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  1. The irony being most miss on the FOH blind sampler test too! I get what you are saying. A bad smoke is a bad smoke. But if you took off the band and gave it to another person, would they rate them as poor? Is the expectation there of a certain standard because of the Upmann name?
  2. I have not been to Cuba, but in reading the forum posts over the last few years it seems like there was an increase in cost. Prices for hotels, food etc seemed to be reported as much higher over the last 2 years. Add this to the more limited access for US folks and it appears to be the economics of demand/supply. Hopefully, the Cuban government allows those forces to play out and find a balance. But if they step in and cause price fluctuations, then many tourists may not want to deal with the uncertainty.
  3. Would love to but running about 30 min late. I will check in to see if you delayed.
  4. I have read that the Cohiba Talisman is supposed to be rolled in the El Laugito factory. A reviewer of the Talisman mentioned their box code being BRE. However, recent 24:24s show H. Upmann Number 2's listed as BRE. Would you assume El Laugito rolls some Upmanns or that BRE (and in this case some Talisman) are not El Laugito?
  5. Cross the river into Bellview, KY. Go to The Party Source. It is a mega liquor store that has many hard to find items. Prices are very good too. ....but only if you like to party.
  6. If planning to visit Jorge, maybe bring a roll of foil. He can wrap yours up and use the rest for others. It seems some everyday items are at times hard to find there. Perhaps he would appreciate the gift.
  7. Rob mentioned he was going to smoke one with Ken. Not sure if that was going to be a video review or anything, but I can not find reference to Rob's impression of this stick. Did I miss it?
  8. I saw a recent review on Cigar Inspector. The reviewer said it did not seem to be an Upmann blend, but in his opinion it was the best Anejado yet. http://www.cigarinspector.com/h-upmann/cigar-review-h-upmann-robusto-anejados
  9. Could the OP share more pictures? Is it possible someone is trying to capitalize on the confusion and release fakes? Sell them early before they hit the masses? Just a hypothetical.
  10. Happy birthday!! Thanks also for all that you do!
  11. Cut/punch sticks in advance. Place in travel humidor. Buy cheap lighter upon arrival. Leave cheap lighter in Pittsburgh. Enjoy your trip.
  12. $150 is a tough price point. Not too many right there. A few above and most below. If you have access might I suggest a sampler of El Dorado. Use the 12, 15, and 21 year olds. It would allow someone to taste the age range. They are each unique with a familiar backbone. This would hit your price point and give the receiver a way to explore the pros and cons of the aging/blend process.

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