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  1. The only thing that would deserve that would be sleeping with your wife’s sister...or maybe her mother...
  2. I usually quit when I can no longer comfortably hold said cigar without starting to burn my fingers. I'd wager about an 1/1.5 inches...
  3. I will mention it to a couple tomorrow. I will tell you what their response is 😁
  4. Here is what I did. Since boxes come in counts of 25 primarily, I just started trying a couple from each box after they had time to rest about 90 days. If they were good and I liked them, I smoked them. If I did not like them, they got to rest longer. Keep buying cigars at a faster rate than you smoke them, and you will learn which ones smoke well young and be able to age the rest.
  5. I should have bought a lot more Amazon stock...but the wife approves!!!
  6. Really?!?! I ended up doing 3 box splits, smoking through one, and have about 45/50 from my last cab. 5k is just crazy money...
  7. Just what I needed...order placed. I will forward my wife’s complaint when it arrives tomorrow.
  8. I really like DIC. Just something about it...
  9. My heart goes out to you and the rest his family. Just something about a dog...truly man’s best friend.
  10. I have the palate of a Billygoat so I would not be the proper source for tasting notes. However, I have gone through a box and a half and have enjoyed them very much. Some of them have been a little under filled but I have not had any tent pegs.
  11. The Rockford Files The Red Green Show The Benny Hill Show The ‘A’ Team I love it when a plan comes together...

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