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  1. It’s up there with Ali beating Foreman for me.
  2. ayepatz

    Notre-Dame Cathedral

    A terrible thing. Thankfully, as we learned with York Minster and Windsor Castle, there are many wonderfully talented and dedicated craftspeople who possess the skills to restore these magnificent monuments to their best.
  3. ayepatz

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    New German Regional Punch Preferidos (Montesco). Cloves, cream, wood and spice, with the odd flash of peanut. All flavours tailed off after the first third. The rest was just a bit bland.
  4. I would add another section to the site - maybe a subsection of “Pests & Problems” - where you can share all such idiocy.
  5. Further suggestions - Champagne, Riesling (sweet), and dry English cider. Oh, and Malmsey Madeira.
  6. I went with the ‘Busa, but really it should be a ZZR1400. 😉
  7. ayepatz

    Box of the Day : ERDMCX

    Lighter for me.
  8. I always love it when we prove that, at FOH, we’re better than the rest of the internet. 🤦‍♂️
  9. Done a bit of blogging (not about cigars), but never a podcast. I'm sure it's pretty straightforward, though. There are bound to be apps and sites that facilitate it.
  10. The best way to appreciate music is to make it. Form, style, genre, and, though it may seem ridiculous, even ability, are of lesser importance than actually participating. In some ways, Music is the ultimate team game, and playing will always be more fun than watching from the side, whatever your ability. Those who watch from the side and criticise from behind the safety of a record player may well be fans, but they will never be musicians unless they get up and have a go themselves. Making music (of any genre) with others (of all differing abilities) is one of the most joyous and edifying things a human being can do. And if you think such things are beyond your abilities, remind yourself of the last time you belted out your National Anthem with tens of thousands of your compatriots at the rugby or footie, and how it made your spirit soar.
  11. Sancho Panza (please don’t kill it!) Bolivar Trinidad San Luis Rey Partagas
  12. ayepatz


    Lol @99call! That’s what I love so much about about cigars and whisky around the fire. A throwback to a more elegant, dare I use the word “woke” age? When we we were all a bit more honest, and elemental. So much, in our modern age is all about tech. But fire up a cigar, and pair it with a good scotch around an open fire, and, frankly, who cares? Open fire, good cigar, quality scotch, who cares about the vicissitudes of the modern world? Viva la Caveman! Lol
  13. ayepatz


    I reckon it’s absolutely a hunter/gatherer thing, deeply programmed into our sub-conscious by millions of years of evolution. Fire = safety + warmth + food. I would add + cigars. Lol And whisky. 😉
  14. ayepatz


    Sound of fire - safe, warmth, etc
  15. At a mate’s house near Leipzig in Germany. How much better are cigars and whisky around a proper fire? I reckon it amplifies the whole experience. Caveman thinking, I guess.
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