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  1. Looking forward to this. I got the software loaded and joined the club. You mentioned not joining any tourney till the night of, but there aren’t any listed in the club lobby. Is this because my joining the club is still pending or has the tourney not been set up yet? Just want to make sure i’m not doing something wrong. thanks
  2. What if I toss an apple out my window while trying to feed a horse that’s sitting on the other driver’s lap? Who’s getting the fine then?🤣
  3. There is a grotesque beauty in that. It like a forensic cadaver plot. Find a cigar at a crime seen and the data from this plot can tell you exactly when it happened. 🤗
  4. I picked this fiver up, along with the Partagas Eminentes withe red top in the back, about 10 years ago. Original thinking was to have one around my birthday as they are about as old as I am, but like most things I forget or move on cause I don’t find the time. Yesterday was a beaut of a day in the northeast and just didn’t have a reason not to pull it out. The cigar itself is rough looking, which is a good thing to me. The ugly duckling has so much more to offer me type of thing, and not surprising for a machine made cigar. Cello is nice and brown, with the veins that have been in
  5. With all the good stuff coming out of cuba the list is somewhat endless and more based in what you’d want. Shouldnt the question be what won’t last 10 years?🤔 then go from there. i wouldnt know. everything i buy i plan to smoke now, while im here.
  6. For me, the small club cigars are more impulsive of a smoke much like a cigarette. A cigar needs some time to take in and enjoy.
  7. i do find with a little wax and kerosene they make great fire starters. 🤪

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