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  1. I have a couple of what you call ‘repeat offenders’ that I have had to play this video for several times. It never ceases me that people have the right to remain silent but not the ability.
  2. You can bring it in a sealed container but are not supposed to open and/or consume it.
  3. Yes…they are. You can bring it, just can’t drink it. 2 or 3 cops for 250 inmates makes it hard to enforce.
  4. That is why my wife always packs her own. She usually has a couple vodka bottles in her backpack. She may or may not be packing The Glenlivet...
  5. I'm not a teetotaler but I can see why they are contemplating this. It would be nice if people could just self regulate so the government wouldn't feel the need to intervene but they apparently can't. I say don't regulate them but let me have at them should the need arise without fear of prosecution
  6. I forget how much comedic gold our profession has buried deep within. Most should just be buried deep!!
  7. I smoked through two boxes and found them to be one of the best cigars I ever smoked. I do not like the size all that much but I found these to be exceptional. Maybe I got lucky or you were unlucky...or both. I will say I smoked mine when they were younger and have not had one in a while as I don't have anymore.
  8. Must admit..that one had me rolling Not sure I'd call the guy but he gets an A for effort!!
  9. Allison Margolin really IS the dopest attorney in town!! She is one of the smartest and best attorneys I’ve ever met. She has found her niche in the legal cannabis business. I once saw her get a client’s case dismissed at preliminary hearing and got the judge to order the return of a couple thousand marijuana plants. This was years ago before it was recreationally approved. The District Attorney was so pissed he yelled and screamed and cussed all the way back to his office and threw his file down the hall 🤣
  10. I bought a loaf of bread the other day. I made a couple of sandwiches but they just didn’t seem quite right. I’m gonna take that loaf of bread back to the grocery store and ask them for a new loaf. I know it’s not the grocery stores fault but I’m going to make them eat the cost anyway.
  11. Is this what we get to expect during your recovery and quarantine period?! 🤣
  12. Before this thing gets derailed... How are your workplaces coping? ...discuss...
  13. 2021 was our best year ever. 2022 is stacking up to be even better. Never stopped working in person. Remote working is not an option and I don't like it anyway. I like getting into the office and so do all the employees. 66% of the staff is vaccinated and 33% is not. No masks in the office and no social distancing. We do wash hands and hand sanitize. Everyone has gotten sick at some point (flu, cold, stomach bug). No COVID yet but I am sure it will come. Will handle as necessary when it presents itself. Office is small and superbly dependable. Everyone is cross trained so if we lose a wheel, we can keep running. I encourage everyone to get vaccinated but no one is forced to do so. If they get vaccinated, I will pay if they get sick and hold their jobs. If they don't get vaccinated, no guarantees.
  14. Of course he is. And he should offer an apology immediately. 16 years in on a life sentence…🤣

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