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  1. welcome Ed, that's the way most of us found our way here :-)
  2. my wife's new favorite is Koryn, have to admit she moved me also! Still pretty unsure about the rest of the field
  3. shoot I thought someone would have posted it out by now I'll dig mine up Rob put up the offer I think in December closes the number of participants probably first of January so they can put them all together ship them out around end of January I believe it was
  4. mostly made me wonder if they changed how they announce them, my confidence is still high :-) I'm really starting to like that little older blonde gal on Blakes team too
  5. maybe one of the princesses could give us an update on the next date please :-)
  6. Is there a reason you didn't touch up the burn or would that side simply not burn?
  7. I never leave it to chance, never let one side get behind, never sacrifice taste for long ash, never hesitate to hit the wrapper with a lighter to keep it burning ahead of the core! Anytime I find my flavor diminishing I hit the wrapper again with a flame and it often comes back. Same when harshness appears. Of course if it doesn't have any flavor to start with, such as where I'm at with NC's which often have fewer burn issues, I'll toss it!
  8. pretty sure when Rob set up the first thread they were exactly a month apart so it would be May 6th
  9. my brother lives pretty close to Powell, so yes I do! What do you do for a living?
  10. It'll be interesting to follow this topic, good one! I'm with you on the contacts from around the world. Always great to connect with someone else with similar interests and the cigar usually is the big starter. I love to see people share some personal things in their Newb Intro, helps connect a little quicker!
  11. Wyoming, nice! don't see many from Wyoming, welcome look forward to seeing you around!
  12. great short and sweet review Werner!! you know I love that cigar, thanks for sharing!
  13. Great review! I'm not sure they fit me as well even though a vherf friend of mine finds it his favorite. Thanks for sharing!

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