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  1. Brazil Bob-O-Link, home roasted just into the second crack, soft chocolate tones, pretty special in a french press!
  2. I think the Coffee Lady is holding back, I'd love to hear some more great coffee/cigar pairing suggestions! I think I recall you posted on another topic related to custom roasted coffees, maybe it was the Jamaican discussion, but I'm guessing you know your coffee!
  3. I haven't smoked anywhere near enough excellent cigars, but when I first opened my Montecristo 2 order it had hints of chocolate so I've tried several with versions of chocolate from hot chocolate, chocolate milk, regular milk, chocolate and sugar coated chex party mix, all good but my favorite was with Hershey's Kisses, with a draw on the cigar with chocolate still on my tongue was my favorite!
  4. At that price, Anejo is an exceptional value, I know the 55 will smoke at least two hours!
  5. Very nice! I've been able to find some Opus X at MSRP, Belicoso X3, 4.5/8x49, over two hour smoke, good value! But I'm sure looking forward to my first shipment from here!
  6. Another great feature of this site I wasn't aware of, PSP/HQ/PE grading program, thanks very much!
  7. I've been doing some research on this because I've noticed alcohol hits me harder when I'm smoking a cigar. Finding several articles that say nicotine and alcohol both mess with blood sugar. And by the end of a full strength cigar your liver has exhausted enough reserved sugars that you will get sick feeling. The articles suggest drinking orange juice or at least something sweet, similar to what happens in a diabetic reaction. Unfortunately caffeine adds to the problem as well. I've been working on changing my diet so I can still enjoy all three, coffee, alcohol and a good cigar, not necessarily in that order!

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