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  1. Jal154

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    My little buddy who lives in my tree. Actually I hope he doesn’t decide to jump on me and rip me apart with those claws! 😂😎
  2. Jal154

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    THANK YOU @First LadyLISA and FOH for the cigars! Merry Christmas to you all.
  3. Yes that it what I did. Kept forming holes after that....threw it away. The next one was fine. I must say their quality control is non existent. 85% of the time they are fine. Whenever I have bought a box of My Father Cedros Enimentes or any other Nicaraguan or Dominican or whatever, it is very rare that I have 1 bad cigar in the box. Cuba is Cuba. 😎
  4. Jal154

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    That’s what I was thinking! Now I can see why their technology is so advanced! 🤪😂😎
  5. Jal154

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    What the heck are those white lines and circles in the upper right?
  6. Not crazy about this cigar. I do like both PD4 and P2 but with a lighter wrapper. Not so much with the rosado wrapper.
  7. That sounds awesome. I have two friends that jump at a place called Skydive Spaceland. It’s in a town called Clewiston, not too far from me .
  8. No no, it’s not me😂 wish it was. Just have been seriously thinking of buying the engine to paraglide here along the coast. I see a lot of them here in S. Florida.
  9. Lit the 3rd one up tonight. PERFECTO! I should have started smoking them from the left side of the box to the right. Stupid me, I’ve been smoking them from right to left! 🤪😎 But seriously, very nice now. Just glad I didn’t give the one I smoked this afternoon to a friend.
  10. UPDATE.....went to grab the second cigar from this box today. This box of 10 has been sitting since May of 2018. The box date is MAR17. The first one I smoke when I got this box was rough. High nicotine taste. So I let them sit. Lit one up today, 7 months later. Great pre-light draw. Such a great draw that after smoking the first third a CRATER opened up. Great quality control Cuba. Hope the next one is a bit more rewarding. Anybody ever see such a crater open up? WOW!
  11. Jal154

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Now look at this lucky little kid driving around in the Bat Mobile with his dad in downtown West Palm Beach.....😎
  12. Jal154

    RH and Temp

    62rh, 72-73 degrees F
  13. Jal154


    Awesome. The one with Alastair Sim or Reginald Owen. Both old b&w.

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