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  1. HillbillyPyro

    Morning Smoke

    Any Cuban in the morning as they are all mild. Even the bolivars which tend to be the "strong" ones are still fairly mild.
  2. HillbillyPyro

    Cigar help.

    It was approximately 6-6 1/2 inches in length and maybe 48/50 ring gauge
  3. HillbillyPyro

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2006 Partagas... Something? I don't know
  4. This partagas i know is 2006. Any ideas on what the size/description is?
  5. HillbillyPyro

    PSD #4. OSR MAY11

    This was also my first CC. Another box purchase will hopefully be made soon! Great review and pictures sir.
  6. HillbillyPyro

    Hello from USA!

    Haha! Good to see you man!
  7. HillbillyPyro

    Hello from USA!

    Hey i thought it looked pretty awesome! Hah! Thank god my kids weren't with me at the time that happened.
  8. HillbillyPyro

    Hello from USA!

    I wondered about that! Haha took the dang thing 2 weeks to close up enough i could go back to work. You can barely even tell now
  9. HillbillyPyro

    Hello from USA!

    Thanks for all the welcomes!
  10. HillbillyPyro

    Hello from USA!

    Hah! Not a real pyrotechnition lol i only have a hillbilly license This is what happens
  11. HillbillyPyro

    Hello from USA!

    Thanks bro,
  12. HillbillyPyro

    Hello from USA!

    Hello everyone! my name is Ryan and as started I'm from the US. Indiana to be exact. I'm fairly new to the CC world and the community here. A friend of mine directed me here and said its a great place. Thought I'd give it a try

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