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  1. True story?! I suppose it could happen to the best of us
  2. Welcome, Rob! I remember some of those from New Orleans
  3. Welcome... And I think we still see G'day
  4. sorry to hear that, my mul July 14 are smoking pretty good, might have to have another one today to make sure
  5. Love it I haven't done as much home brewing simply because using the kits didn't reward me much, I'm sure I could learn something from you! hand rolls are looking great, how do they smoke?
  6. Love to hear more about your home rolls, home brew and coffee roasting as I've dabbled in all of them...I gather you've found some nice whole leaf? From scratch brewing? What kind of roaster?
  7. Wow, we have a lot in comon! Welcome!
  8. Happy birthday, Diana...I think you deserve some of that fine wine starting at lunch!!!
  9. neck and neck to the end I must have been out of my mind to let you have Sawyer congratulations it was a good run I'll get your sticks out tomorrow
  10. Adorable, look like little angels congratulations!
  11. Tough decisions, but I think Sawyer probably deserves to win...but I'm not sending your cigars yet

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