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  1. Hey man, I've never done a script, but having self-published 3 books now I can offer some advice... I'll reiterate what someone else said: find a good editor, which will cost between 0.005 - 0.010 c/word. Before you do this, however, find some beta readers (people who have read scripts before, people who read in the genre) and have them read it through first to look for plot holes, character arc consistencies, etc. These can be free (friends, family, strangers you've met online), while others offer it as a service. When you are done, why not self-publish it first to see what people think?
  2. I'm thinking of making bunk beds for my girls... any tips?
  3. Just a quick update for those that are interested... After much thought, I decided to turn 'Skin' into a Series, the sequel to which was just released October 1. I am also hard at work at the third book, Flesh, which is due out in November. In order to keep things consistent across the books, I got the covers redone, which I think turned out pretty darn great. To celebrate the release of the second book in the series, I dropped the price of 'Skin' to 99 cents for the week. Also had some promotions lined up, mainly consisting of companies that have mailing lists that they send such promos to-
  4. Awesome! I would be super appreciative if you could head on over to and leave a quick review. Thanks for the support. Pat
  5. is temperamental, not sure if/when they will get more. is fully stocked, as its print on demand... but if you are still having problems, PM me and I'll get a copy to you. Cheers.
  6. My crooked math indicates that there are 4 more books to give away... if you are smoking something tonight, join in on the fun!
  7. No problem! I don't think there is a "how to woodworker motor manual history science" genre on Amazon... yet. I've got the science down, just need to practice my whittling then I might have something for you.

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