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  1. Topes. Not sure if its worth the $, but its lovely.
  2. Tunis, as of 2014, was a cigar paradise. Oddly enough, I couldn't smoke in my hotel room. But the balcony, lobby, even the hotel elevator were smoking friendly. You're right in thinking I had a blast there. Seychelles was pretty good for outdoor (not indoor) cigar smoking. Doha, at least at Souk Waqif, had lots of outside cigar options.
  3. Can't speak to Cuba --> USA, but landing from other countries has not been a problem for me. 100 cigar pp, $800 duty free limit. Just came back with a stuffed suitcase and no issues. "Do you have any alcohol and/or tobacco?" Yes, I have both. "How much alcohol?" A fifth. "OK." Going from US to Canada (I've done both flight and drive, multiple times over the past few years), it's a breeze. I believe 50 cigar pp, I forget DF limit for visitors (and it sounds like you're a Canadian resident anyways.)
  4. I had bought some from other vendors at release or was kindly gifted the others. Our host sells some very interesting things as well.
  5. I'm working on a book matching every Habanos to positions in Karma Sutra. Quinteros Favaritos is a drunk night alone after the pub.
  6. Some (maybe just me?) refer to Padron as the 'missionary sex' of cigars. They are consistent in their flavor, construction, and experience. It's certainly a great cigar, but sometimes you want more excitement. ? That JSL4 is the same, I know I'm going to have a great time, but there are no surprises in store.
  7. Returned from ten lovely days in Seychelles. A big thanks to @SokaKiel and @Aardwolf for the counsel about things to do out there. Wife and I had a blast. Anse Georgette is my new favorite beach, absolutely incredible. Go early and it's yours for a few hours. Much less crowded than Source d'Argent (which was also windy this time of year.) Wish we spent a day or two less in La Digue and turned that into time at Anse Georgette, but otherwise La Digue is a really relaxed place to be. Mahe was alright. But onto the cigars! Doha Layover 1.Gold and Souk Wakif. Thought the Embajador would totally blow my mind (I thought it was fantastic, even fresh, and the best days were ahead), but instead it was just a very good cigar. Bonus experience of great weather. Praslin 2. Estupendos. I know @photorob knows what's up, these are amazing! Bought a couple bottles at Duty Free, this Bowmore 15 is okay. I'm a peathead and this was a delicate change of pace I was not expecting. The fun citrus finish saves the bottle. 3. Lusiadas. It was enjoyable, but not memorable. Aberlour 12 is decent, but once you've had a good batch of A'bunadh, you can't go back. 4. Talisman (2017 box). Ugh, the humidity in Praslin killed my cigar smoking experience and this was one of the ones that took a big hit. Burn looked like a shipwreck. I had a nice time, but didn't see the greatness I had heard about. I also don't like cigars that are this expensive. 5. Monte 2 (2008 I think). Always a good time. 6. Forbidden Fruit. Another challenging day with humidity, I think this was the same Talisman day. Rare Opus are rarely worth secondary and this fell somewhere near that characterization. Good, but not worth the fat stacks people are buying this for. La Digue 7. Pacificos. The Padron of cigars. Consistently good. I think this was on Grand Anse. That was a great day, trekking from our Air BnB on the west side an hour to Grand Anse, then another hour to Petit Anse then Anse Cocos (which was beautiful and found respite from the wind.) 8. Invictos. Anse Severe. Fantastic cigar, really enjoyed. Would love to smoke more! 9. Cohiba Lancero (2012 box.) This was a very good day, evidenced that I was puffing on this at 8:30 AM. 10. Poderosos. Excellent. This was a late breakfast. 11. Fonseca No 4. After lunch. I really though about getting in a fourth, but we left the beach and went gallivanting elsewhere. Mahe 12. Gold Medal for breakfast, thanks @RawkStar. Beau Vallon was a nice beach and this was a great as I followed up this cigar with... 13. Eslavo. LOVE this cigar. On my wedding day I cracked a bottle of Laphroaig 18 and smoked this. I won't be sad when I finished the last of the fiver I have, as it's been a great time, every time. 14. Regalias (2011). Started raining, but thankfully took shade under a little umbrella. Smoked nicely. It was a great holiday. Recommend Seychelles as a place to visit.
  8. Two days notice, rough. Regret I can't make it out there to support them. Their shop got chopped at the knees as well, no smoking inside (for now.) Great guys that own and work at the WCD family, hurts to see them losing ground.
  9. Everything is chill in DC. Hope you're doing awesome Brent!

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