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  1. HarveyBoulevard

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Cohiba Talisman paired with a refreshing Mark Steffenhagen after a day at the airport hanging out.
  2. HarveyBoulevard

    What is happening this weekend ?

    Headed to my local airport for the annual Toys for Tots Drive. We sent 28 planes to the local Marine Corps Base last year. We always have a good little car, motorcycle and plane exhibition.
  3. I am in San Francisco for the weekend for a conference and was looking to find someplace to relax, get a bite to eat, and enjoy a cigar and a drink. I did a little sleuthing and along with the advice of some FOH locals, I ended up at The Cigar Bar and Grill on Montgomery Street in San Francisco ( https://www.cigarbarandgrill.com ). I arrived earlier than expected and was able to check into my hotel early so I decided to take the 10 block walk to the Cigar Bar. It has been over 10 years since I was here last and I forgot how much I loved the city and walking the streets. It is such a great city. Anyway, I got to the location just as they were opening at 4pm. I was greeted by a super friendly staff and was able to have my choice of seats on the patio. It is truly a wonderful space. Secluded but open, good lighting, heaters, etc. Great spot for an outside smoke while feeling indoors. My waiter was super nice and very attentive so it took no time at all to settle in with a nice beer. First course was a light pilsner and a '97 HDM Des Dieux. I only have 2 left from that 50 cab. I ordered the Empanada De Chorizo y Queso, two empanadas stuffed with chorizo, white cheddar & monterey jack, topped with tomato sauce, onion, cotija cheese. It was delicious. Second course was another pilsner and a '05 Monte Double Edmundo. I ordered the Spanish Chorizo Stuffed Dates, dates stuffed with blue cheese, manchego, smoked paprika. Also delicious. After finishing the Monte and a third beverage, I strolled back to the hotel for an early night as I have to be up early with my head on a swivel. If you are ever in San Francisco, this is a great spot for dinner and a cigar (or several). If I lived here, I would manage to be there quite often. Tomorrow afternoon/evening I am going to try to hit up the Occidental, another highly recommended cigar bar. Looking forward to it.
  4. If anyone is in the area and wants to meet up, I am headed inside as soon as they open up.
  5. I am planning on arriving at the Cigar Bar and Grill around 6 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. I am going to grab a table on the patio and anyone who wants to show up, feel free. No worries if you can't make it but anyone who can, it would be great to hang out. Harvey Boulevard aka Jeff Bullard ** Shoot me a PM and I can give you my cell phone number so you can text me if you get there.
  6. HarveyBoulevard

    Great Punk...I love the internet :)

    My youtube 'suggested watching' is odd. I have no idea how half that stuff pops up based on what I actually view. I can't get the song out of my head and I catch myself singing it all the time.
  7. HarveyBoulevard

    Your favorite local soda?

    A wonderful local beverage from Salisbury North Carolina.
  8. HarveyBoulevard

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    One of my favorite and oldest boxes, the Hoyo De Monterrey Churchill.
  9. I second this ^^ I've got them strategically stashed all over and its all I ever use.
  10. HarveyBoulevard

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Long hard night of trick or treat...the kiddos are sacked out. Time for a '13 BBF and a double Stagg Jr. to ease into adult time.
  11. No. Rob said it would be announced a couple of days before the event.
  12. ** Bump ** I am planning on being at the Cigar Bar & Grill on Friday, November 9 from around 6pm until (my until is about 9pm ) I just wanted to see who might want to meet up? I will see about making the appropriate reservations if possible to make it easier to get a table for anyone who might want to come have some food/drink & cigar. Who's in?
  13. HarveyBoulevard


    That is wonderful. Thank you FOH Crew. Much appreciated.

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