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  1. Have a great weekend folks! Extensive lineup today with the Monte 4 a steal at the quality level offered. I am spending the weekend taking my parent to nurseries (plants people…plants) so it is a wild weekend for moi. To be fair there are not too many years remaining for them and it is a joy to spend what time I can. Don’t tell my 88 year old dad that as he will kick my arse 😊 Get your FOHNFL tips in and see you on FOH Zoom maybe Sunday local/Saturday US. Deck afternoon today is Italian reds and a blind tasting. Kick off 3PM $50. Bargain. Have a cracker weekend!
  2. How is your haircut going Fuzz, happy to give you buzz cut anytime you want
  3. Now you are talking....my kind of show. Not sure about the guy in front who has longer hair than me
  4. Daily Auction Starting price is $1 No Reserve I will update highest bid a few times daily. There is no hurry. However with 30 minutes to go I will update every 5 minutes. Auction will close 12: PM Tuesday local time 10PM NY Monday. One new 24 hour auction will launch upon conclusion. PM Rob (El Presidente) your bids in order to maintain your privacy. Domestic orders will attract 10% tax. No buyers fee Shipping Included Beautiful box. Today’s box is H Upmann Connoisseur No 1 25's Hermosos no 4 POS SEP
  5. A box made for me...how sweet Rob do not even think of mentioning that we are about the same age
  6. Lisa and I are trying to "Add the guy to cart" but it is not working, isn't he available yet

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