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  1. Very sad news indeed. My thoughts and condolences to all his family.
  2. I would rather eat a yard of my own excrement.
  3. I can think of a few examples of sporting greats who overcame poor decisions in the past:- Muhammad Ali - dodged the draft, arrested and stripped of his titles. Recovered to be revered as “The Greatest”. Diego Maradona - committed one of the worst acts of cheating in football history. Redeemed himself moments later with the greatest individual World Cup goal of all time. Tiger Woods - the ultimate fall from grace. That Masters win. Michael Schumacher - drove Damon Hill off the track. Went on to be the most successful champion in F1 history.
  4. Nice shirt, @El Presidente. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍
  5. @JohnS, my dear pal, after all the amazing s**t that you have gifted me, I am happy that you enjoyed it so much! Cheers, Iain
  6. A wonderful cigar, indeed. Thank you mate for sharing! 👍
  7. Social media has given rise to the notion that everybody’s opinion counts and must be recognised, regardless if it happens to be nonsensical, ill-informed, or illiterate.
  8. Epically gorgeous HDMDD, all the way from Australia, courtesy of the very generous @Fuzz. Cheers mate!
  9. It was indeed a cracking cigar, and a wonderful evening. Thank you for being such a generous host, my friend.
  10. Have fun mate! I regret not having had enough time to make a Brissie visit, though, if you have as much fun as I did with the lads in Sydney, you’ll be in clover. 😉

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