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  1. Note: Rob gave me permission for this post. As the title states, I am looking for a place, or places, to sell empty Tatuaje Monster Dress Boxes. I don't frequent any other social media or online cigar sites so I have no idea where I might be able to find a good home to these cool boxes. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate any feedback. Feel free to PM me. (Boxes are empty, no cigars, just the Monster Dress Boxes) Thank you, Jeff aka Harvey Boulevard
  2. I am not a serious watch collector (not really even an amateur watch collector) but I do love a nice watch. I very much enjoy living vicariously through this thread. Here is what I rotate... (yes, the Rolex is of dubious origin
  3. The prices for the Siglo VI GR have been all over the place. 5k, 8k, 12k...
  4. New Years Eve morning was a Monte PE, followed up by a PLPC after lunch and capped the night off with a Mag 50. New Years Day started off with a Trinidad Coloniales and having a JL 1 now. Not sure what I will finish off the night with...
  5. And the felony insurance fraud charges along with a nice arson charge were soon to follow...
  6. Armageddon or the rapture may occur before 2025. I’d be smoking them now.
  7. So sorry to hear Dee, Lisa and family. Your family will be in our prayers.
  8. Since there is no such thing as plume (at least not scientifically proven to exist yet)...I vote mold. Hard to tell from just a picture. It is on any of the cigars?
  9. I think I am missing something. I don’t believe that game has been played yet despite the fact that it is Monday in Oz.
  10. That made me laugh… assuming you were joking. It will make me laugh even more… if you were not joking.
  11. Admittedly I was skeptical when I heard about this first. However, I have been dipping most of my cigars in water before I go out in the evening. In my opinion, they have been smoking much better and the burn has been significantly improved. Fewer hot cigars and fewer split wrappers. I don’t do it all the time but I do it a significant portion of the time. I live in a very dry climate and currently the humidity is in the single digits. I have a feeling that the added moisture provides a better smoking experience in my climate. I have a feeling that the added moisture provides a better smoking experience in my climate.
  12. That Sancho Panza Eslavo looks dubious at best. That would be a real find an excellent cigar if it weren’t so terribly fake. edit: If it is not fake, that is the worst 109 head I have ever seen.

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