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  1. Great topic, Greg! Not exactly Holiday brew but Bell's Hopslam is a favorite of mine and only available during the Holidays, JL Beers in your neck of the woods will have it on tap!
  2. Finally got this one smoked! Enjoyed it very much! Got a pretty good idea but need to smoke a couple more before 31st. Something quite familiar at cold, some soft, slightly sweet baking spice. No noticeable box press. First light is loaded with flavor, lots of smoke, little stewed fruit and just nice toasted tobacco. Mellowed a bit at midway, long finish, hints of dry toast, hints of cinnamon. Exceptional burn! Finishes very nice, more baking spice, sweet leather on the nose. I'd definitely look for a box if it's not the one I'm thinking it is, 94/100.
  3. Always nice to see a happily ever after result, nice review, thanks!
  4. Smoking mine tonight finally, Mike I'll try to post some detailed notes
  5. Thanks, guys, I have several more Fuentes with a couple years on them now, may have to visit some of the others
  6. Fuente Short Story : Throwback Review Couple years ago I enjoyed these quite often, however, not so much the last couple and it's probably been almost a year since I tried one. Going to give it a go with water Starts out with a little sweet spice, almost a hint of chocolate. Unfortunately a quick half inch in and now quite muted. About 40 minute smoke. Better than I remembered! Might be awhile before I try another, but not bad. Some interesting transitions, maybe hint of fresh corn husk. Perfect burn!
  7. Welcome...I kind of like short fatties too
  8. Welcome, Anthony, nice intro!
  9. Nice to have you guys join in, look forward to the next one! Sorry I think I exited the meeting as one of you was still talking, think it was Justin?
  10. Welcome, great story! Trading room takes six months to gain access

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