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  1. From what I know and was stated here just a few days ago Monte 4 is one of the most over produced cigars. Now you had a Monte 2 in a 3 pack you purchased. I have a feeling that the Monte 2 is probably up there also. I would purchase a quality box of 25 (PSP or HQ) or 1/4 box (if available) when they come up on FOH’s 24:24. My girlfriend purchased me a 5 pack of Monte 4 while she was away on vacation. They were very blah.
  2. I voted for Dark Side of the Moon hands down.........but I must say I did just start listening to Rumors again today after you refreshed my memory, great album!
  3. OMG........Dark Side of the Moon!........Rumors is great but doesn’t compare for me.
  4. Here’s my submission! 😂😎👍🏼 Boynton Beach in the spring .
  5. Would love to grab a box. Love SC. They should run about $110-$120 box of 10.
  6. Yes. They will vary. I have a box of RyJ short Churchill’s that were almost a Maduro with a slight reddish hue when I got them. They have been sitting and now a more reddish hue is coming out. It has taken a good 6 months for that change. It was a young box when I bought them. And I have also received boxes of RyJ that have that good reddish hue right from the start. But they were older boxes when I bought them. Then again I bought a cab of PLPC HQ. When I received them the wrappers were so light, 24 hours in the humidor the turned a beautiful deep Colorado. Have to totally agree with @Fuzz.
  7. I don’t think I have ever had one. I’ve heard from many people it has to do with their sugar and a slightly different recipe in regards to preservatives. I don’t drink soda but I will look out for them locally. I mean who doesn’t like an intense sugar buzz once in awhile.
  8. If you smoke one and are disappointed with the flavor or burn don’t be surprised. Then again it MIGHT be ok. Smoke one and wether you like it or not, let them rest for at least 30 days if not 60. They will be better the longer you can leave them. And then I am sure you will enjoy them! It’s hard when you get your first shipment but the reward will be better.
  9. With 74 degrees you might want to bring the humidity down to 60. I live in Florida, ac always running. I have mine stored, the ones I don’t smoke in a ZIPLOCK WEATHERSHIELD box. It has a blue seal around the edges. This size holds about 10 boxes. It stays at 72-73 degrees and 60-61 RH. I have 5 62% boveda packs in there. They have lasted about 6-8 months so far and will last another 5-6 months.
  10. Never had my own beetles! Thank god! But I have seen them in cigars right off the plane from Nicaragua where a friend of mine has a little factory. He always freezes them as soon as he brings a shipment to his B&M. I would smoke them. Nothing can hurt you. Now, you might not get a draw at all with those holes but see what happens.
  11. 1) Poor ventilation 2) The guy smelling or trying to smell the cigar thru the cellophane and goes aahhhhhhh! 3) The worker standing 2 feet to your side while you are deciding what to smoke as he explains everything about each cigar in front of you. I guess you would call him the enthusiastic employee.
  12. Congrats @RubenF!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼Last year I won 3 samplers, this year nada! Probably because Mercury is in retrograde! 🤪😂😎👍🏼
  13. Now you should win a sampler for that response! 😂😂
  14. I also have smoked my share of Padron’s and other NC including the My Father line (cedros deluxe enimentes....love them) and Tatuaje. I also enjoy Dominican puros. I would say for myself that CC are not BETTER than the others mentioned, just different. I constantly switch what I smoke. I do smoke 1 cigar everyday and rarely smoke the same cigar 2 days in a row. I would like to cut down to a few a week and I’m working on that. But back to your topic, with all the CC you have why don’t you just put several boxes away for a couple of years or more and enjoy mixing it up while those sit. I have found big changes with letting them rest for at least a year from the box date and even more so as time goes on. I have a 1/2 box left of pd4 from feb 16.........big changes as I have smoked them spread out since 2017. Experiment with them. Big changes.....not like our NC or DC. Have a great weekend. PS......and I have learned through this forum when you get them, let them rest for at least a month or two. They have been traveling in different temps and humidity. Sometimes I would try one right away and it would be ok and sometimes horrible, rancid like. But the rest would change anything negative about the flavor and body.

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