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  1. The Caribe beats the Asia Pacific by a country mile...
  2. Recent FOH Auction win. Cuaba Salomones from 2010. Very nice cigar.
  3. Lotus Turbo Esprit from the 80's and a Harley Davidson Softail Springer from the same era...
  4. That is the funniest part to me. Cigarette smokers that feign a coughing spell or stare like I am clubbing a baby seal. Just makes me laugh out loud.
  5. I will admit I do. I am aware that other people do not really enjoy cigars and cigar smoke as I do. I generally don't smoke in public places and choose to enjoy my evening smoke on my back patio in solitude. I also smoke in my old '93 F150 when taking a drive. I do not really enjoy the experience of smoking if I know I am bothering someone else with the smoke. I know I COULD, but I choose not to, mostly due to a reduction my personal satisfaction while smoking, not because of some PC reason.
  6. Humidity that high causes me to have those same issues. I live in a dry environment so I only experience those burn issues when I am on vacation somewhere in the southeast. I don't think your storage conditions are wrong but the smoking conditions can certainly affect the burn.
  7. You'd think they have better things to look for in Bogata... ...I'm guessing the 5 kilos of coke the guy next you to had got through just fine
  8. I've never really thought about cracked feet being a problem. Seeing as that is the first end I light, it seems to be a minor issue. However, I am open to the fact that I may be in the minority in this opinion.
  9. The Porteno is nothing to write home about. It is decent but for $30 there are a plethora of other options I would indulge in. However, I do like buying something I have never tasted to mix it up.
  10. I did not know him personally but I know the name and can see his avatar in my head. Best wishes for his family and may he rest in peace.
  11. My girls and I went swimming today only to find out someone decided to go swimming first. I hate these little bastards.
  12. Nothing fancy. Just needed some sipping rum. One I love, one I've never tried.

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