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  1. Bring on the weekend!!! Di and I are off to the beach this weekend as I feel the need for some sand between the toes and a decent surf. I have never found anything more calming than the ocean. A couple of hours on a sandy beach watching the waves roll in is pure therapy. The therapy heightens with a cigar and a rum in hand. 😉 I love Fridays and t is where quality and value collide. The quality is sky high this week. I am not sure where I would park my coin. Monte 4 with a little age are hard to beat but the Siglo II and III are exceptional. Enjoy and have a great weekend!
  2. Happy Birthday honey love you dearly Looking forward to going on our weekend city escape tonight
  3. I am prepared to come home on that day to see Rob either "doing a little dance of victory" or out cold on the couch depressed He is very excited and I all ready know , no interruptions or phone calls while the game is on
  4. If you arrive home with Palmolive we will need to have that talk
  5. Amalfi Coast - was amazing place to visit would go again in heartbeat Greece - never been always been on my bucket list Ireland - mainly Dublin loved the place last time we went Vietnam - loved the food the people and just the place in general New Zealand - to see my son haven't seen him in a year
  6. Right back at you both Mike Driving to work today Rob and I mentioned that we would have been enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving meal with you and your family if 2020 went to plan but you never know next year might be the year
  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all have a wonderful time Be safe
  8. Trying to find things to fill in your time today honey until to boys come to play this afternoon for a cigar By the way that candle would be a statement on my desk
  9. Why thank you...... I do like to wear the Tiara every now and then just to remind the minions who I am

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