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  1. Welcome...had a little fun there :-)
  2. I didn't get to watch the last couple nights but my wife says my blonde girl hung on like a trooper!
  3. dang I really wanted it to be a coro to give me a good excuse to buy a box of them congratulations you guys that guessed it right!
  4. Yes, vapor barrier. It was a finished walk in closet painted sheetrock, wood trim, concrete floor with carpet. I pulled the carpet and put some hardwood down the vapor barrier covers everything else
  5. it was a sheetrock room so I lined the walls and ceiling with plastic to retain moisture
  6. I converted a basement walk in closet. Lined with plastic, added some shelves with a little Spanish Cedar, simple humidifier with distilled water. Seems I've bought a lot, but far, far from full!
  7. Was hopingyou would have a thought on this Mike
  8. I get a sweetness from many Upmann that I don't care for
  9. I was thinking that was only a year ago I'll have to look for that one again
  10. So, do you think you could be fooled with a truly blind taste test?
  11. Yep, has to be taste only! probably should be blindfolded wearing gloves or using a clip of sort :-)
  12. I don't think I could guess the other countries, but thinking I could pick the CC's. I'd say five cigars would be enough, any there a NC you can think of that could throw you off?
  13. Probably need a third party, Francisco, like your wife maybe?! She could put a blindfold on you first...who knows where that could go
  14. Couple members here recently set up a taste challenge that was kind of interesting, based on tastes and/or lack of differentiation within marcas mostly. There was also a reference to another challenge about a year ago to simply pick the CC vs. NC from a group of unmarked cigars. Much like our current Blind Tasting set up by Rob, they bring a little friendly competition. Has anybody tried a simple blind tasting CC vs. NC? I'm assuming most here feel pretty confident they could pick the CC's with high accuracy?
  15. Good stuff! Too many uptight folks in the U.S. to get by with that midget joke here I'm guessing
  16. Hey, Lisa, if you have the box codes or approximate dates on some of these cigars when you post would be kind of cool, especially this one I enjoyed very much and would like to buy some no matter what it is!
  17. I look forward to that long lasting aftertaste that only comes from a couple marcas for me. The short sniff, nice I try to pull that in with every draw!

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