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  1. Yep! Classic coke with a red can or label.
  2. Full fat classic Coca Cola goes with almost any cigar in my experience. There are some good non alcoholic beers available in the UK these days, they are nice with a smoke too. Erdinger Alkoholfrei is my favourite.
  3. Lets not forget coffee or coca cola, when not drinking alcohol, or red wine or beer when I am!
  4. Well done @seattledude. And thanks to all at FOH for the completion.
  5. lestabantam

    Final Weigh in for FatBastard 2017 - 1st May

    Final weigh in 75.6kg, still need to lose a bit to get rid of the beer belly though. I definitely did best in the first month, the summer holiday in july should be a good motivator now this is done. Well done all fbs who have taken part. Good luck.
  6. I was 75.1 kg this morning, not a massive loss this month but right direction.
  7. The Go-Betweens were a great band, both the main members were Australian, perfect guitar pop.
  8. lestabantam

    Lets Talk Cohiba

    Every Christmas day morning for the last 6 years I've had a Cohiba Panatela. They are pricey for the size but my, they are gorgeous, even when a bit on the tight side. I have had some stellar Siglo 3, some fine 1s 2s and 5s. I've had a few robusto, but the only one that sticks in my mind was seven years old. The others were downright average. I had a BHK 52 that started amazing, then turned bloody good before a very average finish. If i'd smoked it the other way round it would rank as one of my best cigars ever, but as it was I wasn't rushing to buy another. Overall I think the panatelas is my favourite, there's something about how that cohiba taste hits the tongue from that slender ring gauge, after that its the sig 3.
  9. I'm down to 76.8kg, that five-two diet seems to be doing the job. It is tough to stay off the beer and wine though. Might have to have a "treat day" today.
  10. I wear a suit and tie to work every day, but the last time I took a photo was a fancy dress day.....
  11. starting at 81.4 kg. Have lost 4kg since new year as I've been doing the 5-2 diet. Want to get as close to 70 as possible in the next three months, and lose the the beer belly!
  12. I have a couple of stone to lose, ive just started the 5 2 diet and could do with some motivation to keep things going. I'm in.
  13. You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear, but you can make a very interesting novelty luggage tag.
  14. I just had a trinidad reyes from march 16, SLE Mar 16 code, and it was a fine cigar, so i can get behind the trini recommendation.
  15. lestabantam

    Quintero Tubulares

    They used to sell a tubulares in the UK that was basically a tubed quintero panatela. It is mentioned on cuban cigar website and still being sold by at least one UK vendor. I'm a bit of a quintero fan. Great value!

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