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    To sum it up; European cars, Cuban cigars, & women from all walks of life.
  1. When are these cigars going to be available for purchase? I'm going to Cuba on Monday, any chance I get to find some of these new releases?
  2. Cohiba Behike 54 VR Clasicos Partagas D6 Trinidad Vigia It would be perfect for a 12 cigar sampler (3 of each)
  3. i leave my cigars in their boxes but if the boxes get half empty or more I put my empty boxes on a display shelf and put the remaining sticks in a ziploc,without mixing different cigars.i beleive this way the cigar will somewhat maintain its taste instead of aging with other cigars flavours
  4. Also! if you have alcohol with your cigar every few puffs have a sip, the alcohol will "clean" your mouth and the next puff you take will be like the first puff you took, BOOM FLAVOR.
  5. I am also new to this world, with a little over a year of experience and I always wondered the same thing. I can't tell you much because we're on the same boat but I can tell you this; When I draw too much, too often on a cigar, my palate burns(not literally and I don't feel any pain from it lol) and it is hard to take in any taste after that, so now I smoke my cigars sloooowllyyy without trying to make a lot of smoke like I always used to try and make. Also, I had a nice batch of HoyoDeMonterrey Epicure no2 a while ago witch I found had distinctly different tastes throughout each third so it was hard not to notice. If you haven't had one of these, put it on your list! One third had fruity(berrys) another third had woody(ish) flavors.. and the last third.. well I had burned my palate by then!
  6. Since i started smoking a year ago i have not purchased any ashtrays, i use what i have around the house and just last week i discovered this bad boy..i always knew i had it but never realised it was an ashtray (petit edmundo for scale) P.s. I admit those long cigar ashtrays like your second picture are awkward and they can be frustrating
  7. Robusto Party D4 & HDM Epi2 being my favourites so far
  8. The friendly sarcastic answers I read on this forum never fail to put a smile on my face hahaha thanks Fuzz
  9. The first time I delt with a very tight draw was a party short. I tried piercing it with a tooth pick from one end to the other but that didn't help so I just suffered through it
  10. Thanks a lot HarveyB, this answers all my questions
  11. Hi amo! From this photo it seems like the third row of the squares are cut off a tiny bit. I might be wrong about that but I can almost clearly see that there is a thin white line between the yellow "Habana, Cuba" and the black "maduro". That, and the triple cap missing, and the non-cuban taste tells me this is a fake
  12. Hello, here is a list of questions I have not been able to find an answer to. - I am wondering how to use the shoutbox, i can read it but can`t write anything in it. - I figured out out how to reserve boxes LFTH but am not sure if I have to write my credit card info in the email I send to Diana or if the payment can be taken care of some other way - How often does LFTH sale happen and what is the difference with LFTW.. How often does THAT happen? Thank you

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