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  1. A lot of rainy crappy weather for a couple of weeks. BUT.....Look how I got my hedges. Nice privacy wall. I feel very old being PROUD a of my hedges! Geez! How fast time has gone! ??
  2. @WarriorPrincess.........and a belated Happy Birthday Diana! ???????
  3. I’ve been swamped sorry for the last response, ? You will see the difference as time passes! ??
  4. Nothing was mentioned in your post about temp. This is what I know temp/rh relationship matters. If you get your humidity up to 68% you need to lower that temp to 60-64 degrees F. I don’t know what your temp is. All the aged boxes on FOH Auctions are kept at 60F, 68RH. I believe those aged boxes range somewhere about 3-7+ years. I live is South Florida (with the ac running 90% of the year) and while I may not be a connoisseur the way I store my cigars in a tupperdor (Ziploc Weathershield Storage box) with 62% Boveda packs. The number of packs I use depends on the size of the tupperdor. The mo
  5. Either an iPhone XR (last years model) OR a new iPad. I have a relic for a phone. But I kind of like it because no one is texting me and calling me all day long, I leave it in the car. Don’t know if I want to be that connected. Especially when I am in line at the grocery store. I hate those people. I am pretty much retired. Think I will go with the ipad.
  6. 30 cigars, 8 different brands.......$1,000? @Mikeltee? or 30 of each Marca?
  7. An acoustic concert by Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson back in 2000 in a very small venue. Q & A session. Fantastic. The one I missed.........The Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1965. My sister went (10 years older than me) and didn’t take me. I was 5 1/2 years old. Still pissed at her! ?????
  8. Boom! ??Every once in a while you get a nice ash burning.....so let’s see how long it stays on for. That’s all. Just done out of boredom. And this one stayed on horizontal to the ground.

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