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  1. Try the Zoom room here at FOH. It’s a great place to have a cigar and meet new friends.
  2. EDIT: I missed the whole 'nonfiction' part before I typed this. I'm on a roll this month. I bet I've read 20 books thus far. A sampling of the titles for you edumacation... The Pout Pout Fish; Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus; Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues; The Fearless Octopus; The Hungry Caterpillar; ...and the pizza of resistance... There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed and Egg. On a slightly more serious note (and I do mean SLIGHTLY more serious): Where is Joe Merchant? by Jimmy Buffett; Tales from Margar
  3. Welcome to FOH. Great place to learn a lot and meet some great people.
  4. I like it. I'd never buy it but I like it. Great color and it would look great on a shelf but I'd rather have singles in a coolidor...
  5. Some guys prefer 3 girlfriends over a wife and some guys prefer a wife over 3 girlfriends, same analo....wait, different analogy, nevermind...
  6. I've got several hyphenated date codes so no issue there. Also have lots of off center band designs so that one doesn't seem to be an issue. No idea about the glossy band bit.
  7. Hold on to it for a bit. Next time we meet up I will bring you one for comparison...
  8. I think they make a cream or balm for that...
  9. Unless you lit that giant hole in the cigar...that would be a manufacture's defect. Nice big ole' tunnel in that cigar...
  10. What a great watch. Sat down for the first time today (kids and all...you know). Only got interrupted once Beautiful scenery and music. Video was so crisp!!

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