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HarveyBoulevard's Feedback

  1. sho671 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to deal with. Easy and quick communication that led to another successful trade.

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  2. sho671 left Positive feedback   

    Easy communication, quick shipping, great trade and I would def do it again.

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  3. scottyfwil left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, great communication, great cigars, GREAT TRADE. Fun transaction with my new friend.

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  4. captaincaveman left Positive feedback   

    Great communication, packed well. A+++. Thanks again!

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  5. Islandboy left Positive feedback   

    Excellent trade all around: communication, shipping, cigar quality. I really appreciate the opportunity afforded.

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  6. Bram Smoker left Positive feedback   

    Top notch trade. Easy to deal with, great communication, fast shipping, and cigars are outstanding.

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  7. MC4 left Positive feedback   

    Smooth trade, very generous offer. excellent packaging, and great looking sticks. thank you

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  8. HDGSN left Positive feedback   

    Fantasic trader! Fair, quick communications, quick shipping, great packaging. Wish I had more to trade with him! A+

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  9. DBNInc left Positive feedback   

    Helped me out with an ISO. He’s great with communication, shipped fast, great sticks. A+++

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  10. mwaller left Positive feedback   

    Great experience trading again with HarveyBoulevard! He's easy to work with, and the cigars are first rate!

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  11. Nekhyludov left Positive feedback   

    Jeff is a great BOTL and an absolute pleasure to chat with and trade with. Many thanks!

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  12. VRATJV07 left Positive feedback   

    Great trading partner! Fast shipping and communication. Would definitely trade with again in the future.

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  13. Bram Smoker left Positive feedback   

    If you are looking for quick shipping, responsive communication, and great cigars, you have found the guy to trade with. Got here well packed and look incredible. Very fair and easy trade. Looking forward to doing it again!

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  14. leafdream54 left Positive feedback   

    Jeff is a great to trade with. It was easy, it was quick and I look forward to trading again soon.

    HarveyBoulevard was The Seller

  15. boilers183 left Positive feedback   

    I took Jeff up on his blind 10 stick trade. The majority of his sticks were regionals, discontinued, or very well aged. I think I have only had 2 of the 10 sticks he sent me. I owe this guy

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  16. GotaCohiba left Positive feedback   

    Worked out a great deal and got blasted with a couple hitchhikers

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  17. jerrybrowne left Positive feedback   

    Yet another great trade with Jeff! Very generous trader, with great communication, excellent packaging and quick shipping.

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  18. jerrybrowne left Positive feedback   

    Really smooth trade. Perfect communication, very fair, and quick ship.

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  19. Philc2001 left Positive feedback   

    Another trade with Jeff now in the books. As usual, Jeff is prompt, communicative and generous. I truly enjoy trading with Jeff. I truly look forward to more trades with Jeff... Thank you Jeff!

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  20. Philc2001 left Positive feedback   

    Trading with Jeff is a treat, he has some awesome cigars and he's always generous. Thanks again Jeff for another great trade experience. Looking forward to the next one.

    HarveyBoulevard was The Seller

  21. zeedubbya left Positive feedback   

    Multiple awesome trades with Jeff. Incredible BOTL. Unreal bodyguards and top notch smokes. I am watching his trade postings like I watch the 24:24! Haha. Thanks! A++++

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  22. Duffer left Positive feedback   

    Had my first ever trade with Jeff. He made it so easy. Jeff is a true first class act and a great dude to deal with. Hope to have more deals in the future.

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  23. jwr0201 left Positive feedback   

    Very good brother to trade with. Cannot recommend enough. Thank you!!!

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  24. Philc2001 left Positive feedback   

    Jeff is a great trade partner, he has great smokes and he's immensely generous. Thank you for the humbling trade Jeff!

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

  25. jdouglas left Positive feedback   

    great trade with a very generous brother of the leaf. i'll trade with jeff again any time!!!

    HarveyBoulevard was Trading

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