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  1. Smoke a really young Partagas Serie D No. 4.
  2. These have gone through an extended "dumb" period. I hadn't tried one for over a year until I burned one this afternoon. My verdict... This has become a very, very good cigar. In sum, an excellently constructed cigar, burned cleanly with a good amount of smoke. At this point, I would describe it as a medium-bodied smoke, rich and smooth with distinct flavors of bittersweet dry cocoa powder and creamed coffee. I have also been smoking from a 2004 box of Monte 2's, which I consider excellent. The 2006 Robusto EL is a better cigar. Well-balanced and flavorful.
  3. I would have replied, "Of course, madame", and then dropped the lit cigar into her drink.
  4. 2008 Upmann Sir Winston
  5. It won't save 'em all. But used carefully, it will salvage most.
  6. shrink

    Your last 90 days "go to"

    H.U. Connie 1 and PL Picadores
  7. Picadores are one of my favorite "go to" smokes. I just enjoyed the next to last stick in an OCT 15 box, and have two more boxes waiting! Of the many Por Larranaga's I've smoked, I would most compare the Picadores to the PLPC's. Why? Plenty of mongrel when young, resulting in greater depth and complexity when aged.
  8. shrink

    Partagas question

    Petit Coronas Especiales are strong and spicy. Good for those who enjoy "mongrels".
  9. LGC MDO2 is a legendary smoke, rivaling the Party 898 in flavor and trumping it in complexity. 2008's are smoking great right now!
  10. Freud would recognize this dream as indicative of sexual inadequacy. The aged cigars symbolize El Presidente's concern about getting old. The vintage cigar of course represents an aged penis that is quickly losing it's potency. See the comment about cigars as "seconds clearance". The "Tributo" speech is nothing more than attempt to compensate for sexual impotence with a flurry of impressive words. Sad dream, really.
  11. IMHO, no cigar ages better than H. Upmann. So, why not Sir Winston?
  12. Hats off to old Oley! Dat's a good Norhoovian. Uff da!
  13. Too many to count. Perhaps a tie between a 2008 Sir Winston and a 2008 Partagas Lusi from a 50 cab.
  14. Ride the snake, ride the snake To the lake, the ancient lake, baby The snake, he's long, seven miles Ride the snake He's old and his skin is cold Who knows what song this is? And who performed it?
  15. I'm a lot like Robin Hood, except that I slaughter the rich and feed them to the poor.

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