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  1. Cute HOWEVER, my cat would not play well!
  2. Jal154

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    MY KOMBUCHA! New batch brewing. 16 pint bottles filled, half Strawberry and plain.
  3. Have done that in the morning with a cigar from the night before. A little clip, purge and it serves the purpose with coffee.
  4. Absolutely CD’s. Easy storage and portable. Not that I would get rid of any of my sisters original vinyl that I have from the 50’s and 60’s.
  5. Oh I get it! 😂 but you will become more familiar and if need be........QUICKER at doing that! 😎
  6. Just copy and paste what you are looking at on 24:24 into google quickly and then click on any cigar link. It will tell you the size.
  7. Unless you know something about this that I do not, WHICH is very possible😎 I never heard of using the forum search engine for box codes/dates.
  8. Yes, I have found the same thing. Tried 2 last year. Not even going to attempt smoking anymore for YEARS. I have never had an EL that I really enjoyed. Not one. Sometimes I wonder if they say “ok, we have a limited amount of these harsh wrappers or filler so let’s make an EL” 😳🙄😂😎
  9. You may be correct. My box is from ‘16 also and were smoking very well with flavors I was expecting after a couple of years. This year the are still fantastic and I will assume those same flavors for another couple of years. I don’t know how the flavor profile would change after 5-7 years or longer. I would think it most definitely would evolve into something different. No better or worse, just different. I will definitely try and let 5 of these last till 2023. And if I should get run over by a truck before then I will have my lady send them to you so you can leave a review. 🤪😂😎 Have a great weekend!
  10. First I must say I am definitely not one to pick up 5-6 different notes in any cigar. Maybe 3, 4 max with fading in and out at different points along the way. I have smoked 8 from this box and what a difference in flavor and body the longer they have been sitting. The pre-light draw was absolutely perfect. I decided to use a cedar stick to light this one. The first third of this Famosos was very very mild in body and flavor. Simple notes and all mild, cocoa, an earthiness and oak. I thought I was going to be disappointed but as I went into the second third it all picked up. The cocoa became very prominent, resembling a dark cocoa and that sweet Cuban twang kicked in with an oaky finish. That earthy flavor was gone, which is totally ok by me. The burn was razor sharp and the body and flavor picked up immensely. As I wound down to that last third the cocoa faded a bit, so did the sweetness which gave way to that oaky flavor and toasted tobacco. Because it was just that, “toast” .....gone......smoked to a nub and very much enjoyed. 😎 It was simple and flavorful. Score: 9/10 Purchased from our host.
  11. Jal154

    Your Last Cracker Cigar?

    A 2014 Dip 2 that I am smoking right now.
  12. I remember back in the late 70’s, maybe ‘80-81 I was in a nightclub. I brought a battery operated TV with me and went outside to my car and turned on at 11:30pm. Either it was Carson or Letterman and watched one of his first talk show appearances. He was amazing. He later became a dramatic actor that you could feel immensely right through the screen. Sadly missed.
  13. F: Behike (but as said above would never pay that $ for a cigar) K: Cohiba maduro or partagas maduro M: Connie A

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