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bradbrennan's Feedback

  1. Perla left Positive feedback   

    Great trade, cigars in perfect conditions, as usually very generous. Thanks Brad

    bradbrennan was Trading

  2. clint left Positive feedback   

    Sorry you lost again bro but thanks for the great sticks :)

    bradbrennan was Trading

  3. AlBaron left Positive feedback   

    Brad simply sent me two sticks I was inquiring about. No charge! Thank you Brad!

    bradbrennan was The Seller

  4. Perla left Positive feedback   

    A man of word! Top trader, would trade anytime.

    bradbrennan was The Seller

  5. clint left Positive feedback   

    Followed through on our bet with some very nice sticks. Thanks bro!

    bradbrennan was Trading

  6. Laynard left Positive feedback   

    Brad keeps over-delivering on the trades. Thanks!

    bradbrennan was Trading

  7. clint left Positive feedback   

    Very smooth trade. Thanks for parting with the Winnies :)

    bradbrennan was Trading

  8. Laynard left Positive feedback   

    Another great trade!

    bradbrennan was Trading

  9. Optic101 left Positive feedback   

    Great trade, perfect cigars, super fast, very generous. Thanks Brad.

    bradbrennan was Trading

  10. Laynard left Positive feedback   

    Brad helped me out in a trade. Very generous BOTL.

    bradbrennan was The Seller

  11. Profmd left Positive feedback   

    Helped me out with great product! Appreciate very much!!

    bradbrennan was Trading

  12. Andrew11 left Positive feedback   

    Trade went great with no problems. Great person to deal with.

    bradbrennan was Trading

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