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  1. Found couple of boxes being in Spain, and was happy to buy them, because I love that vitola very much. I had enough time at lovely summer evening and some Kopke LBV 2012 Porto as a pair and decided to smoke one for the contest. the cigar itself looks beatyfull: minimum veins, smells terrific. first third some citrus, dried fruits, light sweetness. second - fried toas, same dries fruits and some cinnamon. last third sweetness is gone, added peanut and coffee. I would say it's amazing cigar, very delicious, one of the best prominente. my rate is 94/100
  2. when I've got an notification about Montecristo review competition, I realized how many Montes I smoked recently. this is not my favorite marca, however I had a lot for last coupe of Months. I loved that vitola when first tried and still enjoying when smoke. so, the cigars from exact box have great arome, pretty dark wrapper and looking very promising. from first puff I feel dark coffee and bitter chocolate. still coffee and bitter chocolate in second third and well fried toast. got a bit sweeter and reminds me not too sweet browny. lovely. last third it's getting more plain, but still coffe, chocolate and well fried toast. very good and promising cigar. would rat it 89/100 with good aging potentional.
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  4. HdM Epi 2 is vitola which almost everybody tried. that's why not easy to review it. We have different palate and asociations, so people feel different sometimes. this is almost 4 years old cigar, which is I would say enough for most of Epi 2. I smoked older ones, sometimes very succesfully, smoked a lot of younger ones and can say I love them when they 3 years old or older. that beatifull Epi 2 from 2015 has almost maduro wrapper, I would say colorado maduro. cigar is pretty creamy during all smoking time, some nuts, cedar in the first third, cappuccino and some raisin in second part and in last third added some busquits. very nice cigar for me, I enjoyed it from starting to final puffs. 89/100
  5. This is one of the discontinued vitolas. there are many different marevas including HdM, so Habanos SA just decided to short that list a bit. this Short Hoyo Coronas was discontinued in 2006, so this exact cigar is almost from the last batch. well, it's looking as plain aged Hoyo with nice smell of vintage cigar. first third - cream, light citrus in the beginning which dissapears in second half of first third. nuts, almond. delicious. second third, the cigar gets sweeter, I feel taste of cappuccino and hint of cedar. it's got slightly peppery in the last third. very nice cigar 88/100
  6. love them. can't say I smoke CORo often, but those are mostly lovely. especially when aged
  7. Saint Luis Rey is very underestimated marca, but I really love those. since thise aren't so popular you still can find many of them aged. this time I decided to smoke Regios from 2015 with very good code. this one from colorado maduro box, the aroma of the box is amazing. first third - fried peanuts, black coffee, a bit woodsy, still very strong, but no hursh, almost no tannines. second third - well done toast, black coffee a bit of leather. in final third everything is almost the same as in second, but got a bit sweeter. very honest cigar, my rate is 88/100
  8. first batch was sold out extremaly fast. next one will be in a month or so. will try later.
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  10. for me anejados line vitolas are changing with time too fast. I think box codes are false and cigars are much younger.
  11. mostly yes. smoked a lot of amazing cigars from those years. but some amazing from period 97-02 as well
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  14. that beauty was gifted me by store owner in Zaragoza. it was in cellophane, so I can say it was rolled between 1993 and 2000. Smoked a lot of vintage Co La and mostly enjoyed and was excited with trying of eldest I ever tried before. the draw was pretty tight in the beginning, bit I had a draw pocker and it help me a lot. had LBV Porto as a pair. Probably better to drink something not so sweet next time, but I drunk much more water as palate cleanser, so hope my expressions wasn't influented by drinks too much. started creamy, hint of cappuccino. very delicate. less creamy, still very gentle and delicate. feel that Cuban twang through the whole cigar. this is very interesting experience, one of my favorite Cohiba vitolas. 19+ years old, this cigar isn't for beginners. too delicate. 94/100 for some reason, I can't upload pictures of smoking process
  15. Bolivar 681 Bulgaria, Bolivar Emperador Rusia, Eslavos

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