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  1. ayepatz

    Favorite movie featuring the military?

    Have you had a look at the new series of Das Boot? It's on my watchlist. I've been told it is excellent.
  2. ayepatz


    Happy Birthday!
  3. Worth pointing out that Scotland did not vote to leave, nor, funnily enough, did my constituency of Surrey South West, both with remain votes of well over 60%. Our Member of Parliament, Jeremy Hunt, the current Foreign Secretary, nonetheless voted in favour of leaving when the vote was put to Parliament, despite the wishes of the majority in his constituency, and he was by no means alone in voting contrary to the wishes of the voters he is supposed to represent. If the whole Brexit debacle has proven anything, it’s that our archaic system of government is simply no longer fit for purpose. Something that seems to get lost in all of this is that it is, effectively, a large part of England who wanted to leave the EU, not the whole of the UK. And, because Theresa May, in her hubris and naivety, called a snap General Election with the hope of strengthening the Tory majority, and, in failing to do so, then had to lean on a Northern Irish party in order to form a government, has had the effect of magnifying the issue of the Irish border to the detriment of the rest. Make no mistake, if the UK stumbles out of the EU without a deal, that will give endless ammunition to those who seek to break up the UK, and what seems like a bad situation now will surely worsen. It is not the “will of the British people” to leave the EU. It is the will of a quarter of the total population, the vast majority of whom live in England. (Scotland has roughly the same population as London, another area, which, ironically, voted against leaving.) The system is broken, and there is nobody amongst the ranks of our current politicians who stands a chance of uniting the country one way or the other. It is, to quote Malcolm Tucker from The Thick of It, an “omnishambles”.
  4. ayepatz

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Different day, different skyline.
  5. ayepatz

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Downtown Chicago looking particularly glorious in the low early-morning sunlight today.
  6. ayepatz

    Hi from London

    Always nice to see another London FOHer. Welcome to the forum! 🇨🇺
  7. Yup. The conclusion was that TAECCLL was, at best guess, Nov 99. CC represents 99 in the NETAGIDOCU code, but in other codes from 99 the LL comes after TAE, and in those codes, that represents Nov. It’s a punt, but as close as I can get. @gojira, going by the same thinking, and referring to @CaptainQuintero‘s list, with your ES replacing my LL, that would seem to indicate Jun 99, as @Lotusguy said. Again, just a punt, but best I can offer.
  8. Despite the fact that many on here have been clamouring for the return of the SLRDC, it hasn’t happened. I’m beginning to think HSA looks at this site and does exactly the opposite of what we desire. I blame @LordAnubis. 😂
  9. ayepatz

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Another cold day in Chicago.
  10. Brought back some Yolanda No.2s from Havana a couple of years ago. Utterly fireproof. Turns out they’re very well named. 😂
  11. ayepatz

    Hello from Surrey, UK

    Hi Steve, and welcome to the forum! 🇨🇺 Another Surrey based member here. I’m in Godalming. Whereabouts are you?
  12. ayepatz

    small world, anyone?

    Years ago, walking through the highlands of Scotland with my grandad, we spot the only other person for miles around. As he gets closer, he said hello, then frowned and said to my grandad, “Is that you, John?” They had worked together as apprentices in John Brown’s shipyard nearly 60 years before and hadn’t seen each other since!
  13. ayepatz

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Looks like it lived up to expectations, mate! Nice one. 👍
  14. Never seen one of these. Mother Nature is a wondrous thing! Any other members seen these before? https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-wiltshire-47108382

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