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  1. Happy Birthday mate! Hope you had a good one.
  2. Just reminding all members to revisit the forum rules on US politics. I have already locked one thread, and heavily edited this one. Keep it about Cuba, please.
  3. We already have a topic on this. I have edited three inflammatory posts already for references to US politics. Keep it about Cuba, please. And re-read forum rules.
  4. ayepatz

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    After months on the road, I am finally able to smoke my first Puntilla, courtesy of the generosity of @Fuzz, and the worldwide transportation services provided by @Luca. Creamy, with hints of almond, and shortbread. Splendid! Thank you guys!
  5. ayepatz

    Happy Birthday Di

    Happy Birthday, Di! Have a wonderful day!
  6. ayepatz


    Very sad. A legend of motorsport, and a courageous driver and brilliant tactician.
  7. Very weak. Just confirms my suspicions that GRRM has been sandbagging and saving the better plots for his book.
  8. QdO all the way.
  9. My favourite clip. The Big Yin on Parkinson in 1975. This is the textbook definition of “outrageous” on the BBC in those days.
  10. I agree. Louis CK is absolutely one of the funniest. But we’re not allowed to say that anymore.☹️
  11. Wake up Australia! The Americans are running amok! 😂
  12. That’s a big list! No non-Americans? Wow! I’m surprised.
  13. A worthy shout. Don’t rush. Have another cigar and give us your top three.😉
  14. Not unless Tyrion is the last guy standing! Lol
  15. Go on. Pick one. No rush. Have another cigar while you ponder it. 😉

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