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  1. As I can see that their Cohiba Siglo VI only has 1 layer on its cap, normally the authentic one has 3. Am I right, mates?
  2. Welcome bro! Very nice photo of Cohiba Piramides Extra.
  3. Tatuaje is nice bro, especially Cojonu 2006, however Cuban cigars are actually much better Welcome to the FOH forum.
  4. Fonseca was cool, but when I stepped to Vegas Robaina, Upmann or Bolivar, I just forget to step back to Fonseca again :-s Welcome bro!
  5. Thanks PapaDisco, yes it's a pity that the map on our fanpage locates us on the wrong side :-s. Well as you showed very clearly the way to get here, then I think that you used to be in HoChiMinh city? And have you visited our Lounge yet? Thanks again and anyway, you're welcome at SIQAR Lounge
  6. Hello phlee and welcome to FOH. I'm glad that you could buy boxes of 24:24s, they must be excellent.

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