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  1. I've been enjoying the Petit Quinteros frequently for the last couple of months. On my second box. Not a "great" cigar, but certainly a "good" cigar, given its price point and production values. Uniformly good draw/burn and full flavored. What's not to like (especially when my source has an attractive two-box deal)? Thinking about trying some Londres Extras. Thoughts?
  2. One of my few remaining 2007 RyJ Cazadores. The years have been very kind to these and some distinct and novel flavors have evolved. Quite memorable.
  3. I keep mine separate, but more out of circumstance than serious intent. I happen to have two humidors and it just seemed like a good idea.
  4. Not sure which vitola, but it was an Upmann in a tube. I was on my honeymoon in the Bahamas in 1985. After dinner our first night, I went into the resort's gift shop and chose it based on size, probably a largish corona. Cut the cap, lit it, and SHAZAM. I instantly understood what all the talk was about. I'd smoked many cigars, both cheap and more refined, but this was something entirely different. Didn't even begrudge the princely $4 USD each one cost. It would be many years before I was able to obtain CCs at home, but I haven't been without them since.
  5. RyJ Cazador (SOA SEP07) to celebrate the 4th. These have aged nicely. Still potent, but tamed a bit. Very enjoyable.
  6. Greetings all, I've seen a few references around the net and on this forum about "bad" and "good" years. I suppose that as with any agricultural product this is to be expected. 2006 has been hailed as an outstanding year. My question: is this purely a result of "natural" causes, or are there "other" considerations (e.g. the South/Central product suffered when the boom hit in the 90s and unskilled rollers were producing substandard cigars)? If this has been covered previously, a pointer to relevant info is appreciated. I've searched the forum and haven't really found what I'm looking for.
  7. » » A certain vendor we all know and love sells singles. Maybe put together » a » » list of fivers of the different PCs and perlas that he sells. You » never » » know what's going to suit your fancy until you try them. Exactly my intention. Just trying to narrow the list. » » My thoughts, exactly! Take advantage of this opportunity. Also, Partagas » makes some tasty PCs. The Super Partagas is affordable(around $4/stick) » and a great value. Good advice. >Also, the Jose Piedras are very inexpensive but do have » some quality issues. I laid in 25 JLP cazadores (Lonsdale is pe
  8. » boxes that are either varnished......or not. ........yes, well I'd gotten that far.......... » But they can also denote a difference in size or blend, as in the Partagas » 8-9-8 varnished (comes in varnished box), and the Partagas 8-9-8 unvarnished. Different blend. » .....that's what I was after. Thanks. Thanks all for the recommendations. Put them in a file I can keep open while I surf vendors. I can get the Montes in 5s, so they might be first. But those PLPCs are mighty tempting.........hmm......... Regards, Glenn
  9. Greetings all, Although an unabashed newbie, I thought share a few thoughts and ask a few pertinent questions. I’ve been spending some time on the forum each day and have spent several hours absorbing the wisdom of the group. Some thoughts and a few questions: Due to a previous engagement (among other things, I’m a pianist with a regular gig) I only had a short time available this afternoon to enjoy a habano. I selected an RyJ Sport Largo (4 5/8” x 35) Before you all smile knowingly at the newbie’s lack of refinement in selecting an obviously inferior vitola, I might add that, owing to my
  10. » » » From the site referenced above: "Later on they are taken to the table where the cigars are chosen according to their tonalities that can be more than 67 types of colors."
  11. » Just the ticket. Bookmarked. Many thanks.
  12. » » .......umm H200? I need to do some more reading....... » » » Sorry, H2000 - Habanos 2000 No prob. A quick google seems to show that H2000 was a wrapper mostly used on NCs. Yes? Was it used on habanos? Any pointers on more H2000 info? A search of this forum didn't generate many hits.
  13. » With regards to Marques keeping to a particular shade, take a look at the » difference » between the Bolivars. Yes, the variation is rather striking. I think it may be more a matter of the type of » wrapper » tobacco being grown at the time - corojo vs. H200 .......umm H200? I need to do some more reading....... » I've also been under the impression that wrapper tobacco is shade grown, » but have » assumed that different strains may require different handling, are » thicker or » thinner etc, and this can effect final shade. Eminently sensible. » » P.S. smoke what you like,
  14. » to recall only one maduro habano (Montecristo?). Sorry. It was Cohiba.
  15. » Grabbed a few cigars to do a little wrapper comparison, and took this shot. Interesting post. (Yup, I'm the guy who just posted about actually liking a JLP cazadore.......and I'm sticking to it.) I've been reading what books on habanos are available from the library and have the impression that most wrappers are shade grown (i.e., generally "lighter") than filler that is sun grown (i.e., generally "darker"). Would you say that your photo is representative of the brands included? Are there brands that are known for lighter/darker wrappers? In the Central/South American product I am f

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