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  1. If your are desperate for anything from the likes of Dunhill etc I'd be happy to send them over... I'm in London UK.
  2. Gimeno is good but as said not much aged stock. Watches and Cigars.
  3. I like wide in particular but shorts are ok. Regular Churchills are fab too Watches and Cigars.
  4. Damn. I'm in the country for the long weekend. Another time.
  5. Boom! You did the right thing, I might have told him to sit somewhere else... Watches and Cigars.
  6. Don't want to be too specific as you guys might come up with something I've never heard of Watches and Cigars.
  7. Ok, regular production. Large ring, available from online source Watches and Cigars.
  8. 5+ really. Always up for a recommendation on a new young stick to try too... Watches and Cigars.
  9. My older stuff is running out and all my other boxes are 12/13 boxes so I want to buy some now smokes... Cuban only. What should I be buying up? Watches and Cigars.
  10. JL no1 but it does need some age as mentioned about. Superb draw though... Watches and Cigars.
  11. Well fingers crossed it will be ok. It will be done with the lighter in bits so should be good. ( it helps being in the jewellery business).
  12. Will do Captain. I took some before.... As I was going to do a before and after on another forum. Watches and Cigars.
  13. Yes, known as the 'Tallboy'. Nice old thing Watches and Cigars.
  14. They look fantastic. Watches and Cigars.
  15. I have some nice ones.... My silver is in for reconditioning at the moment including being re plated. Watches and Cigars.

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