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  1. 1. Click the bell icon at the top-right of screen when logged into FOH Forums. Click the Notification Settings link next to the gear icon, then adjust your notification preferences on the page that appears. Definitely deselect "Automatically follow..." options. 2. Click Activity in the red bar, then My Activity Streams > Content I Follow. Unfortunately you'll need to go through topics one by one. Select the topic, then the Following button to the right of the topic title. Select Unfollow.
  2. Unfortunately, there are unsavoury people on the internet who try this sort of thing 24/7/365 and there's no way to determine the origin of the login attempt, unless they're bad at doing it by using an actual IP address rather than a proxy or VPN. I haven't seen this before on FOH. How long was the lockout?
  3. I don't know a lot about the store, it's a separate site on a different server. As far as I know, it's not geoblocked. Head direct to with the VPN disabled and the AU pricing should be visible.
  4. It was a security risk. We also had complaints about forums people couldn't get into, so all password-protected sub-forums were hidden. Trading Room should still be accessible, I'll double-check the permissions.
  5. Was that the thread you accidentally deleted? We recovered it but had it hidden to ensure it was the correct thread. I can't recall what you did with it afterwards. Does it show in your post history?
  6. Quick follow-up re: saintsmokealot, it was a Tapatalk issue we had no control over. All we do is provide the bridge between Tapatalk and the forums. How Tapatalk interacts with the forums is up to their app.
  7. Was this via Tapatalk or a web browser? I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Shoot me a PM with more details and I'll look into it.
  8. Did you create a new account? Do you recall the username of the old one? We don't have control over Join Date, but if the profile still exists, we can provide the username and password.
  9. Fixed. Tapatalk updated their directory to use our https URL. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Tapatalk test. We should be good now. Problem was at Tapatalk end. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. We're on it. Stupid Tapatalk being stupid...stupid. We changed the site URL over from http to the more secure https this week and Tapatalk doesn't like it. I've attempted to change the settings at Tapatalk, but it can't see the plugin. I'm waiting on a response from Tapatalk support. They're not renowned for great customer service, so this could take a few days to resolve. Long story short, it's at the Tapatalk end. I'll move this to the Support forum while I'm at it.
  12. It's all good, I found and updated that link last night
  13. It's now working fine on iOS and correctly linking through to the Humidor. Thanks for the heads-up, I missed that link during the transition to https and wouldn't have known where to look had you not reported it!
  14. Ok, I found that link. It was tucked away in the Menu Manager. The menu auto-updates to https on desktop, but the http link remains on mobile. Would you mind checking again (may need to refresh the browser) to see if that Humidor link is still misbehaving? I'll check on iOS.
  15. Sorry, I misunderstood. No, the Humidor doesn't appear to be accessible via Tapatalk, nor would I expect it to work as the Humidor is not a forum app. Let me look into the mobile menu code for a rogue Humidor http (rather than https) link.
  16. Ok thanks. I'll check for a hard-coded link, but I'm pretty sure it's Tapatalk not playing friendly with the site. That's nothing new, but the issue is at their end. Probably not a good idea to access the Humidor via Tapatalk in any case. I wonder if that link can be for thought.
  17. Are you using Tapatalk? I just tried it, it's being obtuse and won't recognise the site over https, so that's something else that'll need to be fixed. Using a web browser instead while I figure that out is a short-term workaround. What are you clicking to get to the Humidor? Is it the Locker link in the top green bar, or something else?
  18. We swapped from http to the more secure https protocol on FOH a couple of days ago. Changing the URL prefix to https:// will likely resolve the issue. Use and you should be good to go. How were you accessing the Locker?
  19. You could probably hide the lavalier in your beard. You could probably hide a boom operator in there at the rate it's growing.
  20. I have beard envy. By the way, this is a bargain - The cable is 6m and plugs direct into the DSLR. Bang it under the shirt, no traffic noise Definitely worth testing it for the price.
  21. It's a big, image-heavy thread. No doubt Tapatalk is attempting to download numerous multi-megabyte images on any given page and it may just be too much for the app to handle with any speed or grace. There's nothing different in that thread to any other, except for the hefty images.
  22. Quick update - the server performance review showed a Google PageSpeed score of 95% and GTMetrix page load time of 1 second. It looks like the problem resolved when the MySQL plugin process was killed. Please let me know if you notice any performance issues.
  23. The host had a look, there was a rogue MySQL plugin process eating CPU over the last day or so. It's been killed. Please let me know if things improve or not.
  24. Looks fine from here Colt. I'll check the server logs. MySQL performance looks erratic over the past 24 hours. We had an issue last week with a database crash, could be related. That said, 7 day performance looks even, whereas I would have expected MySQL to show up as a spike. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll follow it up with our webhost. The site seems to be behaving ok, but please update if issues continue.

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