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  1. Kinda surprised no one has mentioned non-Cuban cigars...... Connie A Partagas 898 PL Monte Carlo HdM Epicure Especial Diplo #2 Fundadores Montecristo Especiale #1 Opus X, Fuente Fuente Davidoff Millenium Blend Lancero Padron 1964 Monarca Maduro
  2. Very cool - and congrats! Genealogy is a hobby of mine and I love hearing stories like this. Enjoy your new found family!
  3. Most of my cigars are in the 38-50 range....with my true favorites being in the 44-46 range. Favorite sized cigar is a lonsdale.
  4. CooGAR

    email of the week.

    Rob, I wouldn’t mess with this guy.....he obviously is a true expert in Cuban cigars. He knows that all Cohibas are the exact same color and filled to the exact same firmness.....every time! If I were you, I’d tell him to keep the first box you sent for him to use as an example of fake cigars when he is showing off his vast knowledge to his friend....and I would send him another box from your personal humidor. You definitely do not want put a stick into this hornet’s nest.
  5. CooGAR

    Daily Cup O' Joe

    I'm a Keurig guy Monday-Friday for the sheer convenience and speed it allows me in the morning rush. Over the weekends, I will use good beans from local or mailorder roasters, grind them before brewing, and use a Chemex pour/drip brewer.
  6. Haven't seen these yet, but let me guess....... way too short and way too many ring gauges.
  7. Nope. As long was when you see me drinking it, its in the finest of crystal and you immediately assume I am a man of wealth and taste.
  8. Damn.....forgot to smoke my #3 over the weekend. Oh well.
  9. CooGAR

    Blind Tasting Cigar Number 2 Reveal

    I used the same email I used to send the Cigar #1 guess in.....and it got listed.
  10. CooGAR

    Aging Cigars

    I have read that some people have great luck with these and some received boxes of duds. I smoked the above pictured cigar about a week ago. Nice aromas but the flavor I compared to a 25 year old Macanudo. I just don't find anything in them that shows they will improve with age.
  11. CooGAR

    Blind Tasting Cigar Number 2 Reveal

    Shows I did not submit either, though I did and on time. I guessed a R&J Short Churchill,but it would be nice to have it corrected for the stats.
  12. That's why it's called Set & Forget
  13. How many is too many in a day? No real answer for more about what you have time for and what you can stand. I never smoke a cigar for the sake of it...meaning, if I had 30-40 minutes to kill I would not look to smoke a quick cigar unless I wanted a cigar. I also don't enjoy small cigars all that much, so having 60-90 minutes to enjoy the sizes I like limits how many I will smoke in a day. I guess you need to let yourself be the guide that you have had enough. If you are reaching for that 3rd, 4th, or 5th cigar and you have second thoughts about pulling it out of the humidor - you probably are done for the day.
  14. CooGAR

    Blind Tasting Cigar Number 1 Reveal

    Interesting.....I didn't get that at all. I really enjoyed mine and noticed all the smoke I was getting from the cigar. I even made a mental note on how good & even the burn was for a Cuban. I enjoyed it so much I told myself that I would be getting a box after the reveal. I didn't thing it was a BBF and I thought it was too light in color for a San Cristobal. I guessed it was a R&J Belicoso mainly because of how well it was constructed. My experiences with Sancho Panzas have been that they tend to be a little rough....

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