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  1. Down to my last couple of SLR Churchill out of a 50 cab from 00.
  2. If it was a box...have one now. If if is a single...wait.
  3. That was my first thought when I initially heard this. Watch the video Rob et al did and see for yourself. Then give it a try.
  4. I do this with newer sticks also. On a hot, dry day here in Southern California, a good dunk has eliminated burst wrappers and has made the burn much more even. Works with old stock and new stock. I tend not to do this in winter but I certainly do in the summer. Edit: Its hot and today...my brain is on the fritz...I meant to say above "on cold, dry nights".
  5. Zombies can bite through Denim and Leather. It's a scientific fact. Check it out.
  6. Personal favorites in no particular order... Shaun of the Dead Zombieland Juan of the Dead 28 Days Later (the first one) World War Z Dawn of the Dead
  7. I chuckle every time I read the title...Excess Inventory...hahahaha...makes me giggle just thinking about it. No such thing. That is like have your wiener too big and other nonsensical things...it just can't happen. Like a Pegacorn or something. *Note: A cigar merchant can have excess inventory, not a civilian
  8. My sister-in-law surprised me for my birthday with three months of a Cigar of the Month Club. Pictured below are the first four cigars that came in the first package. I figured I would be a good sport and give each one a try. Last night I had the little one. That was terrible. It was a flavored cigar of some sort and just tasted like sugar packets on the lips. Next up was the EP Carrillo. It was actually quite good. Tonight are the two big boys. I am smoking a 6 x 60 right now and as soon as I can't take it anymore I will fire up that 7 x 70 monster. I put that giant monster next to a Punch Punch to show the scale of that thing. It is truly ridiculous. I hope 8 x 80 does not show up next month.
  9. Joined March 5, 2014 1645 posts thus far First post was an intro...I read and follow directions well (my wife disagrees ) https://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/topic/117824-hello-from-southern-california/?do=findComment&comment=468004

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