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  1. 77f/25c on a November 2nd in SoCal. Hard to beat...
  2. Cigars and cigar accoutrements, bourbon/whiskey, projectile throwers and projectiles, flight gear, motorcycle gear, Tim Dorsey books. When a recent wildfire threatened our home, that’s what I packed...and some pajamas for the kids 😄
  3. Phenomenal Monte PE via a trade. Thank you @mwaller Capping off a lovely Saturday. Here is one for you English Gents who need a good laugh...
  4. Had my 1st at 38. Had my 2nd at 41. I feel the same way. They keep us young. I have an acquaintance that had his 4th at 61...😞
  5. TriSho was pretty good. CoSho was also good. Very different flavors surprisingly enough. They fill a niche but the 200 of them should last me until the apocalypse. Vigia is always a pleasure.
  6. Just came in the mail today and I’ve never had either one I will try both tonight...along with a real cigar 😉
  7. Beautiful baby!! I said the same thing 3 years ago I couldn’t imagine my life without her.
  8. Nice Punch Punch while the kiddo is napping. Playing Mr. Mom today, my favorite role.
  9. I enjoyed it very much. This is my first so no basis for comparison but still good and I’d wager still has some legs.

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