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  1. I went to High School in Huntersville...small world indeed.
  2. I have a handful of NC courtesy of a few trades and the cigar of the month club from my sister-in-law. Going to spend the next week ploughing through them. First up: La Palina Classic Rosado.
  3. It was mild to medium. It was not as mild as I was expecting and overall was a very enjoyable smoke last night.
  4. Yep, TJSL (Thomas Jefferson SoL). They sold their buildings in Old Town. They had two buildings south of where you are/were and built a high rise downtown. Old Town was a great place for school. Good food, drink, and cigars. A student's most pressing needs
  5. Spent many a day after class in Old Town having a cigar and a drink. My Law School used to be in Old Town but has since moved downtown. Excellent spot and weather.
  6. Before the lockers closed I was good for life... Now I can get about 5 years if I keep my current rate without buying more.
  7. Oooo oooo oooo ...no idea unless I cheat based upon prior answers...
  8. I wonder if different locations require different 'proofs' to watch certain types of videos. I just had to click a link acknowledging the content may be 'harmful or offensive to some' and they let me right in...
  9. That seems about as hospitable as every other smoking area I have encountered on The Islands
  10. The previous CCW spreadsheet had cigars I don't really consider a 'robusto' so here is one that is a bit more narrowly focused on your 'true' robusto. I currently smoke all but the Monte Open Master and the RyJ Short Churchills. I don't think you can go wrong on any of the rest. The JL Seleccion No. 2 is my favorite and smokes great at any age in my opinion. Bolívar Royal Coronas c1969 Robustos 50 x 124 (4⅞″) Robusto Cohiba Robustos 1989 Robustos
  11. Royal Coronas c1969 Robustos 50 x 124 (4⅞″) Robusto Cohiba Robustos 1989 Robustos 50 x 124 (4⅞″) Robusto H. Upmann Connossieur No.2 2020 Bohemios 51 x 134 (5¼″) Robusto Magnum 54 2016 Magnum 54 54 x 120 (4¾″) Robusto Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2 pre-1960 Robu
  12. Smoke them how you want to. I've had E2 last 50 minutes and I've had E2 that last 90 minutes. I tend to smoke fast and a light pack will smoke more quickly than a firm pack. Guys like to bust balls around here. Some are just kidding...some are just kids...

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