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  1. Spectacular!!!! Hard to a find favourite......sea slug is a cracker...
  2. Welcome and congrats on the man cave! That's a very nicely finished space!
  3. Fabulous story. Wishing you all the best on your new journey!
  4. Unbelievable!! We know so little!! Love that shot of the Salamander gobbling the snake. 'Hellbender', respect!
  5. Happy Birthday Diana. Have a great day. Hope you see plenty of whales!
  6. Bloody Impressive Ken. Just missing a hungry Great White on the sideline!!!
  7. Wishing you all the very best Greg. Thanks for everything!
  8. Congratulations Ken. Looks like mum and kiddies are doing well. There'll be a tear in your eye when those babies up and leave the nest.
  9. Agree with you Ken. Should just be a formality. Long gone are the days of a striking England performance.......going south very fast.
  10. Nice article Ken. I will be in my Irish local here in Barcelona praying to St. Patrick that Ireland clinch the grand slam at Twickenham.....
  11. I say leave the originals alone crap or not. Remakes pimped up with technological advances/special effects or big name actors just dont do it for me. I think the film industry is loosing it's imagination.

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