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  1. I remember back in 2014 I got a box of Partagas Lusitania GR from Rob. I think I smoked them all within 6 months. I stopped buying R and GR Too rich for my blood given my proclivities to smoking everything I buy without hesitation. If I want a Lusi, I will go regular production with some age (or age my own). I don't regret it one bit, but with my billy goat palate, I can't justify the price. It certainly was fun though...
  2. So, as the title suggests, what is the dumbest/silliest thing your child has done? What is the dumbest/silliest thing you have ever done? Weave a tale for us. Put us in the room as your child covers themselves in maple syrup then flour...let us feel your pain as your kid etches their initials in your car's paint... My 5 year old girl loves my stories of me eating dog food, eating a slug, almost getting hit in the head with a beer bottle, etc. I have some I can share when she gets a bit older but I digress... When I was about 17, I was a senior in high school. I had a car, I had a job, I thought I was hot shit. One day on the way home school, a couple guys in a van pulled up to me in a parking lot. They said they had been installing some serious high end stereos at a few customer's homes but when they were done, they had some extra top shelf speakers that were 'overstocked' on their truck. They pulled out some literature on the speakers and told me how much they retailed for, etc. They gave me a great story and asked if I would be interested. I said I only had a couple hundred bucks on me and they suggested they follow me to the bank and I could withdraw the rest from the ATM. I was a naive moron and let one of them ride in my car to the bank while the other guy drove the van. I pulled out some cash and we did the deed. I proudly went home to show my dad what a great deal I had gotten on some super high end speakers and...that didn't go well Dad was nice but drove the point home. I actually remember this event as a pivotal point in my youth that changed my outlook and direction in life. That lesson have saved me more times than I can count and I have yet to purchase that oceanfront property in Arizona or the London Bridge... I have lots more but I get tired of typing quickly. I will augment post recuperation * dictated but not read
  3. HarveyBoulevard


    That gives me an idea for a great thread...!!!!
  4. Ditto (yes, I am a provincial putz (look it up :))
  5. HarveyBoulevard

    Tactics for meetings

    Meetings are to cover a set agenda and that is it. Start a tangent or get off track and I make an example out of you. That gets the others in line. Finish the meeting by setting another one to check on progress and the next goal. Done. It better be short and to the point or I get testy. I've been called an asshole before. Come up with something better or move on. Outside of meetings, I'm a generally a nice and congenial guy
  6. I love these but alas, I will not be able to attend unfortunately. I will be wrangling a 2 year old during my 5 year old's softball game. Should be a barrel of monkeys tonight. Have fun though and I will try to make the next one.
  7. With the introduction of FOH auctions, I am curious as to people's opinions on auction sniping. I don't find anything particularly objectionable about it. I don't necessarily enjoy having it done to me but as long as I am paying attention to my auctions, it is not really much of a problem. As the title suggests, to snipe or not to snipe, that is the question. If you despise it, why? Should auctions be set up to prevent it or is it just part of the auction world?
  8. https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/viral/terrifying-moment-paraglider-is-hit-by-dust-devil-in-australia/vi-AAAHTUZ
  9. HarveyBoulevard

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    At least the birdbath is in focus...
  10. I'm taking bets on how long or how many posts it takes for someone to get a temporary vacation and then a permanent vacation...
  11. Where you located @db13? Those cigars are in Colton are they not
  12. HarveyBoulevard

    The Harley Davidson Decline

    First, cash is no where near dead and neither is oil nor the internal combustion engine. I ride a Harley by choice but love all things on two (and four) wheels. I've had 4 different Harleys from the 883, 1200, Dyna, and now ride a softail. They are heavy. I don't care. They are not the fastest. I'm not in a hurry and it is plenty fast for my needs. I like the style and the sound (also called noise). Harley is not for everyone because everyone has a different desire/purpose when they ride and why they ride. I don't carve mountains. I ride for peace and solace. My Harley does everything I need it to and nothing more. Harley's problem is they refused to change and when they did change, they missed the mark. As your primary consumer ages, new consumers are needed to survive. Harley did not act fast enough or accurately enough to capture a changing demographic. I don't think they are dead but they are not the company they used to be. Not sure they ever will be due to the lateness of their response to changing buyers and market. I don't see a problem in continuing to produce their current style of motorcycle but they needed to add a new line to complete with cafe racers, sport bikes, etc. That may be too little too late but I hope not. My only wish is that my Softail was liquid cooled. I live in SoCal near the desert and air cooled engines suck when it is 110F. Still won't get me to change
  13. I'm a fan of just about anything with two wheels so gas or electric and I'm all good. I do not like the of sound from electric bikes but the immediate throttle response is just unreal on those things.
  14. I ride a Harley and would love to feel the torque on one of those.
  15. HarveyBoulevard

    CNN. The secret world of cigars

    I like wearing flip flops, cargo shorts and a t-shirt. I also happened to wear a suit for a living. Smoking a cigar in a suit right now as a matter of fact. One thing I dislike as much as the portrayal of cigar smokers as elitists are cigar smokers that are just as judgmental. I think Rob's point was that the cigar and the elitist myth that is propagated by the media is harmful to the cigar industry. Some might call me an old fat white guy wearing a suit. Others would call me a young fat white guy wearing flip-flops and cargo shorts. It's all a matter of perspective. I quite enjoy wearing a suit and believe that clothes have a significant impact on how others perceive us for better or for worse. Nothing wrong with wearing a nice suit. I live in Southern California so not everybody out here is a hippie with a surfboard. I don't think I could surf anyway 😋

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