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  1. I just use the Gmail that is a secondary and never fills :-)
  2. seems I've had trouble with that when my mail server filled and kick some emails back then they quit coming completely, had to set up a new email to make it work again
  3. I like to keep the wrapper burning ahead of the core. If it diminishes I'll touch it up again and the flavors intensify. Any chance that's why your first draws are your favorite?
  4. Good topic! I have to take a little smoke in my nose during the draw in order to get the most flavor!
  5. This is what I'm enjoying most from our current Blind Tasting competition. But you're right, anybody can do this test at home.
  6. I think your boy Sawyer is growing into the shiniest star...I feel my glimmer of hope fading!
  7. I believe the odds are tough but if in good fun I'd like to offer $25 and even $50 if you don't get another offer to support this challenge. All in fun, right! We could make some side bets but maybe with a little better odds, like 7 out of 10?! I remember the Jimmy challenge...but in the end it was just pick the Cuban's from the NC's. I was hoping it would be more involved.
  8. in my neighboring state Minnesota where they can still have smoking in cigar bars seems most of the staff is part time people with lots of passion for cigars!
  9. Great question! I know I've seen at least one from their posts here. I've considered it in my area, but our online options are very difficult to compete with as they don't have to add local taxes. Maybe if Cuban cigars become legal here, Rob can hook me up early and take a crack at it!
  10. damn that looks good, makes me want some for breakfast!!
  11. Very nice review, Francisco...did it taste like a Lucky Penny, happy belated birthday :-)
  12. tough one last night Clint I don't know who I would eliminate will see you tonight... I'm enjoying that second CoRo you sent me almost a year ago very much this morning!
  13. Never touch it up with a lighter once lit, loosens the ash substantially!
  14. sounds good Mike I think you're going to have a tougher time with this one better yet maybe I should fire you one of these I think it is before the reveal give you a shot
  15. Very nice breakfast smoke! Seasoned my palate first with a wonderful homemade caramel roll followed by a couple eggs over easy with dry toast. Paired with water. Thought I knew this cigar from cold nose and draw, hints of sweetness, slight chocolate. But shortly after first light it moved into something different. Not my regular rotation smoke but it may be in the future if my guess is correct. Really nice draw, and lots of darker smoke. Nice transitions throughout, but slight spice, dry toast and hints of nuts all the way to the nub. Hints of sweeter spice on the nose. A very enjoyable hour and forty minutes! Pretty certain of the cigar but have to smoke two or three more in the very near future to compare.

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