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  1. Eslavos and Short Boli Estupendos in third place, if anyone is keeping track😃
  2. It's a toss up between Kardashians and Real Housewives. I'm sure if the Bachelorette was on in my house instead, I'd feel differently. I'm cheating for sure, as there are many iterations of both those shows. But if I had to pick one, it's the main Kardashain show. Someone else on the internet said it best; I have learned what I know about the Kardashians not by interest, but because it's everywhere.
  3. Nieuw Statendam had a section for smoking outside at the stern. Comfortable couches, but could be a bit windy. Ran into one other cigar smoker. Regal Princess [Churchill Room] was nicely decorated, but ventilation was mediocre; found myself enjoying more secondhand cigarette smoke than anything else.
  4. I have an 05 box that smoked beautifully; been a year since I had one. Could not believe the spunk it still had, just rounded out the sharp corners.
  5. 2016-03 Toogie's Invitation. Not hot, even at 64.5%.
  6. I was there in 2016 summer. Based on current exchange rate, prices will be in your favor! [And so will everything else. I remember we had to work hard to break $100 for a meal.] I bought a box of 1966 and a few boxes Emperadors; you can PM me to talk specifics. There is an Arab guy who worked there at the time who was kind and helpful. If there are two LCDH, I went to the one that is out of the way and it was worth it. The Davidoff store sucks, service was cold, stock was uninspired, etc. I had some weird, almost third world experiences in Russia. Notable was my Uber getting pulled over five seconds after he picked me up. He left the car to talk to the cop for 10 minutes, came back to get his wallet, left again... I was thinking, am I about to get ripped off? Amazingly another 10 or 15 minutes later, everything worked out fine and Uber later gave me a credit of a couple hundred Rubles (which I never used.) Russian customs was a real hassle on the way out. I must have been at the guy's counter for 20 minutes. He kept asking me "did you make any donations?" No joke, he got out a jeweler's loupe to look at my [US] passport. But got out and back A OK. I'm envious of your trip, hope you have a blast! I'm amazed that they didn't yell at me for taking a picture holding a cigar up like this in Hermitage. (It is a must see.)
  7. If memory serves, this is Valerio's shop? They have some outstanding things there in the back room, nearly every Habanos book, older GR, etc. A lot of it is 'saved for another customer' or 'belongs to another customer' but I found that with enough chatting and interest, a few things became available (or maybe my memory is failing me.) No 'deals' to be had there, but I did buy a box of Partagas Reserva 2005 for what I thought was a fair price. There is a nice girl, Isis, and an older gentleman, whose name I forget, but were both kind folks. Roughly 2km North is Sunset Cove, one of the most beautiful places I've been. We stumbled upon it by walking on the beach [and it's a tough walk to get there on the beach, lots of rocks, slippery spots] but it was well worth it (you can certainly get there by road, but we had a little adventure of trying to find a great beach and it paid off.] There is a hotel/condos right there, don't recall if it was a private beach, but had no issues putzing around there for a few hours. Pic below.
  8. Tatuaje SnS 2018 #5 and EC Small Batch BP. Each a delightful support to the other.
  9. 93.9 kg starting weight. 88 kg final Thanks for the inspiration!
  10. An excellent cigar, consider me pleasantly surprised!
  11. Smokes nice, but not worth whatever they cost nowadays.
  12. I'm sorry for being a couple days late on the mid Feb check in. Down to 88.9kg (from 93.9). Chalk it up mostly to intermittent fasting (5pm to 8pm) on weekdays and the rest to exercise (up to 12 miles a week running.)
  13. I'm in an tough position. As a healthcare professional, I agree with higher taxes on cigarettes, snuff, etc. These products are directly related to a high healthcare cost and I don't have an issue with taxes on them, provided they are intended for prevention, cessation, and treatment. In the case of the ACA (Obamacare), some of the revenue from the increased cigarette tax went to fund CHIP (kids healthcare plan), which is great. That said, I hate to see DC taxes on cigars go up and fear situations like Minnesota where the out-the-door cost of cigars is nearly twice the retail cost. So I like the idea, but don't want to suffer the consequences. Terrible, I know. (And I end up getting most of my cigars from our host, so am relatively insulated.) That said, you'll see programs with the intention to direct revenues to the prevention/cessation/treatment fail hard. See Illinois video gambling. Higher taxes on products aren't always a good answer, but I think there is potential in the idea.

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