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  1. Well, here in South Florida at 2:50P on Sunday we are holding strong. Many Tornados and they are moving at an amazing clip. One was at 80 MPH and another at 90 MPH! Unheard of. Coconut Grove, Brickell, Downtown are under water. The Key West is reported to be 100% submerged. For Broward/Ft. Lauderdale the worst will hit by 6PM. God Bless the folks on the West Coast. Naples, Punta Gorda, Tampa, Saint Pete. This is one wicked storm. Be smart. Be safe. But, I'm not running anywhere.
  2. We have a Jura that grinds the beans per cup. It also makes fancy milk coffee drinks. But we stick to regular coffee mostly. Its easy to maintain and a fresh cup with our choice of beans.
  3. I'm not a fan of overly oily coffee beans. It clogs up my grinder.
  4. Some beautiful cars posted here! My GTI might not be a "pure" sports car. But, with its mods its nice! Stage 2 APR, Downpipe and Intercooler just to name a few. Its fun to drive and keep up with some of the best.
  5. Congrats on your wedding. My wife is from L.I. (5 towns). We will be celebrating our 26th anniversary this summer. And, just lit up a HUpmann. The weather is perfect here!
  6. Its nice to hear your thoughts and learn a bit about it. Perla. Got it. And Smallclub has inspired me to search the web for more info. Thx!
  7. It might be a 40 gage and 100 mm. It might also be called a Perlas. Nice to be back!
  8. I wear a suit every workday. I would 100% sport that square! Nice
  9. Hello everyone. I've been laying low on the board for a while, but checking in from time to time. Its been busy and I feel I've missed most of the great outdoor smoking weather this time of year in SoFLA. Tonight I had a small window to enjoy my back yard and grabbed something I picked up on a whim. Months (and months) ago... perhaps over 6, I picked up a couple of boxes of Rafael Gonnalez Marquez. I forgot about them until today since I wanted a smaller smoke. What a nice surprise! Fruity and creamy almost up to the bitter end. So good in fact, I just had to make time for a second
  10. This is my thread on mexico. AFter this visit another post with pics this time!
  11. I've posted about this before. I visit Puebla (3rd largest city in Mexico) a few times a year. There are legit cigar shops. The shops that only sell Cigars. Those are good. You can find them in high end shopping malls. Also Sanborns. Its like a department store with locations all over Mexico City and Puebla. They have a Cigar section. It is hit or miss by location if they have Cubans. Liverpool in the Angelopolis mall in Puebla has a small Cuban Cigar supply. The quality is not great as the conditions they store them in are bad. They are located near the wine/fine
  12. I closed my office at 3PM today. Everyone was emotional and just standing around the TV. I said to just go home and be with your family. Also, my airport. One of my regular terminals.
  13. by the way, i found the best way to remove oder was to purchase a small bag of regular charcoal bricks for bbq's. Not the match light, just the regular plane old bricks. There is no need to open the bag, just place the closed bag inside the cooler. In a day or two the oder will be gone.

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