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  1. Nice, local water?
  2. When I first heard this piece of music I had to ask what this was, the guy said it's jazz. I probably spent a year looking for the album, on CTI. I them began buying the albums of all the various artists on the lable. That would have been around 1972, still moved by this. Music Is Good.
  3. Food is good, and ever changing. I have been in the meat business since 1975, working in most areas, from labourer in the beef plant through to running a federal abattoir. Sales and sales training in COP (centre of the plate) for about 13years, past 9 sales for a food brokerage. Over the years I've had occasion to try a large percentage of new vegan and vegetarian burgers as well as plant based non dairy cheese style products. I have enjoyed many of these products coming to market. some I have felt are not so good. One of the best restaurant meals I had in 2017 was at a vegan restaurant. Last week I tried a new beet and sunflower seed patty from a new vegan manufacturer we will be representing, I have a lot of others items they make which I will need to try over the coming weeks, and will probably prepare with a new vegan cheese like line also new. I am a Meat Head, I am very particular about which cuts I buy, how I age them and I do the cutting. Enjoyed the heck out a nice braised Lamb Shank Sunday night and a great piece of grilled fresh Cod Saturday night. I have also paid closer attention to my fitness and diet over the years and probably eat less red meat and more seafood. Fact is the vegetarian & vegan market is part of the future, stay healthy and always make time to relax with a nice cigar.
  4. Great arrangement of Franks, from the Roxy & Elsewhere tour ZPZ
  5. I haven't smoke very many non Cuban cigars but the only ones I have enjoyed have all been Padron 1964's of various sizes.
  6. Boli PC's Punch Punch's Parti Shorts, HU Conn #1's if it's a longer trip add in Parti 898's, HU Mag 46's, Boli BF's and some Hoyo Epi 1's & 2's
  7. As a young kid we used to purge methane gas, it lit well with a bic.
  8. Signed, I've seen the same done to some of our beautiful BC coastal areas with massive taking of shell fish. Good Luck
  9. Had this with a box of Boli CE once, I think it may have been 2 sticks missing, many years back.
  10. Looking for information on cigar shops in Cayo Coco, friends going to Pullman resort there. Wondering if there are specific stores to stay away from? Any which seem to have good storage conditions and selection? Thanks RP
  11. Yes you keep your food away from your sleeping area, learned from early experience. LOL

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