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  1. old fashioned (in different varieties), rusty nail, boulevardier, vieux carre.
  2. smoked one this summer. that was just nothing worth of paying that price and nothing special.
  3. only 80 made and distributor already sold all stock. The author and mover of this project got 40 of them and distributor got 40. Each LCDH got 3 jars, each specialist gor only one.
  4. I vote for Medio Siglo and Monte PE. if it was available anywhere I'd like to choose BHK52, but since it's not possible my choice would be PSD#5
  5. smoked Attracto in perfecto shape from 1953. smoke mostly 5+ years and most of newly released 1+ to try and remember initial taste.
  6. Bolivar Coronas Juniors, 2007 This is the cigar I really like to smoke. and especially I love them pretty aged. Fortunately I've got some with that age. It started with earthy flavour, slightly nutty with strong espresso taste, a bit of spices. the draw is just as I like. Spices are getting low, I’d say it’s more like cinnamon and light sweetness appears. The taste is very rich and complex and even cocky despite of its age. Last third doesn’t show any difference
  7. smoked all of those pretty aged, last one was the Muralla this January and it was outstanding. both the rest were also very good when smoked last time, but Muralla is my favorite!
  8. I smoke 2 cigars a day mostly. sometimes less, sometimes more (especially during events). So, I'd say it depends on how you feel with that. I mean physically.
  9. Since I’m a vendor myself I’ve bought many of those and smoke pretty often. 1-2 cigars a month to see how it’s changes. First Russian regional seemed to be total crap first 4 years, but got really good after. so for that weekend I’ve decided to smoke it again. sweet fruity notes, nuts from the start. Cuban twang, a little bit earthy, full body, but strength is a bit decreased since it was released. gets stronger in second third, baked bread showed up with sweetness in the shadow earthy tones on the lead in last third, got stronger a bit spicy. I can say that cigar is getting better, but still needs some time. I’m totally sure it will be better within couple of years, because I see it’s dinamic. for now I’d score it as 87.
  10. I love Monte Joyitas, especially because we have them well aged on the market. this is cheapest short smoke vitola here and pretty decent smoke
  11. fortunately I’ve got mastercase of aged PSD4 from 2015 a while ago. I put aside some boxes and decided to smoke one a week, starting from that May. so, can tell I’m pretty familiar with that, one of my favorite vitola aged for 5 years. Never been dissapointed since I’ve started to smoke that box. I’ve punched it, made a sip of Arran Sauternes Cask Finish and got started. earthy notes, growing during first third creamy sweetness, raisin, hint of spices. Very intense taste with great balance. no harshness, just what I want. the draw is just perfect. Spices are disappeared in second third, still feel that creamy sweetness and earthy notes. last third spices got back, creamy sweetness decreased, I can feel light fried peanuts notes. so, can tell this is really good cigar, which I’m sure will be even better next few years. I’d like to score it 91 now with great potential of growing the score in the future.
  12. Next anejados may be? [emoji2] Отправлено с моего ONEPLUS A5000 через Tapatalk
  13. I’ve bought couple of boxes visiting Gibraltar few years ago. they had many interesting cigars back then, so I brought plenty of different. starting pretty light, but with density. Creamy cocoa, a bit of light spices. Couldn’t say the draw is too tight, but it needs some work on it in the beginning. after 10 mins I was started to feel light sour sweetness and cocoa cookies. Like oreo with less sugar. I usually don’t like sour taste, but that was very pleasant. More like orange zest juice squirted when you press on it. the cigar has very gentle undertones. I’d say you better be experienced smoker to realize how good it is. the ash colour is between steel and white, pretty warm. the construction and burn are very good, the draw got as fine as it should be. second 3rd. no more or much less of sourness with growing sweetness. not too much, but a bit more sweeter. I’d say biscuit instead of cocoa cookies. still creamy cocoa. spices almost disappeared. the ash has fallen down at the half of cigar. last third - it’s getting stronger. that sour sweetness and spices (more like cinnamon) got back. the taste density is growing. very nice espresso taste. creaminess is gone.
  14. smoked one a week ago, but didn't make any notes. can say that was really good one.
  15. I prefer old boxes myself, but probably new type of the packaging is better for store's shelves. Some of the customers just would like them more.
  16. Smoked 17 years old Cohiba Siglo V and 20 years old Molino. I'd prefer Siglo V, because of the blend. so I agree with @Sandman - that depends on personal prefernce. Also I've met more plugged Molinos than Siglo V, probably because had the Molinos from not the best period 99-01

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