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  1. My wife is already mad at all my cigar box purchases from FOH over the last few weeks. $10,000 would be the last straw. ?
  2. I smoked a Bolivar CE earlier today that I purchased from FOH about 10 years ago. It was from Oct 2007 and was wonderful. Lots of mushroom, nuts and some toast and caramel.
  3. Agree and have a cab on the way I purchased on here. Look forward to trying them and see how they compare to my favorite; Part Shorts.
  4. Got my first Pfizer vaccine this morning in Phila along with my mom.
  5. Awesome, I picked up a box from 24:24 last week.
  6. I just tried after clearing cookies and same result.
  7. I'm still having the earlier issues, won't let me order and get a default page.
  8. Trying to place an order but I keep getting a page full of number and letters, then it tells me nothing in my shopping cart. Anyone else having issues?
  9. The shorts are one of my favorites. In my last box, I also had more than a few that were very tight to draw and I just tossed them. This recent box was the first time I experienced this from Shorts. I'm getting ready to order a cabinet, so hopefully they will be better.
  10. Sounds good. I also smoked a couple of Shorts on Easter with my brother-in-law. I had a cabinet that I just received from Czar, but we had the first 4 of them that had terrible draws and had to be trashed. That was the first time that I had that happen with them. I hope the rest of the box is ok?
  11. Just smoked a RASS from '07; best one to date so far, very nutty and creamy, medium bodied. Very nice with a darker wrapper then the ones I had before.
  12. The Cohiba Siglo IV was outstanding along with a recent R&J Short Robusto. Partaga Shorts were also back in full fashion. I need to get me a box of the CoRo's based on recent feedback. Do they ever go on sale?? :-)
  13. Yes, I really enjoyed it. I also smoked a R&J Short Churchill on Sunday and it was also outstsnding. I received the bow from CZAR about two weeks ago and was very impressed with them when I opened up the box. They were dark and oily. They looked like they were aged 5 years, but were ecent. Full of flavor like dried cherries and a very nice spiciness throughout.

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