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    A string walks into a bar with a few friends and orders a beer. The bartender says, "I'm sorry, but we don't serve strings here." The string goes back to his table. He ties himself in a loop and messes up the top of his hair. He walks back up to the bar and orders a beer. The bartender squints at him and says, "Hey, aren't you a string?" The string says, "Nope, I'm a frayed knot."

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  1. HarveyBoulevard

    Decent cheap bourbons

    Eagle Rare might be my favorite bourbon. $28 for 750ml or $52 for the 1.75 liter just can't be beat. No better bang for your buck.
  2. HarveyBoulevard

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Tolerable bourbon. Their small batch is most certainly miles ahead. Perfect cigar as always. E2.
  3. HarveyBoulevard

    What's your plugged cigar rate?

    Imagine rolling up a napkin or paper towel. Take a draw through it. Now wet it and try that again. I'd wager moisture is the culprit behind most plugs and tight draws. It also takes time for the binder and especially the filler to lose moisture...not just the wrapper.
  4. HarveyBoulevard

    What's your plugged cigar rate?

    58-62 rh and 72 f = loose bands and no plugs... Edit: They also sit for 3 to 6 months in that environment at a minimum. Most much longer
  5. HarveyBoulevard

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    '14 Montecristo Edmundo and a dash of Elijah Craig.
  6. HarveyBoulevard

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Always buy a couple I know I like and one I've never had. Buffalo Trace and Eagle Rare in the 1.75 liter at under $50 each is such a great value for what you get. No idea about the Blade and Bow.
  7. HarveyBoulevard

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Trinidad Fundadores and a little Booker's Bourbon.
  8. HarveyBoulevard

    Post your Pet.......

  9. HarveyBoulevard

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    A few more today...
  10. Plane tickets are purchased and hotel reservations are made. I will be free and up for a smoke or several Friday afternoon/evening November 9th and Saturday November 10th after 6pm...and will be hanging out smoking both evenings Love to meet whoever can make it to either spot either night.
  11. I live in SoCal and will be heading up to San Francisco the weekend of November 9 - 11. I am staying at the Marriott on Columbus near Fisherman's Wharf. Just looking for some info and seeing if anyone wants to meet up for a cigar on Friday or Saturday night. My wife is staying home with the Kiddo's so I will be a party of 1. 1. Good smoking spots indoor or outdoor near Fisherman's Wharf or the Marriott on Columbus? **Edit: The Occidental and The Cigar Bar and Grill both look good. Thoughts on those or others?** 2. Anyone around who wants to meet up for a cigar? I will bump this post closer to my trip if its too early to make plans. Thank you, Jeff
  12. HarveyBoulevard

    FOH Member Health Check

    I got sick about a month ago. I spent three weeks having a temperature of 103.5 and spending about 18 hours a day in bed. During that time I had 5 blood tests. I had a fever, chills, sweats, fatigue. As it turns out my blood pressure is Stellar. My cholesterol is perfect. My LDL and that other number are spot-on. Heart rate is good. Kidneys and liver are functioning perfectly. Echocardiogram turned out perfect. Chest x-ray, also perfect. I do not have any of the alphabet hepatitis I do not have the flu I do not have the zika virus swine flu bird flu chicken flu pigeon flu any STDs AIDS nor do I have West Nile virus or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. I do not have any bacterial infections nor do I have lupus. They tested for about 20 other things all came back negative. Just as I was getting referred to an infectious disease specialist I miraculously got better. Doctor has absolutely no idea what I had other than a viral infection. Mind you no idea what virus, but a viral infection. So, other than feeling like a giant dog turd for 3 weeks I am in picture perfect health and 100% back to normal. Apologies for any lack of punctuation or sentence structure as this was talk to text. I happen to have fat fingers. Don't judge me.
  13. HarveyBoulevard

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    This was random singles weekend. I went through the desktop and pulled out all the unique single sticks and vowed to smoke them all this weekend. Working on a custom pyramid or torpedo from a trade sometime back. Paired with a lemonade.
  14. HarveyBoulevard

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A throuple fingers of Stagg Jr. and a Bushido. Happy Friday Night!!!

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