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  1. I went to High School in Huntersville...small world indeed.
  2. I have a handful of NC courtesy of a few trades and the cigar of the month club from my sister-in-law. Going to spend the next week ploughing through them. First up: La Palina Classic Rosado.
  3. It was mild to medium. It was not as mild as I was expecting and overall was a very enjoyable smoke last night.
  4. Yep, TJSL (Thomas Jefferson SoL). They sold their buildings in Old Town. They had two buildings south of where you are/were and built a high rise downtown. Old Town was a great place for school. Good food, drink, and cigars. A student's most pressing needs
  5. Spent many a day after class in Old Town having a cigar and a drink. My Law School used to be in Old Town but has since moved downtown. Excellent spot and weather.
  6. Before the lockers closed I was good for life... Now I can get about 5 years if I keep my current rate without buying more.
  7. Oooo oooo oooo ...no idea unless I cheat based upon prior answers...
  8. I wonder if different locations require different 'proofs' to watch certain types of videos. I just had to click a link acknowledging the content may be 'harmful or offensive to some' and they let me right in...
  9. That seems about as hospitable as every other smoking area I have encountered on The Islands
  10. The previous CCW spreadsheet had cigars I don't really consider a 'robusto' so here is one that is a bit more narrowly focused on your 'true' robusto. I currently smoke all but the Monte Open Master and the RyJ Short Churchills. I don't think you can go wrong on any of the rest. The JL Seleccion No. 2 is my favorite and smokes great at any age in my opinion. Bolívar Royal Coronas c1969 Robustos 50 x 124 (4⅞″) Robusto Cohiba Robustos 1989 Robustos
  11. Royal Coronas c1969 Robustos 50 x 124 (4⅞″) Robusto Cohiba Robustos 1989 Robustos 50 x 124 (4⅞″) Robusto H. Upmann Connossieur No.2 2020 Bohemios 51 x 134 (5¼″) Robusto Magnum 54 2016 Magnum 54 54 x 120 (4¾″) Robusto Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2 pre-1960 Robu
  12. Smoke them how you want to. I've had E2 last 50 minutes and I've had E2 that last 90 minutes. I tend to smoke fast and a light pack will smoke more quickly than a firm pack. Guys like to bust balls around here. Some are just kidding...some are just kids...
  13. The necromancer that revived this thread is not here anymore. We can leave this zombie thread back in it's appropriate grave...
  14. Seven... As the crow flies... Aristotle... 5820... I am just getting some answers in ahead of everyone else... (How did I do?)
  15. Welcome to FOH. Read a lot and have fun. Great place to learn and enjoy cigars.
  16. These were precut rectangles. It was a bit odd. I could have plucked them to make any shape I wanted but there was no depth control. If I wanted to make small 'pocket' for something thin, I needed to cut it and trim the cutout and insert it back into the foam. If I can find true 'cubed' foam, I may give the inserts another shot. ** EDIT: Just watch a video and all the pluck foam comes this way. The 'depth' is adjusted by cutting the 'plucked' piece and reinserting it. I guess I used a knife instead of plucking.
  17. I used a very slender, very sharp knife. Worked well enough but could have been a bit cleaner cut.
  18. I have been looking for a case to carry my cigars and accoutrements for some time now. Nothing has quite fit the bill so I decided to make one that meets my particular needs. I tend to over prepare for things and it usually turns out to be a good idea. Just thought I would share in case anyone else was interested and wanted to see how it might turn out. I still need to do some fine tuning on some of the foam cuts but it I am happy with how it turned out. Inside the case: 3 Finger Cigar Case; Music; Zippo Lighter w/ Jet Conversion; V-Cutter; Guillotine
  19. That’s because cats don’t give a shit and won’t work for free. Their smart enough to do it but they are also smart enough not to...
  20. It was ok. Nothing special. I quit buying anything but regular production a while ago and this is exactly why. I had an Edmundo right after I finished the EL and the Edmundo blew it away. Now, it could have been that particular stick, could have been age, could have been a number of things, but in general, my cigar disappointments have dropped significantly since my move to regular production only. The same applies to the Topes I posted a day or so ago. I went through about 5 boxes of the EL Topes and have gone through 1 box of the regular production Topes. Price may have crept into

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