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  1. Welcome back! Mixed bag for the remainder of this week before we kick off the last quarter of the year on Monday. Friday’s 2424 will see the 12 days of Christmas offering (exclusively) so don’t miss that one. If you miss out today, don’t fret too much as there are some reinforcements (I am advised) coming through on all over the next few months except the Tainos (done?) and Reserva. Have a cracker day, go nuts and enjoy! 24:24 kicks off at New York 6:30 PM DST Monday and Friday. New York 8:30pm Tuesday to Thursday. * Due to Early starts on Friday and Mondays, Di may not be able to answer your e-mail until 10am. If you order late Friday or over the weekend, Di will come back to you Monday. Tranquillo. *Please provide your full name and handle in all e-mails to Diana. [email protected] * When confirmed, settle up. Don't leave it until "manna" * Aged stock has been held by ourselves or sourced from PCC. Provenance is unquestioned. Some boxes may have Health Warning Labels. ** ORDERS UNDER $100 USD WILL HAVE A $10 Shipping Fee Added Cohiba Corona Especiales (25 ) ALL SOLD Laguito No.2 LTO MAY 20 Mostly PSP HQ (Mix) Intense flavours. Smooth, rich, elegant. Perfect. This is a beautiful smoking cigar with incredible complexity. Expect honey, vanilla, flowers, sweet milk coffee, cake. Just bloody brilliant. $ 531 USD AUD $ 1178 *One Box maximum per order Partagas Maduro Number 1 (25) ALL SOLD Maduro Number 1 TUE ABR 20 * Mostly Clearance Cocoa, cooking chocolate, toasted tobacco, lightly burnt cookies, peanut butter $ 319 USD $ 1139 AUD *One box maximum per order El Rey Del Mundo Taino Regional Release Formosa (10) ALL SOLD Churchill LOS FEB 20 Mostly Clearance No more came in this shipment so I will run out my remaining ones. This will become an El Rey Del Mundo classic. Light honey and cake in a medium bodied profile. Perhaps the “hottest cigar” in the world this year. Thank fully for PCC, it is battling for that honour with the Punch 898. There are about 5 regionals and LE’s in the mix but it is good to have 2 of the top 5. No ifs or buts. These are going to become special. One Box (10) $ 298 USD $ 730 AUD *One box maximum per order Cohiba Reserva Cosecha 2014 (20 ) ALL SOLD Robusto LTO MAY 20 Mostly Clearance I doubt we will see another. $ 2350 USD *One Box maximum per order Hoyo de Monterrey Escogidos (10) ALL SOLD 49 x 180mm UEB AGO 19 *Mostly Clearance First time up and likely more next week. Mild to medium bodied. Floral, cream/marshmallow. Hoyo in spades. $ 179 USD $ 572 AUD *One Box maximum per order Cohiba Talisman Edicion Limitada 2017 (10) Canonazo Doble RUM OCT 19 *Mostly Clearance Excellent cigars if you have the coin. Complexity and class in spades. Medium bodied. Aromatic, silky, toffee, coffee, nuts, marshmallow. $ 650 USD $ 1295 AUD *One Box maximum per order Nudies N1 2019 (25) ALL SOLD Lancero 7 ½ x 38 2019 Central America Clearance (Last call) I reckon these are smoking the house down right now. 12 months since rolled and they are a go to cigar for myself. If I have 45 minutes or less I will go the N3 Carlota which is a stronger…touch more brutal variant. The N1 is more elegant….a lady indeed. In short, Nudies is a collaboration between Hamlet Paredes and myself. We sought to blend cigars in formats that are largely forgotten or abandoned altogether. We sought to blend cigars that have an old world flavour. We sought to blend cigars for ourselves. Both Hamlet and I love smoking them….but even better, many of you do as well. Pack of 25 $ 199 USD No AUD Available for export only. Nudies N3 2019 (25) ALL SOLD Carlota 6 x 38 2019 Central America / Non Cuban The N3 has smoothed out to become a mainstay in my rotation. This Carlota was blended to replicate the Partagas Serie Connaisseur No. 3 which is one of my all-time favourite cigars and sadly discontinued. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. We got close. It is my 40 minute cigar of choice. Pack of 25 $ 169 USD No AUD Available for Export Only Normally (outside of the week before Christmas), the process for hand- picked stock is that each weeks orders for the prior week are brought up each Monday from the warehouse and shipped that week. If you order on a Saturday/Sunday there can be a few days extra delay (as it falls into the following weeks cycle). Similarly if you order on a Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri then they go out the following week 99% of the time. Public holidays can occasionally throw a spanner in the works. If you have multiple orders then they will be scheduled but the team will correspond with you. Do not contact Diana unless there has been a significant delay outside of the above. This selection will be up for 24hours. First in first served as quantities are limited. Hand Picked denotes they have been selected by myself and represent a mix of high end PE, HQ and sometimes PSP. We will not cherry pick boxes on request
  2. Happy Birthday Mike and I know Dana would have made your day very special Hug to both of you
  3. "I always associated the "The Tocororo" bar/nightclub at Miramar with birds...just not the feathered kind. " Of course you would
  4. So sorry to hear Tom our prayers are with you and your family
  5. Most of these shows I watched in my younger years, no not an opening for one of your comments Rob I loved watching Gidget and always loved Moondoggie like most girls watching the show Great memories
  6. Thanks Mike and I had a great day, from what you told me Kelly was spoilt also
  7. Happy to snag a box of the Cohiba Medios. Phenominal little stick.

  8. Diana. I have forwarded the info requested and look forward to enjoying the Montes and the Romeos,

  9. What about Mr Cash Man???? Has anyone seen him.....please someone let's us know if he is OK, I beg you Otherwise Rob will have to tell his Mum that Mr Cash Man cannot be found once the Casino opens again
  10. Does Dana have a room like that for her bag collection
  11. Well are you taking the bus from now on keep well and good to hear you are at home now
  12. I was to busy looking at the photo to noticed you did put her name on the post Has she two different colored eyes ? Looks like it in the photo
  13. Oh my god I love this puppy what a beautiful face, it was meant to be What is her name have you chosen it yet ?

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