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  1. I didn't vote for #3 but I sure would like to sample one.
  2. Let's give one to Ken and tell him it's a "pocket urinal".
  3. Without doubt, a 2010 Por Larranaga UK Regional Regalias de Londres. Sweet caramel creme, with just a touch of lemon zest.
  4. The Lockheed Super Constellation was one of the last 4 piston-engine passenger aircraft, and surely the most elegant. In the mid-fifties, my mother and I flew in a "Connie" from Florida to National Airport in Washington D.C. to meet my father who had just returned from U.S.M.C. deployment in Okinawa, Japan. What a memory!
  5. I finished my cab of '03 Des Dieux earlier than my '03 cab of Punch Super Selection No. 1. Unfortunately, I have been forced to open the first of three '08 Des Dieux SLB's. These have aged even worse than the '03s. The only way to describe them is: "a bonfire of exotic woods". Only Ken would find these memorable.
  6. Without question, the 2007 Robustos Por Larranaga Regional Edition Asia Pacific. Heaven on Earth.
  7. Yes, I would have given the JL2 a "Love them". I am currently enjoying a recently opened 2008 box. Yep, that's 2008 JL2. Rich with flavor, still medium bodied with loads of spice. Tastes like cocoa dusted orange marmalade.
  8. Good, honest review. I fully agree, aged Royal Robustos never fail.
  9. My PSP '19 box from el Prez is fantastic, too.
  10. Thanks for the review. I burned an RA Celestiales Fino last night. Sounds familiar.
  11. A Partagas Lusitania from a 2008 50 cab. Incredibly rich, strong, spicy and deeply flavored. One of the best smokes ever.
  12. Someone needs to keep a leash on that free-range cock of yours.
  13. Can't anyone keep a secret? I've always found these cigars to be perfectly awful. Especially when aged.
  14. An ashtray? It looks more like a pot or crack pipe to me. I'll bet that you cut off the tip for a mouthpiece.

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