of the end of the cigar....usually removed the tar and the obstruction as well.
  9. Bought these for my wife last Christmas. So far, they've worked perfectly and with a refill, for the price, seems a very reasonable answer to the question:
  10. Bob knows his stuff, but I've got one of his cooled units that's a decade old and is still working great. The hygro did go back to the manufacturer for calibration, but that, water, and wicks are all that's been required to keep things running wonderfully. One data point - B.B.S.
  11. My Ruger Redhawk stainless steel revolver in .44 Mag. Now, I've got lots of other choices, even a few of the new polymer based pistols in whiz bang "new" calibers. But, I'll tell you, the heft of that slug of stainless steel and the seriously comforting 'THUMP' when that gun goes off is something that makes me smile, every time. Had it for almost 40 years, it's a very early one out of the factory. Freehand, I can hit a paper plate at 100 yards with the thing, all day long. It's a dandy.
  12. When it's bitter cold, and the ambient RH is super low outside, it will keep the wrappers from 'blowing up' during the smoke. I've done it to several cigars, and it worked just as advertised. A quick rinse with tap water, before you clip the cigar and not on the foot does the trick.
  13. Mine is a decade old, and the hygro controller just had to go back for a rebuild. The guys that made it are still around, and were wonderful to deal with. Alternately, Bob is offering a retrofit kit that would allow you to install the new version that he's using. Cost was a bit less for the rebuild, and it worked flawlessly for a decade, so I went that way. Something to think about if you're buying a cabinet that's got some years on it. My Staebell is one of the purchases I'd make again, tomorrow, without hesitation. FWIW.....
  14. I've had a Palio and a Xikar for better than a decade. Still working great. Not enamored with this one, you guys have fun.

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