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  1. Thanks, Mike! You were on to something though with what you picked up from the reviews!
  2. Lisa hinted that we may see the reveal tonight...but I'm fading fast
  3. The girls reeeaaallly like Corey don't know if it'll be the Blake factor or maybe the possibility that more younger women actually do the voting?!
  4. Hey jdackerman, thought this may be a better way to send a friendly reminder on the Blind Tasting Cigar #1 as your pm may be full
  5. I sent jdackerman a friendly pm reminder (hopefully not everybody did the same)
  6. Not trying to be pushy at all but it appears Meiki and Nutcracker haven't been active for several weeks, maybe they did have something pull them away?
  7. It sure is pretty great review, thanks for sharing!
  8. Your girl Koryn...she's going to bring some new believers into the flock with that one!
  9. Great to see all the activity here, and the interestingly mixed feelings!
  10. That's what it's all about, great is great no matter what you taste if you enjoy it! Great review, thanks for sharing!
  11. Had know idea where that song came from, I always enjoy it! Thanks for sharing, Ken!
  12. Great stick for a great day! Thanks for sharing, Mike!

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