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  1. Happen to have an address? When I type Stogies and Bogies in to Google, it takes me to The Robusto Room.
  2. I'm located in the Longmont area and would be interested!
  3. D'Oh! That's exactly what I was looking for, thank you!
  4. I looked there prior to posting, but that appears to be for the entire Marca and not Vitola specific. I know that Siglo I varies greatly from Siglo II, etc. Looking for something a little more specific, but thank you!
  5. With @El Presidente posting a flavor profile for every cigar listed on 24:24/72 I was wondering if there was a "database" with those flavors? Like yesterday's Siglo II "Sweetness with the shortbread, citrus and coffee spine. Class, flavour character style." I would love to have this as a reference going in to 24:24/72 so I have a better understanding of the profile I enjoy and what cigars to seek out. Thanks!
  6. So far, about 16" have fallen at my place on the north side of Denver.

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