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  1. Boli PC's Punch Punch's Parti Shorts, HU Conn #1's if it's a longer trip add in Parti 898's, HU Mag 46's, Boli BF's and some Hoyo Epi 1's & 2's
  2. As a young kid we used to purge methane gas, it lit well with a bic.
  3. Signed, I've seen the same done to some of our beautiful BC coastal areas with massive taking of shell fish. Good Luck
  4. Had this with a box of Boli CE once, I think it may have been 2 sticks missing, many years back.
  5. Looking for information on cigar shops in Cayo Coco, friends going to Pullman resort there. Wondering if there are specific stores to stay away from? Any which seem to have good storage conditions and selection? Thanks RP
  6. Yes you keep your food away from your sleeping area, learned from early experience. LOL
  7. hoyopr

    FOH Fishing International

    Definitely interested, fishing Rainbow Trout on fly.
  8. hoyopr

    FOH Weekend Playlist.

  9. Those are some great shots, thanks for the link.
  10. OGA April 2011 Boli CG today, great smoke love these. Happy New Years way to start.

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