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  1. i use a Regal 4 flame torche which cost about 50 bucks canadian and it has a punch on the button. Never had a issue and used 100s of times. I love the look of some of the high end lighters but i just can't justify spending 500 on a lighter when that will buy me a box of cigars
  3. i am looking forward to New Years eve when its Canada vs USA but more importantly its Connor vs Jack as the 2 best prospect since Sid the kid
  4. Canada looks to reclaim its place at the top of the hockey world. We will see you yanks on new years eve.
  5. Briand

    Recommended TV series

    I just finished a show called Killing Time and its was brilliant. Its a Oz tv show and i bought it thru iTunes
  6. I just finished and i would suggest it to any bond fan
  7. I left out Rib and Reef. at 8105 Boulevard Décarie, Montréal, QC H4P 2H5. Great food and you can bring your own smokes! Only is its about 30 cab fare from downtown
  8. thanks for the heads up i just ordered it .
  9. Was a great show! Kurt Sutter has made 2 great shows in a row and I am really looking forward to seeing his new series Bastard Exacutioner
  10. The prices are a lot higher than ordering off the net. But the LCDH prices are fairly close to the other retail stores here in the Mtl
  11. I live in the Mtl and I can't think of anything the staff has recommend me not be spot on
  12. Lcdh in Montreal is great and the staff is super cool and very very knowable.

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