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  1. PSD4, BBF, PLPC, RASS, Coloniales, Hoyo Epi 2, CORO, JL 1
  2. Where do I sign up for friends that want to give me michters 10 and pappy 20's?
  3. i completely gave up on smoking straight out of the humi a few years ago. If i don't have something dry boxing, i just don't smoke. But i haven't tried the fridge trick yet
  4. i did the 5x5 stronglifts recently and i really enjoyed it. got higher than i ever would have imagined
  5. Smoking a 2015 Conn A right now. Lots of rich, slightly sweet, creamy smoke
  6. Smoked a 2015 DC two mornings ago. Took me damn near 3 hours. It's was pretty great, but I didn't think it was up there in strength like someone mentioned.
  7. It's fun reading this thread. I think every single brand has been listed by now. I've had amazing experiences in just about every marca, and had terrible experiences in every one as well. I can't even think of one I'd avoid or be afraid to buy at this point.
  8. What say you?. Conn A vs Royal Robusto, at the 4-5 years of age mark, not fresh. I've been a RR guy for the last 3 years and haven't given the Conn A much thought
  9. Have these popped up at all in the last few months?

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