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  1. Forgot it unfortunately, but will ask my contact there Отправлено с моего ONEPLUS A5000 через Tapatalk
  2. Spanish vendors it should be there in June. they even have oficial price on those in listing.
  3. I mostly not big fan of VR. sometimes I had very good cigars, especially DA, but when I choose something to smoke, I usually take something else. However I decided to refresh my experience and got 14 years old Unicos for that post. the warpper is pretty thick, but good looking colorado maduro. cigar started with citrus, black coffee, bitter chocolate and a bit of earth. medium strenght. second third raisin, earth is gone, espresso instead of black coffee. then fruit and nuts mix with light sweetness. last third cigar got more brutal. a bit woodsy, coffee beans and baked raisn bun. amazing cigar, 93/100
  4. thanks for review! I've been looking at my last one I have for a few months. going to light it soon.
  5. visited Jordi, but he was unfortunately out. Gimeno brought me to the downstairs and showed me some aged and rare staff. spent some there.
  6. Amazing! Thanks for posting!
  7. Piligrim

    Your favourite aged cigars.

    what I smoked aged last couple of weeks: Partagas Lusi 2009, Partagas d4, 2006, Partagas 898 2008, Bolivar Coronas Gigantes 2001, Cohiba Siglo V 2002, RASS 2008, Upmann Magnum 50 2008, Montecristo Edmundo 2006, Monte 5 2005 and some short fillers like los status de luxe. can tell those are mostly amazing and changed with time very much.
  8. definetely perfect size! thanks for the review!
  9. another find from Spain. first of all I can say this is one of my favorite vitolas. sadly discontinued. found few of those in Zaragoza. decided to light one because of the challenge. started with espresso, woody notes, sand cookies. I can feel the power of Bolivar yet, despire of the 18 years of aging. that's why I love the marca and especially vitola. some nuts, fried toast in second third. hint of earth, still woody and got creamy. still feell coffee notes, so probably cappuccino. brilliant cigar. my advice to everyone, buy if you can find. hold for few years if possible. 96/100
  10. while in Spain you probably can find a lot of aged Partagas 898. some of those boxes don't have carton outer box, but some do. this ine I smoked yesterday has box code. it 11 years old and it's damn good. starting very gentle with hints of the nuts. slightly fragrant. some raisin showed up at the end of 1st third. getting more powerful, but still medium strenght. cinnamon bun. last third - cream, then cappuccino with cinnamon. very delicious, my rate is 91/100
  11. still sad we didn't catch up, Nav
  12. I'll be there 11,13 of June. Will take a look. Отправлено с моего ONEPLUS A5000 через Tapatalk
  13. Piligrim

    Current Fitness Routines?

    I do boxing. very intensive, a lot of sparrings. great fat burning for sure. don't like working with weights.

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