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  1. May be off topic but coming back from Havana I bought 3 bottles of 7yr Havana club at the airport and instead of my usual they only had the special ones in a box. I didn’t think anything of it but to my dismay instead of 750 they were 100 and I got stopped by every fricken person on my way to DC. They cut the bag, weighed, scanned and 3D imaged every bottle. Apparently 3-750’s are ok but 3-100’s make you a liquor mule. They didn’t care about Alex’s 1,000 custom rolls though... thank god!
  2. Got money to get bumped from a flight and bought a 50 Cab of punch DC’s 1994 and was hooked. Was hell for a while getting any quality until my friends and I happened onto a wonky Australian site featuring a crazy old liquor critic commentator with dramatic descriptions of the Cigars and pictures of every cigar resting on top of a glass of cognac. We would take turns ordering thinking we were spreading the risk kinda like cigar roulette. Only reason we ordered was because of “Rob’s Picks” which were always outstanding. We would just order a box each of rob’s picks. The author would always
  3. Always liked the JL1 better but since the blend change those Woody/leather/floral notes are not there, I feel I like them both now with an edge to the JL2. I keep thinking with more time down the newer blended JL1's will get better though. Or maybe just in my head.
  4. From what I've had of the newly banded product and the regionals I agree are meant to be more approachable with less time down. Personally I absolutely love the original line but only with 5 years plus down so it does make sense to me for a sales boost to produce the newer releases to be better younger even though it kills me as I love the classics.
  5. Mag 50 and a Makers at club macanudo for now. Can't think past tonight.
  6. I have a meeting I go to every year. As the top producer in my company ( not bragging, small private company that anyone would crush if they new how little I have to do) I enjoy some latitude. As soon as the breakfast and niceties are done and the presentations begin I sneak off to the local cigar store and ask for their recommendation. The NC of the moment is recommended and I enjoy with excitement. Love it. Afrterwards I sneak back before lunch is served and then give my all for the second half. I then have had my fill of NC's for the month and go back to my aged and beautiful C
  7. I believe it's all about the ventilation. Install an attic fan in your garage with a timer. You have it on when smoking and when you leave set the timer for 30-45 mins. All set no odors. Has worked for me for years!!
  8. Just brought in 4 liters of Havana club 7yr. To Ft. Lauderdale airport. Was stopped twice. They both said the time/paperwork for the duty would cost the taxpayers more than the revenue and let me go through, duty free.
  9. Never left! Just a fantastic cigar with 5yrs on them, shame to run through sooner even though they may be smoking well ahead of their peak.
  10. 22yrs in and can't fathom 51. You, my friend, deserve a major celebration. Congratulations!!
  11. I agree, have issues with torpedos myself... I have better luck with a v-cut on them...

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