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  1. Di and I are heading to the beach in a few hours so those who purchase on 2424 today may note that their CC will likely not be charged until Monday. Don’t sweat it 😉 Catching up with mates and their partners this weekend….about a dozen in total. Great fun and the text came through yesterday….”Rob, can you bring a few cigars up”. I am counting six cigar lovers over two days = box of cigars. Second text “Rob can you mix it up a bit”. Bugger me. “Sure, leave it with me” I reply. 2 minutes later: “ I really enjoyed the Cohiba VI we had on the deck last week” “so did I” replied 1 minute later “maybe a 10 pack of those” “GFY” I replied. Quality mates are hard to find 😊 Have cracking weekend! You need to purchase through the carts today. Di is unable to take your email. The cart links are at the top of the forum…..they look like this 😊 Today (again) we will post 24:24 in the waterhole, 10 minutes before it is available for purchase on the carts. That should provide you with a chance to peruse and get organised. It will be up on the carts between 8:28 and 8:30 am local. Yes, just because you save an item to cart doesn’t mean that it is yours. You have to check out. If you miss out, they are only cigars!!! Now if you have an issue, PM Ben (bayala) Don’t post on this thread. It just confuses the issue. Keep this thread for general discussion. Yes…you need to order through the carts today. On Monday and Fridays (Today is Friday). You need to click the cart links at the top of the forum and go to the 24:24 section of the carts to place your order. Tuesday to Thursday 24:24 will remain as per normal. San Cristobal Principe (25) Minutos RAT NOV 19 *Mostly Clearance They will deliver that rich cake and molasses flavour. Always a favourite among members. Unique, satisfying. Box $119 USD $ 534 AUD ALL SOLD Quarter box (6) $ 39 USD $ 140 AUD Juan Lopez Seleccion Number 1 (25) ALL SOLD Corona Gorda UTL NOV 19 Mostly Clearance Another cigar that has been smoking an absolute treat! Brilliant pick up at this price. Medium full bodied, citrus, coffee, cocoa, toasted tobacco. They can pack a whallop in their youth….certainly not for those who are seeking a light bodied cigar. Big complex flavours without a big price tag. The citrus coffee note is divine. A cracking cigar to age. If you enjoy young PLPC then have a go at these as well. This is simply a complex, flavoursome, consistent cigar….and it comes in the best vitola of all! Box $199 USD $779 AUD ALL SOLD Quarter Box (6) $ 58 USD $198 AUD ALL SOLD Ramon Allones Gigantes (25) ALL SOLD Double Corona ABO NOV 19 * Mostly HQ (All Boxes) RAGs to Riches 😊 If you haven’t got any in your humidor, pick up a quarter Box. They will taste like a box of raisin chocolates. If you have never tried them, pick up a quarter box and hold them for Easter Stewed fruit/raisins now but that specific profile will reach a crescendo in 3-5 years. I like my Ramon Allones Gigantes vibrant (in terms of fruity flavour) and so would aim to go through them in the next 24 months. Not full bodied by any means (just over medium) but the level of fruitiness + coffee makes them a great post long lunch option. If reaching for a Double Corona in the spring, autumn deck sunshine, the RAG it is. Box $ 345 USD $ 1390 AUD ALL SOLD Quarter Box (6) $ 100 USD $ 336 AUD ALL SOLD H. Upmann Number 2 (25) ALL SOLD BRE MAY 19 Mostly HQ (All Boxes) The HQ to Wednesdays PSP. Only a bees proverbial in it. Huge aroma at cold. Great wrappers. Spot on construction. Shortbread, dark coffee, toffee edge. Medium full. $ 297 USD $ 1079 AUD Montecristo Number 2 (10) ALL SOLD TAU NOV 19 *Mostly Clearance * Weekend Special. The ever popular Monte 2 (10) and at a great clearance price! Palate coating cocoa, coffee, and cream. Medium bodied. Monte to it’s core. One Box $125 USD $ 444 AUD ALL SOLD Two Boxes (20) $ 230 USD $ 850 AUD ALL SOLD Trinidad Topes (12) ALL SOLD Robusto Gordo GLE ENE 20 * Mostly Clearance Shortbread, touch of ginger bread spice, crushed charred sugar cane. Floats on either side of medium body. Trinidad DNA to its core. They nailed this cigar. Kudos! $ 249 USD $ 605 AUD Normally (outside of the week before Christmas), the process for hand- picked stock is that each weeks orders for the prior week are brought up each Monday from the warehouse and shipped that week. If you order on a Saturday/Sunday there can be a few days extra delay (as it falls into the following weeks cycle). Similarly if you order on a Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri then they go out the following week 99% of the time. Public holidays can occasionally throw a spanner in the works. If you have multiple orders then they will be scheduled but the team will correspond with you. Do not contact Diana unless there has been a significant delay outside of the above. This selection will be up for 24hours. First in first served as quantities are limited. Hand Picked denotes they have been selected by myself and represent a mix of high end PE, HQ and sometimes PSP. We will not cherry pick boxes on request
  2. Most of these shows I watched in my younger years, no not an opening for one of your comments Rob I loved watching Gidget and always loved Moondoggie like most girls watching the show Great memories
  3. Thanks Mike and I had a great day, from what you told me Kelly was spoilt also
  4. Happy to snag a box of the Cohiba Medios. Phenominal little stick.

  5. Diana. I have forwarded the info requested and look forward to enjoying the Montes and the Romeos,

  6. What about Mr Cash Man???? Has anyone seen him.....please someone let's us know if he is OK, I beg you Otherwise Rob will have to tell his Mum that Mr Cash Man cannot be found once the Casino opens again
  7. Does Dana have a room like that for her bag collection
  8. Well are you taking the bus from now on keep well and good to hear you are at home now
  9. I was to busy looking at the photo to noticed you did put her name on the post Has she two different colored eyes ? Looks like it in the photo
  10. Oh my god I love this puppy what a beautiful face, it was meant to be What is her name have you chosen it yet ?
  11. Hi Mus We are working normal here in Czar Central as like Rob says he likes being Charlie and rest of us the Angels

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