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  1. You will be back to mailing Di today as things revert back to normal. Thank you again for your help last week! Tuesday’s always have a star studded line-up and this Tuesday is no different. I am not sure how many Tainos I will be receiving but there will be more. Like everything else out of Havana, they are dribbling them out. Pick of the day for me is the Fuerza and E2. I had a 16 year old Fuerza recently that simply blew me away. I prefer them at the 4/5 year mark but that experience proved to me that they have legs to go the long haul. The El Laguito E2 look stunning and in 5’ they are a no brainer. Have a cracker day! Rob *24:24 kicks off at New York 6:30 PM DST Monday and Friday. New York 8:30pm Tuesday to Thursday. * Due to Early starts on Friday and Mondays, Di may not be able to answer your e-mail until 10am. If you order late Friday or over the weekend, Di will come back to you Monday. Tranquillo. *Please provide your full name and handle in all e-mails to Diana. sales@clubczar.com * When confirmed, settle up. Don't leave it until "manna" * Aged stock has been held by ourselves or sourced from PCC. Provenance is unquestioned. Some boxes may have Health Warning Labels. ** ORDERS UNDER $100 USD WILL HAVE A $10 Shipping Fee Added Today’s sale is not available for lockers Quai d’Orsay No 50 (10) ALL SOLD Petit Robusto SMA FEB 19 Mostly Clearance. I apologise in advance for not having more. Sponge cake dipped in milk coffee. Mid to just under mid bodied. Rich flavour. It’s a QD. You will need to put these away for a little time. Your reward will be immense. Box $100 USD $ 297 AUD El Rey Del Mundo Taino Regional Release Formosa (10) ALL SOLD Churchill UER ABR 19 Mostly Clearance They taste like young Tainos use to taste…..and that is a good thing. Light honey and cake in a medium bodied profile. No ifs or buts. These are going to become special. $ 298 USD $ 598 AUD Partagas Serie E2 (5's) ALL SOLD Robusto Extra UAO ABR 19 All Boxes Clearance I found another mastercase of these. El Laguito E2 are some of the most sought after cigars of all. These are drop dead gorgeous. There is such an elegance to these cigars. The flavour delivery is silky and flawless. As I have said before, it is a stunning blend. Intense, smooth, creamy, fresh sourdough, spiced honey, coffee and a touch of smoked paprika. A unique cigar in the Partagas line up that simply delivers class and depth. 2 x 5 count boxes (10) $ 133 USD $ 398 AUD 4 x 5 count boxes (20) $ 229 USD $ 786 AUD Ramon Allones Specially Select (25) Robusto UBM ENE 19 * Mostly PSP (All Boxes) Glorious with a capital “G” Perfect examples of Ramon Allones Specially Select. Rich wrappers, Rich aromas and construction that is benchmark. Fruit toast lashes the taste buds. Raisins, peel, gingerbread. Medium bodied. Rest them for 3 months and then enjoy the charry/stout, stewed fruit, creamy goodness that is superb Ramon Allones specially Selected. RASS is one of those cigars that I won’t compromise on quality for. If you want RASS stewed fruitiness you are going to have to find yourself nice oily wrappers….they can be Colorado, Colorado Maduro or even Rosado (some in this batch) ……but they have to have nice oil content and a vibrant aroma at cold. Otherwise you have never had a RASS. $ 219 USD $ 765 AUD Cohiba Medio Siglo (25) ALL SOLD Petit Robusto ATE SEP 18 * LMB JUN 18 PSP (All Boxes) Many regard them as the best smoking Cohiba right now….and I wouldn’t be disagreeing with them if you bowed to the God of flavour. Smooth. Rich. Fuller than a Cohiba Robusto but the DNA resemblance is unmistakeable. Buttery. Honeycomb, biscuit and coffee in a medium full body. Starts medium full,….lilts in the mid third, and then back with a punch. They are everything good about Cohiba flavour….. just on steroids. $397 USD $ 1006 AUD Montecristo Petit Edmundo (25) ALL SOLD Petit Robusto LMB JUL 18 * Mostly PSP HQ (Mix) Many consider the Montecristo Petit Edmundo as the best of all Montecristo. It has claims and commands a huge legion of zealots. What I love about the Monte Petit Edmundo is the interplay of dark and milk chocolate. When you purchase them at this quality level, everything is intensified. It is an experience. It is a bargain. Box $ 189 USD $ 754 AUD Quarter Box (6) $ 55 USD $ 181 AUD San Cristobal La Fuerza (25) Robusto Extra LGR DIC 18 * Mostly PSP (All Boxes) Everyone should have a box of PSP Fuerza in their humidor. It is a distinct cigar. Every bit as distinctive as a Sancho Belicoso and yet all the character and class of an Esplendido. The flavour profile is all pancakes, molasses, fresh ground coffee and nougat. Lay them down? Maybe 6 months to a year…if you have to. I smoked a 16 year old version recently and it was divine. Still, 4/5 years is where I enjoy them most. Box $ 249 USD $ 888 AUD Quarter Box (6) $ 69 USD $ 214 AUD Bolivar Belicoso Finos (25) Belicoso MSU MAR 19 * Mostly Clearance This is an insane price for BBF today. I forgot to put them up yesterday. There is a palate “heft” to them. I don’t need to go seeking flavours as they come to me. First is a combination of toasted tobacco and savoury spice. In small waves the rest of the display is delivered. Liquorice, cream, leather. They are intermingled but you can discern each of them. They are the cigar version of Guinness: creamy, earthy, leather, touch of cooking chocolate. Medium full bodied and just damn tasty. You can’t go wrong. One of those cigars that I revisit weekly. Box $ 219 USD $ 860 AUD Quarter Box (6) $ 63 USD $ 221 AUD Normally outside of the week before Christmas), the process for hand- picked stock is that each weeks orders for the prior week are brought up each Monday from the warehouse and shipped that week. If you order on a Saturday/Sunday there can be a few days extra delay (as it falls into the following weeks cycle). Similarly if you order on a Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri then they go out the following week 99% of the time. Public holidays can occasionally throw a spanner in the works. If you have multiple orders then they will be scheduled but the team will correspond with you. Do not contact Diana unless there has been a significant delay outside of the above. · This selection will be up for 24hours. First in first served as quantities are limited. Hand Picked denotes they have been selected by myself and represent a mix of high end PE, HQ and sometimes PSP. We will not cherry pick boxes on request
  2. Never laughed so much in my life when i watched this, loved how they were comforting the instructor more than the lady when they landed
  3. i did get one Fuzz I wasn't going to leave the ship without one Not sure why Chris wouldn't let me press the big RED button
  4. Congratulations to you and your wife 😉 Enjoy every moment
  5. Adam came to me today and ask he was seeing things with this box ??? Can you see it Gotta love Cuba
  6. Lisa and I were just talking about the 4th of July weekend coming up for our US clients, so what are you plans ? Spending time with the family and friends or just enjoying a quiet weekend? Whatever they are let us know Enjoy your weekend whatever you do
  7. Well what colours do they have in my size ? you realise I may have to change my whole wardrobe now there is no black

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