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  1. I need to move some of my top end of town today. There is not too much of any one item so apologies in advance to those who miss out. Catch you from the warehouse this morning. Keep an eye out for the “From the Warehouse” thread as I post up some of the better boxes that I come across. Have a cracking day! *24:24 kicks off at New York 6:30 PM DST Monday and Friday. New York 8:30pm Tuesday to Thursday. * Due to Early starts on Friday and Mondays, Di may not be able to answer your e-mail until 10am. If you order late Friday or over the weekend, Di will come b
  2. Me to never knew it existed now I do hopefully it gets fixed soon
  3. Ken I am having the same issues from early this morning getting around it via an Internet Browser (that is what our computer guy told me ) to answer the emails from today's sale......don't ask me how as I had to get one of the others guys to help
  4. Great photos Ken, I had two in my aviary for years and they were from the wild when i found them injured. love them always entertaining
  5. The first time in over a year I will finally get to hug my son Todd As the travel bubble has opened up between Australia and New Zealand this week he has already booked his flights to arrive tomorrow....can't wait. Great timing also as my family has a lunch on Saturday for my sister Lucy and her husbands combined 60th Birthday celebration and Todd will be surprising them all, especially my Mum his Nonna (grandmother in Italian). She was telling me last night how much she misses him, so seeing on Saturday will be the best thing for her especially after my Dad passing earlier this ye
  6. I can tell you now that I wouldn't be able to see straight to make one for you after 2 of those Good Lord I woke up in the morning and forgot that I washed up the dishes and part of the dinner was still in the oven
  7. Totally agree Chris....the world has gone crazy Some people have to much time on their hands.
  8. We are back opps wasn't supposed to show what we were doing while the power was out
  9. Happy Birthday honey love you dearly Looking forward to going on our weekend city escape tonight

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