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  1. In general, I agree that Habanos aren't as strong as Nicaraguans, especially young ones. That said, I've had some young Upmann No. 2's that got my attention. And held it.
  2. This is a terrible loss. Especially for those of us who honor the classic 898 vitola. I have found this delicacy to age particularly well, with a core that is reminiscent of the 898 Partagas, but enhanced with sweet herbal and floral essences. I'm now smoking from a box of 2008's, with another box awaiting its' moment of glory.
  3. These are two of my favorite cigars. I am smoking from 2014 and 2015 stock. I smoke more Royal Robustos, and find them to have a bit more flavor, body and spice than the A's. But the A's are a more refined and smoother smoke. And they're sweeter. It's a matter of mood. But you can't go wrong with either one. H. Upmann's at their best.
  4. Sacrificing chickens or virgins? Now this is a quandary. If you sacrifice a chicken, at least you can eat it. Now what's the point of sacrificing a virgin?
  5. Por Larranaga Regalias de Londres UK 2010 Ramon Allones Estupendos Asia Pacific 2006 Ramon Allones Celestiales Finos Asia Pacific 2009 Por Larranaga Lonsdales Germany 2006 Por Larranaga Encantos Asia Pacific 2010 Por Larranaga Robustos Asia Pacific 2007
  6. Coincidentally, right now I am smoking a 2003 Upmann Monarch AT. Mine was stored at 65/65 all these years. It has the classic Upmann profile, softened by the years. I hope that yours is equally satisfying.
  7. A 2008 Monte Especial #2. Medium-bodied with a good hit of spice on the tongue. A 2009 Ramon Allones Petit Unico (ER Canada). Smooth, sweet and toasty with some fruity flavors.
  8. Looks interesting. But I don't think I want my sak to get yanted.
  9. I sure hope that you get to finish that Boli Royal Corona, and thoroughly enjoy the calm before the storm. And be thankful that your son softened that couch that he was riding on, so that you might get some sleep tonight. You're gonna need it.
  10. You mean that your cigar goes out, you can't get it lit, and then you fall asleep?
  11. It's an inconvenience, but freezing isn't a big deal. I've done it a few times over the years. It won't affect the flavor or quality of the cigar.
  12. Smoke a really young Partagas Serie D No. 4.
  13. These have gone through an extended "dumb" period. I hadn't tried one for over a year until I burned one this afternoon. My verdict... This has become a very, very good cigar. In sum, an excellently constructed cigar, burned cleanly with a good amount of smoke. At this point, I would describe it as a medium-bodied smoke, rich and smooth with distinct flavors of bittersweet dry cocoa powder and creamed coffee. I have also been smoking from a 2004 box of Monte 2's, which I consider excellent. The 2006 Robusto EL is a better cigar. Well-balanced and flavorful.
  14. I would have replied, "Of course, madame", and then dropped the lit cigar into her drink.

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